Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Girl Loves Lipstick

Doing some of the things she had seen me doing is what she is up to. If this is the prize of having a baby girl then I should take it. What am I gonna do now that she knows how to put on some lipstick on to her mouth? I think Jadyn is being so funny today, funny yet clever for she knows what lipstick is for... maybe she is thinking she needs lipstick too since she is a girl just like her mommy.

online entertainment

Some people have no idea how boring it is always being left at home everyday of our lives. This has been my life for almost four years and I hate it. I can't drive so I have nowhere else to go yet I do have a lot of things that I can do online like doing the online casino only if I learn how to do it. I think it isn't so bad if I learn a little bit of online gambling just for fun, you know? You think it is just alright to get involved with this kind of entertainment online? I would be willing to take it a try if somebody out there would come forward and teach me some of the basics of online casino gambling. I guess, it wouldn't be too hard to learn since a lot of people are so into doing this kind of gambling.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Opening Drawers and Cabinets

I was trying to take a nap earlier, I was so sleepy that I almost went to dreamland as soon as my body landed on the bed until I heard sounds in the kitchen. The sound that brought my mind some kind of wondering whether my husband has dropped by into the house and went straight to the kitchen to look for something he needed. I was just in bed listening to the sound like somebody was opening the cabinets and drawers trying to look something in it.

It lasted for maybe like 5 minutes at the most. At first I thought it was the neighbor working in his yard creating real soft noise since I opened all the curtains in the bedroom and that particular room is close to the neighbor's backyard. As I continued listening the sounds, I realized that it is indeed inside our house. Hmmmmmm creepy? I can't tell my conclusion yet unless I ask my husband if he was here today at 2:30- 3 pm. If he says no, then I should start to be keen in everything what's going on here.

When I got up just minutes ago, I checked in the kitchen to see if there is something unusual taken out from the cabinets or shall I say, I was anticipating to find cabinets and drawers left open but there is nothing there, really.

P.S I asked my husband (he's home now) and he said he did not come by at those times mentioned above. Geeeeeezzz I don't wanna think about what you're thinking there!!! Hmppp

Moving Soon?

Do you feel like you need extra hands in moving your heavy stuff to a new place you found? Find any moving companies that provide great service that do not rip you off. If you live in Jersey City then jersey city moving companies should be anywhere. All you have to do is do your search once you find that company you feel hiring then contact them right away. I wish you good luck in your moving though for I know how stressful it is for the first few weeks of doing such hard work only to keep yourself settled.

Big Brunch

I just had my big brunch. I cooked myself ginisang tahong and pancit bihon typical filipino dishes that would really make someone burp big afterwards. My baby ate some of my food too with matching shrimp paste in vinegar. She likes shrimp paste a lot too so I make sure she has it when eating rice so she expand her appetite and she'll be able to eat a lot.

Too bad I have no pictures to share here. The bihon alone tastes so good that I couldn't stop eating. If I let myself pig out with this kind of food everyday then I don't know how much I'm gonna weigh in the next few months.

Adding A New Blog

I am thinking seriously whether to make a new blog or stick with my four old ones that are being in the paid blogging. Money is so tight these days and all I want is to save some for my upcoming trip, don't know when but I am planning of visiting the Philippines hopefully this year. But how can I have some extra left if the money I make is only enough for my financial support to my family every month?

On the other hand, if I add a new blog which will be totaled five in all I am afraid that I am not able to update it all at one time. I don't like that because I am not used to letting my blogs go idle for days. However, if this the only choice I have, then might as well go ahead and create a new one. Next thing I would do is look for a webhosting that is dependable at all times, cheaper than any other webhosting sites out there at the same time can give me great service throughout my subscription to them.

After all these things can be done then I am ready to register this new blog to this very popular blogging site that gives ample of tasks for each blogger every week.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Difference

We can see the difference of Jadyn's behavior when she is able to defecate. She is normally a jolly baby but she turns whiny whenever she has indigestion problem or when constipation set in. Today was her day. She is just being sooooo happy and in really a good mood. Needless to say that she was able to let the bad poop out today that's why she behaves like she normally does.

But of course, she also has her moments and that will happen only as I've said when she has constipation. As soon as her dada stepped inside the house from work, he noticed that his baby is perfectly happy tonight. Which is awesome!

shelter for students in the UK

I heard that land space in the UK is very expensive that is why they mostly have tall building there as well as houses and schools built couple of storeys high. That I can understand the size of UK is as small a teeny tiny piece of land.

Well, if you are from a well-to do family, you can afford to buy a bigger land which you can build a house in it. Much more you can send your children to exclusive schools to get a better learning environment. However, if you consider yourself average, well be comfortable living in a limited space unit as well as have your kids rent in one of the Student Lettings Leeds around UK. It shouldn't be hard for you to look for one as there are many of them on the internet. You just have to be keen in searching for one for your students so they will be comfortable and feel safer in a place where they are going to stay for a while.

fast search engine

There are times in my life where I need to search for something real quick. Some popular search engines won't give me the exact information I need at the moment of panic. When I type the word, the site would show me tons of pages to open before I could find what I want. But with Rapidshare Search everything is easy and faster. When I tried it once, I thought wow this is what I need. I should learn to love using it from then on and I have. Good thing there are other options on the internet to make my research a better and faster one.

I Missed The Show

Our tv acted strange tonight just when my show is on tonight that is when it got crazy. Been trying to turn it on for couple times using the remote control and the two power buttons in the front and the side but it wouldn't let me. It just keep flashing in red light saying STANDBY/ TEMP and above it is a green light saying TIMER. What does it mean?

I also tried unplugging the cord two times but still nothing happened. Pisses me off! I missed my show, The Bachelor and I hate it to death. Good thing though that ABC website is gonna post tonight's episode tomorrow so I just remember to watch it then.

where to buy parts

I know you have your shop preference when it comes to buying car parts, that is normal as different people have different taste. However, if you drive a volkswagen, you can find a volkswagen turbo on the internet. Just visit the website and it shall directed you to their store. I always thought volks were very nice and I am dreaming to have one even if I am not driving.

house decoration

Once in a while I open websites pertaining to decorating a home or remodeling ones home so I can have an idea on what kind of home decoration to get once our job inside the house is all done. So far I found several decors that are eye catching each vary in prices, color and style. I am frugal when it comes to spending for things so the first thing I want to look for in a certain decor is the price. I want something that is unique, attractive yet affordable.

However, I am also willing to spend several bucks for some items like howard miller clocks if it is worth keeping. I just thought that these kind of clocks would stand out from the rest of the decorations we might have in the future. I have been wishing to have one of these, if not now then maybe in the near future. Cross fingers with that though for I know we are kind of tight financially these days. Someday, when I am able to find myself a job, save some money and perhaps buy a miller or grandfather clock.

faster internet connection

Before we could move in the current place we are in right now, my husband knew that we are not going to have the same internet provider once we are here. He predicted that it is going to be slow and yes, he was right. It is indeed slow. So weeks later we changed our subscription into a different one. This company uses cable and so far so good. Although satelite internet is also available here, I wanted to get their service but it was too late for me to tell it to my husband since he already had the cable guy came over to the house and install the cable internet. I heard few of my friends that satelite internet really works faster than any cable internet companies.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Been A Long Time

...since I had a long talk with my family in the Philippines. My international call minutes is low but I tried using it last night, nobody answered the phone. We tried to voice chat on ym but all I could hear was a static on the line, their microphone and webcam are broken.

It's been like that for 2 weeks now at the most, pisses me off. Someone from there suggested that I should just buy a webcam with built in mic in it so we can voice chat again but then there is this second option about sending a magic jack over there so they can just call me anytime they want at no cost. I am confused as to what I'm gonna buy for them.

If I'll buy them an A4tech cam, I'll be able to hear and see them online but since papa don't know how to operate the computer it will only be during weekends we can chat. However, if I choose the second option, he can just call me on the phone anytime he wants but it's gonna be a month before I can send them the usb. Confused here eh. I don't want to buy them both of the cam and magic jack for I am kind of tight right now plus sooner I need to send them money.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Am I Losing It Now???

One of my paid postings was being rejected in the system in one of the paid blogging sites because they think my page rank for this blog went back to zero, in fact, they changed my PR3 to N/A in my dashboard now. I think that isn't fair for I just checked my PR on and it still has its PR.

What is going on people? I can just accept it if google takes back my PR but to my dismay this very paid site removing my PR even if it isn't true. Why can't the world just be fair to its people? SIGH. No PR means very limited or no opportunities at all! I'm sad and very disappointed with them.

What is Plagiarism?

Before I start my posting, let me ask you what is Plagiarism?

I searched for its meaning and Plagiarism means
= a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work;
=The act of plagiarizing: the copying of another person's ideas, text, or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission.

I didn't know plagiarism is a serious crime. Once the original author finds out that his/her work is being copied by another person, he must do some serious actions regarding the crime or else the guilty ones will just continue doing it that it hurts so much. I remember one time in my blogging years, there was this person that silently just copy other bloggers' paid posting and I found out my work was one of her source when posting a paid entry. That sucks and it made me so mad that I attacked her in her blog. Well, if only free plagiarism checker exist during that time, I could have proven that she really did copy some of my entries.

Also I remember this other blogger, different person whose blog postings seem real and truly have the perfect english sort of thing but we didn't know it was just all copied from another blogger which drove the original writer so mad that she was going to bring it to justice. Poor is the girl for she lost all her readers and I for one, lost my respect to her as a blogger because of what we found out about her copying someone else's work.


Now I know why my husband haven't been sleeping so well when the baby sleeps with us. She sleeps in between us and she keeps on tossing and turning the whole night that made her dada sleepless. Since he complain to me about being tired for not getting enough sleep, I changed Jadyn's position. Instead of her being in the middle of the bed, I, moved to sleep beside my husband ans she is in my side of bed where I normally sleep. The result is me not getting a real tight sleep last night.

For some reason, Jadyn can't stop moving and keep getting close to the edge and I'm afraid she might fall so I have to draw her closer to me everytime she moves. Geez now I feel drowsy and tired. I'm hoping that I can get a nap this day before I can start painting again.

sports gear online

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drag Me To Hell

Even before I've first seen DRAG ME TO HELL trailer on dvd, I knew it's gonna scared the hell out of me and never in my mind shall I watch this movie because it's too much for me to handle. Then my husband got this one for last night. What was he thinking when I already told him that I'm not gonna watch this movie.

But we watched it anyway. It was really scary for me for I have sensitivity to satanic or ghosts spirits in movies. That bothers me down to the bone that it creates a nightmare when I go to sleep. It was a fun, bone-chilling, nerve wracking movie though and we finished watching the entire movie until 1 o'clock.
Drag me to hell Pictures, Images and Photos

Read the Synopsis here lifted from its original source from Google.

In Pasadena, California in 1969, a young Mexican couple rushes to the home of medium Shaun San Dena (Flor de Maria Chahua). Their son had stolen jewelry from a group of Gypsies three days prior, and since then, has been complaining of seeing and hearing things not of this earth. San Dena tries to help the boy in a seance, but she and the boy's parents can only watch in horror as the boy is thrown from the balcony by an unseen force before being pulled into Hell by demonic hands.

Forty years later, Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), a loan officer at a local bank, hopes to be promoted to assistant manager over her conniving co-worker, Stu Rubin (Reggie Lee (actor)|Reggie Lee). Christine's boss, Mr. Jacks (David Paymer), advises her that she needs to demonstrate that she can make tough decisions when she needs to. That day, Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver), an elderly gypsy woman, asks for a third extension on her mortgage because she is struggling with economic problems due to an illness. To prove herself to Mr. Jacks, Christine, against her better judgment, denies Mrs. Ganush the extension. In desperation, Mrs. Ganush prostrates herself before Christine, begging and kissing the hem of her skirt. Christine panics and shoves the woman away, shaming her in public. As security guards escort Mrs. Ganush out, Mr. Jacks compliments Christine on how she handled the situation and implies that if she can close another big loan, the assistant manager position will be hers.

Problem With Fleas

I remember those days when our dog Giza was still with us living in that old little house in El Campo especially during summer that fleas are everywhere. For some reason fleas love to attack her delicate body during hot days and worse they get into the house and sucking my blood as well.

I hated it so much because it is so itchy, create a small big red bite all over my body and most of all when it heals, dark brown spot will be left visible for months. It was a big flea problem we had to deal with and I was searching desperately for a guide for getting rid of feline fleas.

Now that we live in a different house with a different breed dog, we are hoping that there will be no more fleas. We also try to give our dog some flea treatment every once in a while to protect her from being infested with flea.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Donation

I just sent my five dollars donation to the victims of Haiti earthquake through paypal. It is so little yet I take pride of blogging it here. Small amount of donation could add up to millions. At least in my part, I am doing it for the sake of those unfortunate ones and I do it wholeheartedly and in my own free will.

If only I have a lot of money for sure I could have sent a larger amount than this, perhaps a thousand dollar worth of donation from my own pocket. You too can make a difference by sending your donation to any prefered charity you have or you may go to RED CROSS to donate.

best prices

I talked to one of my best online buddies last night and she mentioned to me that they are going for a trip somewhere fun, somewhere far from where they live. Meaning, they will fly to a different state to have a week-long vacation. And then she asked me to compare car rental online since I am on the internet almost everyday of my life and she doesn't since she is working and only have little time in the computer.

I, as a friend didn't hesitate to say right away because it is my nature to help out other people. All they have to do is ask for it and I am here, more than willing to do anything I possibly can just to satisfy them. What do I get in return of helping my friends? Ah nothing really, just their friendship and God knows what I do, eventually He'll return the good deeds I have for other people that surround me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Local Missionary Died

I heard on t.v that Jean Arnwine just died of injuries she suffered in Haiti. It is understandable yet devastating for not getting medical treatment for three days due to the devastation of roads that it is impossible for help to come to where she was. I feel so sorry for those who tried helping fellow humans in Haiti and got hurt during the strong earthquake in Haiti. My sympathy goes to the husband and family of the victim. All I can do is pray that her soul may rest in peace!

promoting your business

One of the best ways in promoting your business is by giving out promotional logo mugs to people whom you think can become your clients in the future.

We do have couple of personalized mugs that we found in my father in-law's box and I was very surprised to know we have those. They could look good in our dining room once we are done painting in that very specific room. Most of these mugs were from companies he worked for before in his younger life. I thought it was cool seeing his engraved name on those mugs and I as a person who really loves personalized mugs, I would love to keep them as they are for remembrance from my father in-law.

Time For Brunch

After making those long entries below, I got very tired mentally. I think it's time to take a break and prepare for brunch now. It's almost eleven o'clock and me and my baby haven't eaten anything yet except for hot chocolate milk we drunk when we got up this morning.

I am yet to cook utan-bisaya and rice. Gotta go really for it will take me quite half an hour just to prepare all the ingredients before I can start cooking my vegetable stew. Anyone wanna join me for our brunch is welcome, be sure to bring your dried fish though to match with my stew. Sya sya gotta go! Have a nice gloomy not so cold day everyone!

finding your home to buy

We have experienced on how it is looking for a possible home to buy. For a husband like mine who is so picky about things including a possible home to stay for the rest of our lives, finding a home wasn't easy. Before we got our house back, we were looking for prospect home to buy on different websites on the internet. The results were amazing, it showed us tons of nice and not so nice homes that are on the market for quite sometime.

We have our own standards as far as buying a home is concerned. It has to have a bigger land. Privacy is the main concern of my husband so in order to obtain this, he has to have a house that has a bigger yard to keep the people or neighbors from peeking into his windows. Secondly is the price. Whether it exceed to our budget or lower. When you go for certain websites, you have the option as to how much is the higher and lowest price range you want to search then the results will show.

However, if you live in Detroit or San Francisco for sure San Francisco homes for sale have different prices. All you got to do is find that perfect home that is affordable in price so you wouldn't be burdened in paying your monthly mortgage.

Yes, living in San Francisco can be expensive but for people who embrace the lifestyle that the place has to offer plus the job opportunities they can get out of living in SF, I guess well in my own opinion, I can stay there, be settled, buy my own home and have a good job. According to the source specifically, FORBES magazine, San Francisco falls the fifth on the list as America's Most Expensive cities to live. So it is really up to you whether you want to live near SF or somewhere where there is greener pasture.

Quiet and Lonely Friday

I guess it's not just me who feels lonely right now. I am chatting with Genelyn and she says the same thing about how she doesn't like living in America anymore. Needless to say, I and she feel lonely and bored in this strange cold world. I feel sorry for her. She was promised by some of her friends that they're gonna be seeing her in their place and none had come to stay in her place even just for a while.

While in my case, I am just plain bored. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. Yes I have a baby but she isn't a handful type. She would just play by herself not making any sounds. SIGH, life is truly different than what I used to have back home. But if I were to turn back the hands of time, I wouldn't want change a thing. I am happy now and contented only this boredom and loneliness killing me.

homes for rent

We were once renting a house 23 minutes away from where we live now. It was my husband who rented the place for 4 years then he petitioned me to join him in the US. It totalled to 7 years of him renting the place. I think spending 7 years of his life in that little house is very long. One thing says it all, he liked it there until we have a baby. All of baby's stuff crowded us so we had no choice but to move out and seek for a bigger nicer place.

As renters, we didn't have any complain in the area as the house located in a very nice and safe neighborhood along Camp Bowie Boulevard. The neighbors are friendly and stores and malls were very much accessible. The only reason we moved out is that the house we were renting became too small for a family of three.

If you were to look for homes for rent the very first thing I suggest you would look is the price of rent, whether you will be able to afford it then the kind of neighborhood the house is situated. Don't tell me you can live in an unsafe place where crimes are nesting in the area? I don't think so. Then the third factor you should consider is how far is it to the grocery store and or to your work place? I guess in order to meet all your expectation, you better investigate and or do your own assignment by researching on the internet first before anything else. is the definite online place to be. They offer millions of properties across the United States that are currently available for rent. On this site, they give helpful information for people like you whose plan is to move out and look for a new home or apartment complex to rent.

We have done all these things and I tell you, it was kind of stressful especially when it was time for us to pack all our things and move out. Choosing the right mover is kind of hassle for you don't know which company to hire and entrusted your valuable things to. Good thing we are done with it and now happily settling down to our new home. As for you out there, all I can say is do a thorough search in your prospect house/apartment to live and at the end your hard work will be paid off.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Seems Slow

Time seems so slow when I have nothing to do, when there are no opportunities to make when I just sat down and do entrecard dropping. Why is that? What I want is to keep myself busy in the morning with online task so when it is time to get up from the computer, I don't have to keep thinking about sitting down here again instead just go on with my household duties.

But what is happening right now is just pure boring moments. Anyways, if online tasks don't come until ten o'clock I have no choice but to get up, prepare our breakfast which I can't wait to make. I'm gonna have fried mackerel fish (for sure baby will love f-i-s-h) dip in soy sauce and vinegar ah not forgetting rice also and utan-bisaya.

keep your privacy

Having ones privacy is important. I need it myself too so I can do whatever personal things I wish to do. I am okay around family though but if I were to work in an office, I definitely need shutters that separate my cubicle from the rest of the staff.

If you are in need of shutters then you have come to the right place as I know an online store where to order it. Whether you are looking for a vinyl/plastic shutter that is THICKER and STURDIER than the shutters available at the local big box home center then I am thinking this very store is definitely the place to shop for them for they have it all.

keep your stuff at a safe place

There was a time in our life where we needed a safe place to store all of our things as well as my father in-law's belongings. We were just leasing a small house at that time and there wasn't enough space even in the attic, it was full of crap already. But then my husband looked for a self storage for our things to be safe, it is a place where it is airconditioned and pre-heated to keep them in proper condition. I guess those two factors should what people find in a Raleigh NC self storage and lastly, a storage that is free from burglary to ensure that nothing is going to happen with your valuables.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

In The Kitchen For 2 Days

So what's up with our kitchen lately? I mean it's so strange of me to stay in the kitchen for 2 consecutive days. I mean literally I spent whole days in that part of the house, but why? Well, the story is this, it's been a long long time since our last visit to the Asian Market and finally my husband brought me over there last Friday. As I felt like I've been deprived of native filipino food, I got as much stuff I could find at the market so I can have a taste of my desired pinoy food again. We spent $75 just for my stuff alone... kind of ouch knowing that prices in that market are way too low compared at American stores.

Then Saturday and Sunday came, I started cooking pinakbet for our breakfast, made lumpia as soon as I finished feeding my family then unpacking some of the dishes that we have that lasted for hours as I put them in the washer at the same time cleaning the counter tops.

Sunday followed which is today, I started at 11 again IN THE KITCHEN to cook breakfast. I came up with oatmeal, fried egg and two egg rolls for my husband and I made myself some ginisang pusit that is enough for the entire 3 meals of the day. Afterwards, I sat down on my computer for half an hour, walked the baby outisde real quick, put her to bed and back to the kitchen again putting up cabinet liners(not even through yet, had to stop) and started wrapping my banana with lumpia wrapper, cooked some of it for our afternoon snack and finished off the unpacking of the dishes and put them in the washer again. And when I'm done with the dishes I also rearranged some stuff inside the cabinet that took forever to finish.

I tell you what? I am too exhausted now and the kitchen is still a mess. Good thing though I've no boss around(mama) to demand me what to do so I can just leave it as it is for now. Surely my husband will understand that I am tired and won't mind the mess I leave behind.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My All Time Crush

I've seen Joey McIntyre's video diary on youtube and I can't believe how he looks so skinny now yet still dashing. The very deep blue eyes are still there but his face is kind of oval-shaped which I don't like that much anymore. Unlike the very first time I saw him in his first music video way back late 1990's he was just so good-looking. He was my all time crush in my high school days you know? As if I jump for joy each time his videos are being played on Mtv. And guess what? I could memorize two of his popular songs namely Stay the Same and I forgot the other one haha.

I Wish

... that we can go to the Asian market today as I have so much cravings over Filipino foods nowadays. It's not that I am pregnant, it's just that it has been a long time since I had real good food. I want to make eggroll, stir fry veggies, grilled fish and jackfruit in coconut milk. All these can't be done until we can buy all the ingredients from the Asian Market.

But with the kind of temperature we currently have, I doubt if we can go out and shop. It is just painfully cold as the arctic blast effect still lingers around the area. Sigh, thinking of those delicious food makes me wanna drool.

need more lighting

We definitely need some lighting in our house especially in the living and t.v rooms. I have a hard time showing my webcam to my family because the surrounding is just too dark for them to see the webcam. All we got right now are two smaller lamps which are not enough to light the whole room. I may have to start looking for light fixtures on the web soon and compare the prices online to our local home improvement stores nearby and see how much we can save.

Someday, when we are able to pay off what we owed in the credit card we may replaced or changed all the lighting in this house since they are old very old and consume so much electricity. This way we can save less in our electricity bill once these are all done in the future. As of now, we are working slowly on replacing the necessary things to make us comfortable in this old new big house we have.

Oh by the way, before I forget I need to open this certain website soon so I can look at different cool stuff they have including a possible cute lampshade for my baby's bedroom. She already got one but I don't think this suits well in her bedroom for we are having trouble turning it on.

touch their hearts with your warm greetings

Although the biggest Holiday of the years has passed people should not stop celebrating it within their hearts. It should run through their hearts all throughout the year, that is what Christmas is for. Well, anyway, there are some companies out there this still offer Personalized Christmas Cards and you might want to check it out for next year's Holiday. This way, you have an early greeting cards save for the next Christmas. Prices these days for greetings are probably cheaper rather than you wait when the Holiday is approaching.

hotspots for tourists

When going to certain places for a quick vacation the very first thing that comes in your mind are the Tourist Attractions in that particular area, am I right? Because without those places to see you wouldn't enjoy and make the most out of your vacation if you would only stay in your hotel room. If you plan of going somewhere soon, might as well look on the internet for certain tourist hotspots that you can go to along with your family so you wouldn't waste time and energy searching for nice places to visit when you are in your destination.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cook top and Vent Installed

We finally have our new cook top and vent installed this morning after 2 months of waiting. I am glad we got rid of those two very gross things now. If you could see the very old cook top that is left in this house, I bet you wouldn't want to cook your food using that one. Very yellow in color and overly greased are the burners as well as the vent. As if you you wouldn't wanna lay your eyes in the vent, the oil that has accumulated in that thing hasn't been cleaned for years, just really yucky eh.

My husband cleaned them thoroughly before we could use it or else I'm gonna leave my family starving if he won't. But despite of the cleaning he had done, there are still some traces of old grease in the vent...ah nothing we could do but use them for the meantime.

I remember when we first got into this house just before we moved in, I couldn't stand the smell in the kitchen that those Vietnamese people left for us to clean up. Foul smell is what gonna meet you in the door when you open it. Imagine how gross is that when you get to see the cook top as well as the vent? Ingon ana sila kahugawan nga ang baho naabot sa gawas.

I Hope Not

I got scammed one time and that very thought scared me to hell. I don't want that to ever happen to me again or worse have my identity stolen by hackers or criminals. I don't know what should I do if that's the case then. Good thing there is a company that protects people's identity from being stolen although it is proven that they really good at their job but still people hear rumors about the company. LifeLock is not fraud it really works. I have heard about them a lot before and guess what after what had happened to me, it is time for me to make a move.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Almost Devastating

This is what my family told me just before Christmas day, that our cab has got into accident and it was badly damaged that would cost them 70K for repair. I wasn't worried for the cab, instead I worry for my father's condition. What if he'll think so hard of what had happened to his dear cab and HB kicks in and something unfavorable will happen to him? God forbid!

I thought it wasn't serious and when I showed the picture to my husband he said, it is major. Lol, what do I know about accident? Unlike my husband, he sees it, he deals with it almost everyday of his life so I trust him na when he said it's not just a small thing to deal with.

Anyway, I called my father just moments ago and he was saying that everything is taken care of now. The mechanics are now starting to work on the cab and the Koreans paid the labor in advance and they agreed to buy the materials or the cab parts needed for repair themselves. What a good news indeed along with it is the success of my brother's job application to the cruise line. Praise the Lord, for He never let us down. He never leave us when we need Him the most. For this I am so much happier and feel blessed.

house decor and stuff

We are far from finishing working our house and it's been like almost three months since we moved in here. I am tired of looking at these boxes everyday and somehow I wish that I can just open one box at a time but no I can't do that for now. Half of our house need to be painted, needs new flooring, needs new curtains, wall decor and etc. I am anxious to get all these things done so we can start hanging our blow up photos that are already in the frame. I guess we need to find that durable metal wall hooks that we can use to hang those gigantic frames waiting on us to be hanged.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Silly Girl Of Mine

This is what my Jadyn is up to. Whenever she sees my eye pencil laying everywhere, she would gladly take it and apply it on to herself. Ah the price of having a baby girl.

Everything she sees me doing, she'd impersonate or copy it. I just let her do whatever she loves doing as long as it won't harm her. Ah before I forget, this little baby will soon be two years old...hmmm that'll be next week! Amazing how times fly so fast.

personalized Apple & BlackBerry cases

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Pexagon Technology. All opinions are 100% mine.

If I had an iPhone or blackberry I would surely buy any of these personalized Apple & BlackBerry cases but my phone is different than the rest. It may not be as popular as those two mentioned phones but it is prettier than any phones out there. It also has features and possess the 3G network capability that other phones have. What makes my phone special is that it was given to me by my husband on our wedding anniversary and it's blue in color which is my favorite color.

Well for me, it doesn't matter what kind of phone he gave me, the thought itself what counts. However, if he had given me an iPhone or blackberry I am more than willing to accept it. Any gift that is from my husband is surely treasured by me because he is special.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for pretty cases to accessorized your phone, try checking out Pexagon technology. They carry different phone brands, styles and phone accessories to complete your style and take note, they offer free engraving and free shipping on the cases you'd like to buy.

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My Bet

Before the Bachelor show tonight, let me say something about this one girl from Washington DC we are about to see. Of all 25 bachelorettes, Elizabeth (who is in the picture) has a stand out beauty, at least in my own opinion. I know what good-looking people is at first glance and this girl just got me.

I hope she has a good personality and Jake will like her as I love the way she looks. Dark-haired and dashingly gorgeous is what I like for Jake's future fiancee.

infant travel bed

I plan of visiting the Philippines at the end of this year. Hopefully, God will allow us to travel, no hindrances and no uncontrollable instances could happen. Same as last time, I am going to bring my baby with me, the mere fact that my parents and siblings will be seeing my baby again makes me so anxious of our next travel. However, this can be difficult for me having an infant in a 22-hour flight. I would want us to be comfortable while in the long flight and guess this infant travel bed best suits for my Jadyn. Or if she is too big for this one, I might find another strategy to make her comfortable during our long journey to the Philippines.

This infant travel bed has a collapsible frame is great for an afternoon or extended travel. Very handy, lightweight, perfect for a nap on the go plus it offers diaper changing comfort as well. I have experienced all the difficulties of diaper changing in a small lavatory with a baby in the airplane and for me it was like hell. But despite of all those travel hardships, I still want to travel to my home country.

The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love

Tonight is the premiere night of my most anticipated reality show on t.v., the Bachelor. Jake will be this year's bachelor. I knew him from the previous The Bachelorette episode. He has been my bet since the start of Jillian's journey towards finding her love but he got eliminated eventually.

This year is now Jake's turn to send 10 women during the first night of two hours. As the show progresses, he'll be breaking and turning down more and more hearts of undeserving women in the show, good for him eh. I can't wait to see him tonight at long last. For sure I'm gonna be so over kilig to this man that I don't want to keep my eyes off the t/v screen.

design your own desk

Your own desk is your work place everyday if you're an office staff. It is where you most spend most of your time for money. Now to make your girls desks clean and friendly place to be, you can either organize your own things, clean the clutter up regularly and if as much as possible decorate your own desk the way you want it to be just to make your place appealing to your eyes. Create a stress free environment, this way you help yourself retain that energy you need to survive everyday in your working area.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Year's Ultimate Goal

... is to be able to get behind the wheels on my own. I am so tired of my situation always dragging my husband wherever I want to go. I feel I'm of no use at all because a simple grocery trip can't be done due to the fact that I don't DRIVE. If I can wish one thing, that would be being independent once again. Getting my freedom back is a top priority before another year comes.

I could have been driving by now if I was only persistent enough in pursuing my driving lesson. The unexpected big move to our house caused it all but even so I should have not let things hinder me from doing the very big task I wanted to do. You see, most of my acquaintances are now driving. Only me that is left feeling like a crippled frog.


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