Saturday, January 16, 2010

best prices

I talked to one of my best online buddies last night and she mentioned to me that they are going for a trip somewhere fun, somewhere far from where they live. Meaning, they will fly to a different state to have a week-long vacation. And then she asked me to compare car rental online since I am on the internet almost everyday of my life and she doesn't since she is working and only have little time in the computer.

I, as a friend didn't hesitate to say right away because it is my nature to help out other people. All they have to do is ask for it and I am here, more than willing to do anything I possibly can just to satisfy them. What do I get in return of helping my friends? Ah nothing really, just their friendship and God knows what I do, eventually He'll return the good deeds I have for other people that surround me.

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