Monday, January 25, 2010

house decoration

Once in a while I open websites pertaining to decorating a home or remodeling ones home so I can have an idea on what kind of home decoration to get once our job inside the house is all done. So far I found several decors that are eye catching each vary in prices, color and style. I am frugal when it comes to spending for things so the first thing I want to look for in a certain decor is the price. I want something that is unique, attractive yet affordable.

However, I am also willing to spend several bucks for some items like howard miller clocks if it is worth keeping. I just thought that these kind of clocks would stand out from the rest of the decorations we might have in the future. I have been wishing to have one of these, if not now then maybe in the near future. Cross fingers with that though for I know we are kind of tight financially these days. Someday, when I am able to find myself a job, save some money and perhaps buy a miller or grandfather clock.

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