Friday, January 15, 2010

finding your home to buy

We have experienced on how it is looking for a possible home to buy. For a husband like mine who is so picky about things including a possible home to stay for the rest of our lives, finding a home wasn't easy. Before we got our house back, we were looking for prospect home to buy on different websites on the internet. The results were amazing, it showed us tons of nice and not so nice homes that are on the market for quite sometime.

We have our own standards as far as buying a home is concerned. It has to have a bigger land. Privacy is the main concern of my husband so in order to obtain this, he has to have a house that has a bigger yard to keep the people or neighbors from peeking into his windows. Secondly is the price. Whether it exceed to our budget or lower. When you go for certain websites, you have the option as to how much is the higher and lowest price range you want to search then the results will show.

However, if you live in Detroit or San Francisco for sure San Francisco homes for sale have different prices. All you got to do is find that perfect home that is affordable in price so you wouldn't be burdened in paying your monthly mortgage.

Yes, living in San Francisco can be expensive but for people who embrace the lifestyle that the place has to offer plus the job opportunities they can get out of living in SF, I guess well in my own opinion, I can stay there, be settled, buy my own home and have a good job. According to the source specifically, FORBES magazine, San Francisco falls the fifth on the list as America's Most Expensive cities to live. So it is really up to you whether you want to live near SF or somewhere where there is greener pasture.

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