Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Am I Losing It Now???

One of my paid postings was being rejected in the system in one of the paid blogging sites because they think my page rank for this blog went back to zero, in fact, they changed my PR3 to N/A in my dashboard now. I think that isn't fair for I just checked my PR on and it still has its PR.

What is going on people? I can just accept it if google takes back my PR but to my dismay this very paid site removing my PR even if it isn't true. Why can't the world just be fair to its people? SIGH. No PR means very limited or no opportunities at all! I'm sad and very disappointed with them.


Katherine said...

You are a PR3 from here - in Virginia :)

Mizé said...

I use Google toolbar with PR add-on and I can see too that your site has PR3. Maybe if your write them an e-mail they´ll fix the error.
Regards, Mizé

bingkee said...

Why don't you assert yourself and question their action? Contact them by email and attach a link or copy of the ranking and demand for the accurate rank to be recognized or at least demand for an explanation.

sometimes their ranking tools are not accurate because it's their own.

I checked it and you have a PR3.

Juliet said...

bitaw ako pud gi check naa man pr3. ngano mana sila nindot suntukon? hehehe!


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