Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Blessed Sunday here I shall say. Great news I read on the headline as soon as I logged in, that tsunami spared the Filipino people. That alone is indeed a great blessing from the Heaven's above. Now I don't have to worry about my family or my own country from the possible devastation it might have caused to them.

Another thing to be thankful for is well feel great, safe and no illnesses/diseases we suffer as we wake up this morning. I have no plan of going to church today as I usually don' t go there anymore instead I just visit to my friend's house so we can all bring our kiddos to the park. Ciao people, enjoy your visit here and keep coming back like you usually do every day. Happy to have you here on my page and exploring all my posts!

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Horse

This picture was taken on Valentine's Day with my baby at the facade of the restaurant we went to. When Jadyn saw the horse she got so happy and excited. We needed to come close to the statue just so she can touch and play underneath it. Since it was very cold and chilly that day, we couldn't stay long outside. But Jadyn seemed not bothered with the cold temperature. She cried when we left for she really wanted to play near the statue longer, nothing else she could because we really had to go. Silly girl!

A Doll That He Promised

When I was growing up I didn't have so much things that I needed for school or for playing. Never do I have nice toys to play. All I had were junks, empty tin cans were made into pots, beer crown became my ladle and empty coconut shell was my plate. I had to use these junks to complete my game together with other young children in our area as we used to pretend we were cooking in the kitchen a lot. And if we get tired of that, we move on to another game by making use of scratch papers as doll dresses. We had our paper dolls drawn by someone who can draw well and we made the dresses so then we have a nice paper doll to play.

Reminiscing back my childhood where I got to play with other kids makes me want to go home. Yes, we were poor but we were happy. Laughter was heard in four corner of the house. One day, my godfather saw me playing my paper doll, he came to me and said, if you do good and work hard on your studies I promise I will give you a nice doll. I was only 7 years old back then and relied to his promise that soon I can have a nice doll. Didn't matter what it is as long as it is a doll. But that promise never came true until years and years passed by, the promise he made was forgotten...until now that I am married and have everything I need. I still cannot forget that once there was a man who promised me with a doll.

What I want to do now is move on and trying to forget what my godfather had told me decades ago. Since I couldn't have that doll anymore might as well give one to my baby girl. A doll that is very pretty and a doll house to play. I would like to buy her a miniature doll house complete with a miniature dollhouse flooring to make the best of everything. Her doll house will be a combination a pink and white in color and it would be full of miniature furniture, a kitchen complete with appliances, a dog house beside it and a girly room where she can express herself.

If my dream of having a nice doll was not achieved then I want my baby to have what I wanted when I was a kid. After all, she is my only baby and for that I am willing to give anything and everything she wants.

How about you people? What was the greatest thing you ever wanted when you were little? Did someone make a promise to you and did he/she ever comply that promise?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Toket And Nuk

Jadyn's famous funny words are "toket" and "nuk". Toket means chocolate and nuk is for milk. There are other funny words that she can't say well for now but there are also words especially verbs that she can say perfectly like jump, walk, fishing etc. When she is able to speak clearly and perfectly for sure I am gonna miss those funny words of hers.

My baby reminds me of our neighbor in the province before. She was too small to say what exactly happened to her. One day she came to her mother saying "akan una akit amat" meaning naduslakan sa guna sakit ang samad! Now that she's a grown up adult, when you say those funny words to her she would just laugh!


I am so glad I am not one of those people at young age already wearing glasses. I can only imagine the trouble of wearing glasses to people that have blurred vision. I know for a fact we all going to old age and losing our perfect vision of 20/20 will come early or later in our lives. As much as possible, taking care of my eyes should be of my top priority because once I lose it, it will be gone forever and it is irreversible. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that young children are also affected with astigmatism or other eye disease that cause them to lose their sight. Moreover, if you are an adult and still have your perfect vision then you are lucky.

Doesn't Hurt

I love watching Super Nanny on t.v. It is one of my most favorite shows I should say. It pertains to disciplining American spoiled brats children, children that are totally out of control. Through this show I learn some very important things on how to take disciplinary action once a child won't listen or don't show any respect to the parents.

One of the disciplines that Nanny Jo would always impart to her clients are taking the kids to time out after several warnings given to them. I so agree with time out as it doesn't hurt the kid if you use it as your tool to let them know that they made mistakes.

I can't believe I did it to my girl. Although my Jadyn isn't a bad girl but sometimes you do what you have to do in order for a child to learn. I put her in time out yesterday because she didn't listen to me and kept insisting that she would go out and play even if she committed the same mistakes twice.


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Started Out Late

It's Friday and it is my husband's first day off. Fridays usually very quiet in blogging for companies don't usually give that much opps to do so I did not get up early instead we stayed in bed until 11. We started our computer late so here we are at almost 2 still on the computer. During weekdays, we are suppose to be taking a nap around this time. I made sure though that Jadyn got her brunch on time. I gave her rice and bean soup at 12 and she felt she didn't like the taste of her food she asked for a "COW"... cow to her means Lucerne brand yogurt.. it has a cow print in the label that's why she named it COW.

Clearer Vision

Our eyes are the windows of our soul. We should take good care of them while we still have the perfect vision of 20/20. Because once they are damaged, it is irreversible unless you are willing to pay tons of money to have an iLasik. Just like my husband, he wishes he could have his perfect vision he used to have while he was younger. Now he has trouble reading small letters closely. One time I handed him our printed bill from electric company and let him read it 8 inches away from his eyes without eyeglasses and he complained.

It wasn't my fault though. I was unaware that he couldn't read closely if he doesn't wear his glasses. Yes, he has three pairs of eyeglasses. One for reading, one clear pair of glasses for driving during night time and one dark pair for the sun at day time. The clear glasses are his second pair already for he broke the first one we bought at an expensive optical store 4 years ago. He thought, he didn't need expensive ones if they won't last long. He learned his lesson after that. He would rather buy affordable pair of glasses that would work the same as expensive ones. It isn't practical if you keep buying high prices glasses while in fact you can get the same quality at lower prices.

Eliminate The Need For Reading Glasses

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Baby At Work

Just want to share this photo of my baby girl one snowy day. In the picture is of Jadyn at work. I just thought she looked so cute in this shot holding the rake pretending she was cleaning up the mushy snow near the garage. As you can see the rake is too big for her that she couldn't move it a bit so she cried and gave up. Silly girl wanting to do my job and she couldn't do it she cried and walked away.

Feeling Good

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These few mentioned procedures are what I mostly heard celebrities and non celebrities to have to maintain their good appearance. They have all the money in the world so spending some on cosmetic procedure done on their body wouldn't be painful.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad Boys

COPS is one of my favorite reality shows to watch on t.v.even when I was still in the Philippines. Unknowingly I could get married to a man whose work is policing. The song BAD BOYS is the theme song of COPS which is sung by Inner Circle. Listen to it and you'll sway your shoulders while you sing!

keeping track of the time

Having several wall clocks around here is a good idea especially if we have to catch an early appointment. Or to keep track of the time because sometimes when I am too focused on the computer I forget what time it is leaving some important works behind or skipping my meals. It would be too late before I know that I miss some things that need my attention. Yes, I have my clock in my computer but it's too tiny to notice it. So now we do have a clock or two in every room so wherever we go, whatever we do, the clock is always there to remind us to move in to another task that we intended to do on that particular day.

News That Don't Repeat

I was told by my husband to turn on the t.v and watch FOX News on cable when he heard me one day complaining about the local news keep repeating their news all day 4 times a day. Their stories go on and and and on for the whole week which is very tiring. On Fox News by Hannity or what's the name of that news anchor there talks mostly about politics and I don't like politics to be honest and I never followed what he said.

I better read Yahoo's headlines stories for they have fresh news everyday when I open their page. One interesting news that I find worth sharing are the kinds of jobs that most likely will be lost. If you work one of these industries better be prepared as you can be laid off anytime.

Disappearing Jobs

Here's a list of the top 10 industries expected to lose the most jobs by 2018 -- and what to do if you're working in one of them:

1. Department stores: Projected to lose 10.2 percent of the 1.56 million jobs they had in 2008.
2. Semiconductor manufacturing: Projected to lose 33.7 percent of the 432,000 jobs it had in 2008.

3. Motor vehicle parts manufacturing: Projected to lose 18.6 percent of its 544,000 jobs.

4. Postal service: Projected to lose 13 percent of the 748,000 jobs it had in 2008.

5. Printing and related jobs: Projected to lose 16 percent of its 594,000 jobs.

6. Cut-and-sew apparel manufacturing: Projected to lose 57 percent of its 155,000 jobs.

7. Newspaper publishers: Projected to lose 24.8 percent of its 326,000 jobs.

8. Mining support jobs: Projected to lose 23.2 percent of its 328,000 jobs.

9. Gas stations: Projected to lose 8.9 percent of its 843,000 jobs.

10. Wired telecom: Projected to lose 11 percent of its 666,000 jobs.

To read more about this read the YAHOO SOURCE where I originally get the information.

Skin Care Products

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When I was still in my home country I didn't really care about taking care of my skin as long as I can apply my regular daily lotion to prevent skin dryness then it's fine with me. It's here in the US when I was forced to apply facial moisturizers, hand moisturizers and other skin care products because of the different seasons each year. In winter time especially that is when my skin gets so dry that it even creates cracks in my knuckles that I find it annoying. After the cracks show then blood will drip in each of the crack and it hurts.

After four years of living here I feel like my skin had adjusted to the weather although I still experience some dryness if I don't apply some moisturizers in my face, lips and all over the body. I must admit, it took me a while looking around for different products that would work for me. Not just lotions or moisturizers but soap and hair care products as well. When I finally did find what specific brands should I use that is when I settled the products to use everyday. I couldn't be happier for I know how important it is to feel good and be comfortable. When I have severe dry skin, I could feel the itchiness all over my body and is sucks. Good thing though I only have to deal with skin dryness. If I have to worry about eye bags and wrinkles then that would be a greater concern for me since I am only 26 years old.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well Done Jolie

I thought I don't like Angelina Jolie but after I have seen the movie "Changeling" I was impressed at how she did a great job acting as the mother of the lost son. She did it really really well I must say.

The movie Changeling is based on a true story started in 1928. The truth about the case of Christine Collins is so shocking and dramatic that embellishment must have seemed pointless, but in sticking so close to the historical record, Mr. Straczynski and Mr. Eastwood have produced a distended, awkward narrative whose strongest themes are lost in the murky pomp of period detail.

To view the overview and more about the movie you must visit the Original Source and I encourage all of you to watch the movie yourself for there are a lot of lessons to learn in this movie.

She Loves Disney

My family loves watching movies a lot. For me our night is not complete if we don't sit all three of us together and watch a movie. My baby herself is a big fan of Disney cartoons and other movies that she feels entertaining like the condorman, Ducktales the Movie and most especially this enticing A Mom for Christmas movie. The last one is my favorite of all for it entails to moms and I am one one of them too. All these movies are classic Disney movies and shorts are available only through Disney Exclusives. If you are a Disney Movie Club Member then you should take advantage of the exclusive opportunities intended only for members.

The Beauty Of Snow

It is snowing calmly right now in our place. For some reason I can't stop admiring the beauty of snow. They just look so pretty falling down from the sky and when they are on the ground they look even more prettier. As of this moment there are only some dusting on the ground hopefully as we get to the afternoon it's gonna get thicker so we can go out and play. The snow is still very thin on the ground so all I could do for now is peek out the window and enjoy the beautiful flurries falling down.

My husband says he is tired of snow. Well, I understand him as his job consist mostly of a lot of driving. Sometimes driving in the snow can be dangerous too and I feel for those people who need to go to work. I think the only people that don't complain about the world snowing are those that stay home all day, just like me and the baby.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Serious Kid

This is Jadyn using my computer one time. She was watching her favorite video on youtube when I took this. Pocoyo in Spanish language is what she was watching and oh it held her attention that she didn't want to be bothered. Just like her dada, she becomes so serious when watching for certain videos that she really love.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Only Color She Knows

Sometimes I find it so funny when I ask my baby girl what color are some particular things like her hair, if I ask her what color is your hair? And she would say BROWN, other times I ask her again her hair color then she'll say GRWEEN! And I burst to laugh. It's not that I am laughing at my baby's mistake but because of the thought of the color itself. HUh, I can't imagine my baby having a green hair lolz.

Green is the only color she knows at this age. Although I have been trying to teach different primary colors but she is so stubborn to learn it. She is smart I know, only she is kind of resisting to learn colors too soon.

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Based In Houston Texas

I have always admired the Wordpress layout or its theme. I think it is unique and its uncommon. I have seen a couple blogs using Wordpress and then again I am impressed with it. I didn't know that Houston Wordpress Developer is based locally, I mean in Texas and to think that it's just miles away from here. If you want a fully functional blog or website then you might want to try out Wordpress. Just like me, I have always wanted to put up a Wordpress blog but before that I have to get someone to teach me all the basics of this site as I heard they are kind of confusing to use at first but once you'll get acquainted to it then you will be good.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Married Women And Chatting

For the whole week I was left hanging in the dark as to what had happened to my mother why she just quit talking to me online. I had no idea what did I do wrong why if she sees me online she would just ignore me or simply say "NAA DIAY SI ANALY!" geeeeezz.. I know when she says my full name I know there is something with her, she feels angry or upset towards Analy.

Tonight was quite a night for me and my mother. We talked a while in a nice manner. She wasn't mad, she didn't have her sumpong/sapot or whatsoever. We talked couple of things and one of which is the gossip that is now very common in the neighborhood about married women chatting with foreigners as their means of income. In fact, they got an internet connection in their home so they can have all the chatting they want and not worrying about paying the cost of internet at an hourly rate.

Two of our neighbors that I deeply know are doing this thing and to me NGILO kaayo paminawn. How could they do such thing knowing that they have their husbands around? For sure money is the cause it all. Kapit sa patalim in tagalog as they say. The other woman is just 2 houses far from our house whose sister is married to an African American. I can't get her intention as to why she is chatting with foreigners as her husband is an engineer in one of the manufacturing firms in Lapu-Lapu City and they are known to have a better pay.

Geeezzz.. I am being chismosa here but I can't help it. I mean I question myself where is the decency of these women nowadays? They don't have respect for their husbands, children and most especially their marriage. To me they betray their husbands in that act. It's cheating!!!


When I was in college, my major in study was business although becoming a business woman or putting up my own business was not in my heart. Never will I venture into some kind of business because I am not good in numbers and I am afraid to take risks. But through my studies, it gives me a better understanding and a good view on how it is to be a business entrepreneur. When we say business, it doesn't only means money but also the will, hard work and motivation comprises it all. Perhaps, I just had a very good teacher in business development subject before that is why I learned to love my course. However, if there is a good opportunity to business world, why would I refuse it?

I Idolized Her... A Lot!

Since I first saw Paula Abdul in American Idol years ago I couldn't help but admire her pretty face and sexy body. I thought she was a model until I heard some of her songs played on the radio like Rush, Rush! Wow, she's a singer? I wished I have known that long before. Paula is just one very beautiful woman in my own opinion.

Too bad she quit American Idol, now I can't get too see her often. I always find her to be gentle with contestants and rarely say harsh comments on them that made me admire and idolized her more than anyone else in Hollywood.

paula Pictures, Images and Photos
.... if she only knew I admire her a lot!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Internet Love

I have been married for five years and four months now and getting stronger everyday I guess. My husband and I found each other in an online dating site. Since I was small I have always dreamed of marrying an American. Not just any ordinary foreigner but an American is what I always wanted. For some reason I am so attracted to their pale white skin, blond/brown hair, height and eyes color. Added to the fact that they MAKE BEAUTIFUL BABIES --- proof is our Jadyn.

My search for an ideal husband to marry wasn't an easy task for me. I had to join several dating websites and experienced dating online. At first it was full of fun and excitement but after going through the heartbreaks and disappointments for almost four years, I was about to give up. Luckily, Sandy found me in one of the dating sites I joined and started talking. I thought he was just any other men that love to play games with me but I was wrong.

He proved to me that he was sincere by visiting me in person, not meeting other girls but me and asked my hands from my parents to marry. It may sound crazy for Americans to know that we are just one of the products of online dating that is successful in our marriage. Strange but it truly worked for us. We are still together until now and looking forward to counting for more years of our marriage to come.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our 5th Camera

I just bought us a new digital camera for below 100 dollars. This time it is a lot cheaper than previous cameras we had for I kept damaging them. No matter what the price is, expensive or not anything that come in touch with my hands will be destroyed. What a curse of fate eh.

I bought a Nikon digital camera this time for a change and this is gonna be our 5th digital camera. We have had 3 Kodak cameras and one Sony but all of them just slipped through my hands, kay danghag man. I hope this cheaper one will last long or I'll be forever disappointed with myself for being so clumsy and not taking good care of our things.

Ebay is the best place when it comes to finding digital cameras for there are so many stores to choose from with a lot cheaper price. The one I bought is a ten mega pixel with 3x optical zoom, it is not as powerful as the previous cams we had but good enough to take better pictures.

Wheels or Tire Packages

I have seen so many cool cars running in the street of America. Sports cars impress me the most because they look so sleek and sexy. There are also other types of cars I have seen that I thought were cute yet rugged best suited in mud racing. One of the many cars I have seen is the 4x4 with proper tires installed in them but I rarely see them.

Talking about 4x4 if you have it and looking for off- road wheel and tire packages 4x4 I sure know where you can buy tires for your truck. Be sure to check out the website by simple clicking on the provided link here. After that when you are ready taking your truck to the next level and considering of running an off road wheel and Terra grappler tire package. 4x4 Offroad wheel & tire packages take into account the off road lift applied to the 4x4 truck. All off road packages come with wheels, tires and installation kit. Hurry now so you can get started with what you wish to do with your beautiful truck.

When it comes to buying big wheels, is the absolute store to buy. You can easily search on the type or size of the wheels you are looking for and if you think you can't find one, do not hesitate contacting customer service.

She Did Not Win

Probably my baby did not win from the contest Cute Kid on their website since the voting has ended last Friday and there is no news or any further notification about the contest so I assume she lost. I was a day late when I discovered that Jadyn's photo was up for voting so I blame no one for this but myself.

I'd like to thank you people who voted for my Jadyn. She did not win but for us she is always the winner. I am glad to know there are several people out there supporting for our cute little kid, Deden. Until next time again folks!

Reducing Monthly Payments

As you may all know that last year we had taken the biggest step that a family must do, moving to our own home. If you have experienced how it is like moving the whole house with you then you must know how stressful moving can be especially if you have a child or two to mind at the same time helping your husband move things. I kind of promised to myself after we settled in to our new house that I will not move ever again in ten years.

It has been like four months since we moved in here and so far we are doing a lot of progress modifying, repairing things inside the house that need to be done in order for us to make this a comfortable home to live. That is just easy. What we have been struggling to do is doing the monthly payment on this one, for three months we have been paying a little over one thousand dollars. Too high for us knowing that we also have some other things to spend on our money so what we badly needed was a Mortgage Loan Modification.

We applied for it at the bank we hold our mortgage to, undergone through all the process/ gathering all the necessary documents just to make get things done. It took us 2 months to finally have a closure for our refinancing signed. The payment is being reduced 200 dollars and will take effect next month. Hopefully it wouldn't be too big on us.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time For A Movie

Thank goodness we now have a movie to watch. For two days we didn't watch a movie just because my husband did not select a movie from netflex? Plus it was the weekend so no hope that movies can be delivered during Sunday. I just feel so strange if we don't get to sit together and enjoy a movie, movie time means family time for us that is why.

Oh gotta go, not making this entry long as there is a baby right here acting silly. She is just being so silly by crying over anything with no reason that pisses me damn off! Good night everybody.

It's A Must For Everybody

I see the need of having an auto insurance for you will never know when accidents going to happen no matter how careful you are when driving. There other people out there that just don't care hurting fellow drivers and worse they don't have insurance to pay the damage once they get themselves into accidents. I know not all of us can afford an auto insurance that is why some companies offer a short term insurance. How is this going to work or how you can apply, I recommend to explore the website yourself and if you have any questions don't hesitate asking help from customer service.

Easy Procedure

Liposuction has becoming more and more popular nowadays to get rid of body fat. For those who can afford to have it they will just set a schedule and voila! They can have a perfect body makeover.

I always thought that liposuction are for people who work in showbiz industry. They have to maintain their sexy figure and good looks in order to sell or attract filmakers. No movies, no money.

Toyota Recall

I watched the news several times over about Toyota Recall in some of these models listed below. If you are driving any of these then you should have your car checked before any danger could happen to you. I've seen many accidents pertaining to Toyota cars' pedal stocked and that they lost control of their cars that claimed their lives.

For the very latest news:
Toyota Newsroom Recall FAQs
Is your vehicle involved?
Below are the vehicles involved in the recent recalls.
Click on your vehicle for more information:

* 2005-2010 Avalon
* 2010 Prius
* 2007-2010 Camry
* 2009-2010 RAV4
* 2009-2010 Corolla
* 2008-2010 Sequoia
* 2008-2010 Highlander
* 2005-2010 Tacoma
* 2009-2010 Matrix
* 2007-2010 Tundra
* 2004-2009 Prius
* 2009-2010 VENZA

To read more of this news visit the ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

Come Shop

I don't see white tv much around here. For some reason most stores don't sell them that I don't understand why. There are just certain areas in the house that would look great when white tv is being placed there. If you find it hard searching for white tv then I know a place to buy it.

Acquiring An Aquarium

At one point of our lives we talked about having an aquarium here in our house for our Jadyn. She loves fish and having it here we thought was a good idea. Then I am thinking who is going to clean it? For I know it needs maintenance too otherwise the fish will die.

If ever we decide to get an aquarium buying for fish or other stuff wouldn't be a problem. I know a certain website in which we can buy coral, salt water fish and other aquarium accessories. This website offers free shipping and 14 days live guarantee which is cool. To buy coral is just a fun way to indulge yourself to something you really love seeing inside the house.

When my husband open up the suggestion of acquiring an aquarium I tried to put him off right away as I don't like the idea of having an addition of task to do around this house. But my decision can change anyway, we will never know in the future when I am ready to have it then we might get it for our child. I myself loves fish too. Fish that is domesticated with different color, red, stripes, black, white, yellow orange and etc. Please visit the site if you are looking to buy coral too.

Knocking On The Door

Our baby girl continues to surprise us with talent and traits that she had never shown before. There are just too many interesting things in her that please us. For instance, whenever we are in the bathroom and the door is closed. She would want to come inside but before she do that, she will knock on the door first as if she knows what she is doing.

At her early age she is already showing good manner. Knocking on doors before entering is one way to show respect who is inside the bathroom. How many of the kids you know doing that? I guess there are only very few and one of them is my baby. We never taught her that, she only did by herself one day and it really amazed us. In fact, when she did that for the first time, her dada thought it was me knocking on the door but no it was our baby.

Meats For Grilling

For the past couple of months my husband has been so fond of doing the grilling of meats himself that he forgot cooking beans in a crockpot which is the healthy way to cook food. He indulge himself too much in grilling different meats that I think was just crazy. He mostly grill steaks, chicken and pork ribs.

While he does the cooking, I on the other hand just loves eating what he cooks. The steak of all meat is so tasty and juicy plus the fact it smells really good when grilled. We do have a favorite store to go to buy meats but I didn't know we can also buy steaks online, kobe beef or even have the steaks by mail. What an amazing deal if buying them online instead of driving in the local store for I know the price differs a lot.

Now I know that I can purchae steaks online, might as well browse for different meat to buy now and hopefully cook good meat recipe out of it. Do you want try buying meats through the internet too? Then let's go browse and buy for the big red meat for grilling.

Come Visit To Denver

I heard so much about Denver Colorado. The great scenery, the mountain covered with snow and most of all the warm and affectionate people makes the place inviting to the tourists. Perfect Denver is most visited by people who want to explore and enjoy the many activities that a place can offer. Where else can you find a great weather and year round fun but at Denver. Come visit now or browse the website so you can get information you need for your future trip in Denver.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Continuation On Teaching Your Kids To Be Responsible

In my previous post of the title above, I posted there the first seven possible light chores your kids can do to help you at the same time teach them how to be responsible, if you missed that post you can just read the Part One here. Then read on below for the continuation.

8. Make the Bed
It can take many years before a child can tackle this chore solo, but little ones will enjoy helping Mom or Dad by straightening his side of the bed. Working together, teach the child to start with the sheet and pull it up high by the pillows.

9. Chore Charts
Every child learns differently. Some like the idea of earning stickers or love the thrill of putting a magnet over listings of accomplished tasks.

10. Make It Fun: Turn on the Tunes
Put on some music and even the dreariest chores are better. Teach your child to waltz her dolls to the toy box. Stalled-out toy trucks can bounce back to the toy box to the beat.

11. Make It Fun: Clean Together
If your toddler has a penchant for cleaning, encourage more of the behavior you like with toys designed for dramatic play.

12. Make It Fun: Set a Timer
Little people have short attention spans. Instead of working until a task is complete, set the kitchen timer on the table and get as much done in two-minute spurts as you can.

13. Make It Fun: Offer Rewards
For each small task your child completes, you can offer a sticker or a token.

Medical Alert

My father in-law is not happy with where he is right now. For a long time he is itching to get out of the Freedom House in San Antonio just because he is there together with mentally ill people while on the other hand he is not one of them. He has Parkinson's Disease but not Alzheimer's. I feel sorry for him. If there is something I could do to get him out of the institution he doesn't like.

He used to live independently alone in a cottage of Air Force Village 1 until one time he overdosed himself and called 911. The medical staff there didn't trust him to be alone since then. But over the period of time being watched closely by the staff, his memory is improving and is not ill as what they think he is.

During his stay in the cottage we could not remember he had fallen one time. Or if he did, what is the use of Medical Alert alert installed if he didn't get an immediate help? For emergency purposes like falling which is very typical for elderly people to happen, it is advisable to install a FALL ALERT detector that alerts emergency personnel that they have fallen and cant even push a button.

Helping Your Kids To Be Responsible

As Jadyn keeps following me like a hen when I do my chores, might as well ask her to help me with some simple things she can do. That way I can teach her how to be responsible in cleaning up after her mess when she is done playing for the day.

These helpful tips sent to me by the online magazine I subscribe to are the best way to train your kids to be better.

1. Pick Up Toys & Books
It's good to get in the habit of cleaning up after playtime.

2. Pick Up Dirty Clothes
Clothing is lightweight and easy to pick up off the floor, and it takes little effort to put it in its rightful place--whether that's in a hamper or down a laundry chute.

3. Help with the Family Pet
Caring for a pet teaches children kindness and respect for living creatures.

wiping up mess
Wipe Up Messes Life is messy. Teach your children it's easy to clean up after themselves using a damp rag to wipe of floors.

5. Dusting with Socks
Let your child slip her hands into your stash of old, mismatched socks.

6. Carrying & Putting Away Groceries Once you have your toddler safely out of his car seat, you can let him help you bring in the groceries and put them away.

7. Help Set the Table Assign everyone a job and dinner will come together with ease. Little ones can carry napkins to the table and place one at each setting.

truck bed cover

I never thought that we could get some snow this year because there were days when the temperature was really nice. Two weeks sometime in January was very awesome for we got to go outside not feeling a chill. And then February came, the cooler temperature began to start again. I was asking, what the heck? February 11, 2010 we had the thickest snow ever recorded in history since 1964 for some places in Fort Worth have reached to 14 inches deep.

Texans were very happy especially me and the baby for we had a nice snow play outside. For others, they weren't too glad about it for they had to go to work and their trucks or cars were covered with snow.

They had to clean up their car a bit so they could see the road just before going to work. For pick up trucks, it would be better if they put a truck bed cover in their truck so there will be minimal work to do upon going to work. If you own a truck, then you must not think twice buying a bed cover to use for we will never know when the snow storm comes again.

Guy Next Door Type

I just want a pretty simple parnter to be with for life and that was so hard to find because I am picky. I don't want to put myself in a situation where I am not sure what's gonna happen next that it is why it took me almost four years searching for that one in a million person. Loyalty and security in a relationship are the two main things I would want to have for in person and grateful I found it. Absolutely lucky my husband has it all.

You Fall for the Guy or Girl Next Door Type

You think that people make love too complicated, and what you want in a partner happens to be pretty simple.

You're content with someone who's nice, attractive, honest, and normal. So how come that's so hard to find?

You are fairly traditional, and you value security in relationships more than most people. It's important for you to find someone loyal.

When you find the right person, you don't expect much from him or her. You're just happy to be together.

Scrubs and Beyond

I always thought people working in medical field are so cool. So cool that they make most money than other jobs out there. I always wanted to be one of them as a caregiver. In fact, I had my six months training back home and it was awesome. I got to experience how it is feeling to take care of old or elderly people or taking care of young children who were abandoned by their parents or family. Of course, when going to our duty we were required to wear our scrubs. Awesome for we felt like we were true licensed caregivers already.

By the way, talking about scrubs, Scrubs and Beyond have everything you need from sports scrubs, surgical scrubs and most of all veterinary scrubs are available on that exclusive site.

Scrubs are commonly used in every healthcare institutions here in America. Some have all these very colorful or attractive scrubs that I cannot take my eyes off them when I am near them. While in some countries like the Philippines, nurses and other health staff over there still wearing the old fashion uniform, the white uniform, white shoes and white head cap. I can't seem to comprehend why they don't adapt the latest trends of nurse's medical scrubs as they look attractive in it.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Funeral On Valentine's Day

Our plan for tomorrow's Heart's Day is to attend a friend's funeral who was a World War 2 veteran in Dallas. Service time is at 10 and it is like 30 minutes drive so we need to start early. After that we are gonna be heading to a restaurant nearby for our lunch date. That is going to be our plan for the Heart's day and nothing else. Hopefully the weather will be good so there will be no delays nor disappointment because I am excited for our date.

So nice of my husband for thinking of bringing his wife out for lunch. He may not know it but I am grateful for his thoughts. As for my treat to him, I'm just gonna write a heartfelt love letter tonight and send it to his e-mail inbox. Huh hightech!

Your Vegas Online

Las Vegas is known for its beautiful attractive night lights! A sin city as they say for it where the biggest gambling is located. Wherever you go slot machines, casinos and other gambling entertainment can be found. I even read a blog who just stepped foot in LV she saying that even at the airport there are slot machines in there. Almost unbelievable but well, what do you expect? Anyways, if you wish of going to Las Vegas just to explore the city or experience how it is to gamble, to be practical there is really no need to go there personally for you can just play slots - click here.

Instead of going through the hassle of airport security or be in the plane sharing the same dirty air with other passengers why not stay at home and enjoy the comfort it brings by doing it yourself alone plus you can get best slot bonus on the website where playing slots are available. Websites like is the best way to go. Just it check it, give it a try you might want it there and hopefully play all over again. Wait a minute, why choose this website? It is because they have the top ten online casinos to play slots online for real money.

Friday, February 12, 2010

8 inches snow

It was snowing big time all day yesterday and I was so glad about it. It was our first snow for this year and surely all Texans are happy just like me. I took photos of the actual snow flakes falling from the sky but I used my mobile phone so I won't be able to share the photos sooner as I have to wait for the usb cable to arrive.

Since we still have a lot of snow from yesterday, we manage to go out and play all we want. Photos shared here were taken just few minutes ago. I contain my heart to play in the snow while it is still so thick. Huh good thing there is no sun today otherwise I could have not enjoyed our pretty snow here.
.... my foot buried in an 8 inches snow
...feeling the coldness of snow in our back. I liked it though but Jadyn wasn't happy about it.

United Health One Reviews

Getting a health insurance is a necessity here in America. I never knew it could be this important until I got here and I gave birth to my baby. If not because we got a good health insurance it would have been so heavy in our pocket if we paid the full amount of the hospital bill.

How about you? Do you have a good health insurance? If no then check out United Health One Reviews for sure you will be pleased of the good reviews that this company is getting from their loyal clients.

Where To Go For Cheap Pair Of Eyeglasses

My husband have had his first two pairs of eyeglasses from Lens Crafters. Just for two pairs it cost him 400 dollars at the most and he only wore them for two years. After the course of two years, one of his eyeglasses got broken and time came he had to replace them so he can have something to use when driving. Knowing that the price at the latter eyeglass store was too much, he turned to a nearby eyeglasses center and thought that he got a good deal with it.

I think he is wrong. I truly believe that what I found online called Zenni Optical has the lowest and most affordable price for eyeglasses including the basic ones and the most stylish one. The reason why their eyeglasses are so cheap is that they sell direct from the factory, no middle men, no retail overhead, and practically no advertising budget and such. Zenni only sell their own manufactured brand named after their company.

So when it comes to buying cheap eyeglasses and which you can be fashionable too at the same time, there is only one place you can go shop for that. You know now, it's ZENNI, which is taking pride in their products for selling only high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices. For a more detailed story about Zenni, please go visit this article here

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shopped For Cellphone Accessories

I am pissed knowing that we have some snow today and I couldn't take decent pictures of us because our digital camera has been dead since the last snow of December. What I have been using lately is the camera in my cellphone and you know the picture quality isn't as good as the ones taken from digital camera. I couldn't wait for my husband to buy me the needed USB cable and earphones as well so I can make use of my cellphone's music as well as transfer photos to my computer.

I went ahead and shopped for accessories online today and only paid 24 for three items plus shipping. That isn't so bad for I know how much each cost at ATT website. Good thing I bought them at for a lot less. I just have to wait for my order to arrive then I'll be good! I hope I won't be late posting our snow pictures for this year and share them to my family in Pinas.

enhance horse power and increase fuel economy

We have several cars that are in good shape although they are older in model but my husband is so good at keeping his cars through these years. He treats them like his wives haha. But anyhow, no matter how many cars he has none of them is a pick up truck simply because he is not a fan of it. However, I do have few friends whose husbands are driving pick ups. I may not know what the maintenance a pick up should need but somehow I know it needs proper care and car accessories or replacements to enhance the general running condition of the truck.

These are just few of the necessary parts performance chip,air intake and cat back exhaust your truck needs to maintain its condition. Once those an all ultimately increase horse power and engine torque and some can increase fuel economy can be achieved. Perhaps, helping your environment by decreasing carbon monoxide released from your car?

If you want your valuable possession to last long then you should do what needs to be done to prolong your truck's life. I know buying for a new one wouldn't be easy especially at these times of days where economy is at its downfall.

Still Pourin' Heavily

We are so blessed today for having some snow for the first time of the year 2010. Texans couldn't be happier especially me always being left in the house. I am not worried at all for I have nowhere else to go. With that being said, the surroundings are just pure white right now and I so want to play in the snow!!!

Unfortanately, my baby is sleeping and I doubt she wants to go out when she is awake. Geeeezzzz I got no one to play with. My feet and hands are itching to make snowballs eh. Our snow is 5 inches thicker now I think and it's still pouring until midnight. Weeewww what a lucky day. I am gonna share photos of us later when the usb cable I ordered arrives in few days.

Getting Married?

Economy's turmoil cannot stop people from getting pregnant or getting married. I can say that because I heard almost all of my online acquaintances just gave birth or just got pregnant. Others are planning on wedding dates and for that they now start looking for wedding bands. How cool of them. I am sure they are so excited for the upcoming big days in their lives. Now I start daydreaming of having a second wedding too!

If you are currently looking for wedding bands, you might want to check out this website for they tons of selection of wedding bands in gold, white gold or two-tone handmade wedding band. Another thing you might want from this website is that they offer free engraving, free sizing, money back guarantee and most of all free shipping! Shop now.

A Career That Is Fulfilling

Being a mother is wonderful. I can't put into words how thankful I am to have a baby that is well-behaved and so smart. Now my life is complete and I can't ask for more. I am a full time housewife and mother of my family and I will never replace it with any kind of career out there for as many said, being a mother is such a fulfilling career anyone can have. Such a joy seeing your baby growing under your proper tender loving care.

At this point of my life all I could think of is savoring every moment spent with my baby as she will not stay this way for long. When she is old and starts schooling that is when child behavior problems start showing that she might learn outside from our house or with the kids she mingle with in school. I hope if that happens my Jadyn's behavior can be controlled so she will not grow up to be a brat.

Nature's Gift For Us

I was in disbelief when I woke up this morning seeing the world around me so white covered with snow. It was thick already when I peeked out the window that totally surprised me! I was like WOW! Because I did not expect it to be this thick. I was thinking that the snow starts falling at noon time nevertheless accumulating so fast on the ground that it was already an inch thicker before I could get up the bed.

It is indeed a nice gift from nature for me and for all Texans who are having snow right now. This is what I like most about Texas, fairly cool temperature, sometimes plenty of sunshine and occasional snow which makes Texans to appreciate and admire the beauty of SNOWWWWW! Now I am ready to gear up and go outside with my baby so we can make a snowman. Weewww I am anxious!

entertainment on your phone

Cellphones are a must to everybody nowadays. I can't imagine life without for it is too convenient to use. We can pretty much do everything on our cellphones including playing games, getting into networking websites, texts, listen to music, use the GPS, directory and most of all watch videos that you downloaded into your phone.

To obtain these videos, you have to have a subscription at CinemaMob just so you can browse any kind of videos right at your fingertips anytime anywhere you want to access or want to be entertained when you are bored. Cool isn't it? Watching videos can never be easier. It is ideal to watch when you are in long travel in the car or waiting at the long line in your doctor's office so you will never feel like you are waiting for too long.

teenage boys' entertainment

I never tried using roller blades, skateboards or any sort of gear of this kind of sport for it is not popular in the country where I was raised and grew up. When I came to America, skateboarding/roller blades are like just any usual hobby of every young teenage boys. I could see them in the parking lot, along the streets, stairs railing, anywhere to do it with a group of other people probably with their friends and I thought, these boys are amazing. Really I have so much fun whenever I see them doing it and I could watch them all day long if allowed hehe. I wish I knew who to use a skateboard too to experience how fun I am going to get once I am wearing it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Face of Facebook

I don't like the new homepage of facebook. It is very confusing when you look for something you can't find it right away because you'll have to familiarize the page first before you can do anything. Not only that, people's updates are late. It could minutes before you could see the new walls they posted. I think I'm not the only one complaining about this. I have seen few people shouting on FB how they hate the new facebook. I wish they will stop changing it for people are going crazy with the new face of Facebook.


I remember one time we drove up Sherman to pick up something very important. It was so exhausting because Sherman is an hour and a half from here and it was already dark before we could start driving. But we went ahead anyway as it was my husband's last the day off. When we got to the place, we were invited to get inside the apartment and there was the guy claiming to be a doctor of some kind who was hugely obese. As in he was really H-U-G-E maybe like 600 pounds.

Good thing he lives in a lower ground apartment because in his condition it is impossible for him to get up and down the stairs or he could have used the stairlifts . I saw there was a scooter though that enables him to move around or provide him mobility whenever he goes to his doctor or somewhere. Upon entering his dooor, I was like AH??? I couldn't believe I saw such a very obese guy in person for I just saw them on t.v and never did I expect I could see one right before my very eyes.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photo Contest Campaign

Thank you people for voting my baby at the photo contest during the first round. Now I am asking again to vote for Jadyn, just CLICK HERE AND SEARCH-- LIPSTICK on the type box of the website. The one to the far right side is my Jadyn. Simply hit the I LOVE IT button below her photo. I hope this is not too much to ask people!!! She is the one with very red lipstick on her lips please please please VOTE MY JADYN!!

help yourself

It is undeniably true that most people are using their credit cards to purchase in most things they need. It is okay as long as you will remember to repay what you owe to the company otherwise you will be charged twice as the original amount borrowed. Some people are so aggressive that they just keep spending not watching where they spent the money on until it is too late for them to realize that their debts are accumulating throughout the time until they can no longer keep up with debts. That is how debt management come to the rescue. If you think that there is no way out from the trap you are in, then you are wrong. Don't lose hope as there are companies out there willing to help you. All you have to do is reach out and seek help.

Please Vote For My Kid

Jadyn's photo has been selected for the current week up for voting on Please help me let her win by voting for her through this link CLICK HERE AND SEARCH-- LIPSTICK. Simply hit the I LOVE IT button below her photo. I hope this is not too much to ask people!!! She is the one with very red lipstick on her lips please please please VOTE MY JADYN!!

Developing A Bad Habit

For some reason Jadyn is not being herself lately, that is what I notice. When I try to give her food (I mean good food) she will swallow the first couple of spoons of it but then when she feels like she got enough she would continue take some food into her mouth she but wouldn't eat it. Yes, she wouldn't say no if I feed her but what she does is spit it up in the rugs and let the dog eat it instead. Pisses me off really because it is so rude to be wasting food like that.

I never taught her to do that nor her dad.Where did she get the habit from? I hate it when she do that. Sometimes I step on it and mashed it on to the rugs. I have no idea how can I stop this baby from doing that, I know it has to be stopped or else she'll continue to do it until she grow old.

The Convenience Life Has To Offer

I noticed I have been so lazy lately as if I don't want to do anything except prepare food for me, shower the baby and myself and be on the computer all day. It is cold too that adds the factor of me being so lazy these days. Aside from that, blame it on the conveniences that America has to offer. Water in the faucet, nice and cozy bed, car for transportation, hot shower and a walk-in bath used at home.

People in America have no idea what hard life is unless they will go to third world countries and witness themselves the way of living in their, scarcity of food, lack of clean water and very limited source of money are the main problem of those countries. Lucky are the people in the states for they can get everything they need or if they don't the government is always there willing to support them.

Expecting Some Snow

I kind of excited for this week. Based on the weather forecast I heard last night there will be some snow coming Thursday and you know what? I so look forward to it. This is going to be our first snowfall this year so better take advantage of it whilst it's here. I never truly expect some snow now since I have enough of it last December but mother nature is so kind to Texan people for showering us some beautiful flakes.

I am pretty sure too that my baby is going to love it. I am glad I have a baby old enough to understand how fun it is to play out in the white snow. When I was alone, I did play in the snow but the excitement wasn't as extreme as having a baby. Well, life is like that so I must accept it for I chose to be with my husband leaving all my loved ones behind.

dressed up yourself

My very first and last experience of going to a theater was when I was in my college where the school hosted a musical show and we were required to attend and watch the show. I thought I loved it and was looking forward for more musical show but that never happened. Now that I am here in America everything is possible but how? My husband is not into these kinds of things.

Perhaps I will just wait for our baby to grow up, start schooling and getting involved in extra curricular activities like sports or performing in a theater. If that happens, I would be so happy watching her dressed up in like one of the many Disney characters. That will be the time I may have to look for beauty and the beast costumes then. Good thing though I love surfing the internet and whenever I came across useful and interesting websites I make sure I still find them when I need to open the sites again. Are you looking for costumes too? What sort of costume would you like wearing?

what you can do online

There are a lot of things that you can do online when you feel bored at home. For full time mommies like me, I can rarely go out of the house since it is cold outside and I don't work either. I am left with my child everyday of my life inside the house and imagine how boring life can be at times. Yes, I do get online so often that sometimes I get tired at it. So what I do is just stare at the computer screen, not doing anything and keeping the computer running. Or worse, I turn it off and grab my baby's computer and play with her games installed in there. How I wish though that I know how to play online backgammon so I can have a new and fresh game to play day by day. No one around seems to know how to play this kind of online entertainment. However, I am willing to learn it myself and compete with other newbies online. Through constant practice I may be able to play with experienced gamers at the website.

making the most of your space

I have experienced before on how it is to be so tight with space. At first the single rental family house was big enough for both of me and my husband for a year and until the baby came into our life then the space seemed to disappear. That is when I thought a lap desk could be an alternative as to maximize our space a bit instead of using big furniture or using bulky computers in the study. This was to give enough room for the baby's toys and for her to have space roaming around as she explores the world around her. Now that have moved into a bigger place where space are unlimited, we couldn't be happier. I can say this house is perfect for a family with two little ones around. I say two because we have an inside dog that we treat like our child also. Hehehe funny eh?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Easy $324!

An early door bell woke me up at 8:24 this morning. It was the guy who came over to repair our t.v that's been sitting in our living room for almost three weeks. I am glad he came and fixed it for we can finally watch our movies everynight and watch The Bachelor too in a big screen t.v. On the other hand, we are kind of upset for we just spent $324 for the payment. Just a single part being replaced in that t.v, a power capacitor, service fee, travel charge (as he came all the way from the other side of Dallas) which cost us 100 and other things on his list I forgot that totaled the amount above. EASY 324 bucks huh!

Sometimes I can't help wondering why is it so easy to spend the money you work hard for while it takes forever to get them into your card or wallet? Anybody have an answer for me? Ah America! Nothing is cheap here really!

Free Beautiful Wordpress Themes

I just recently changed the layout of my other blog, the Prose of Relevance blog because I got tired of its plain and simple layout. As I was browsing through different possible layouts I came to browse these free attractive and professional Wordpress templates. They are just so beautiful that I somehow wished I had wordpress blogs too so I can apply it to one of my blogs.

Who knows someday I will be able to establish a blog that is hosted by Wordpress and I can get to use any of the featured layouts in the website I found. I bookmarked it just in case there are people going to ask me if I know where to go for cute layouts for Wordpress blogs. If you are looking for one, I recommend you click on the highlighted texts above and it should get you to the front page of the site. Good luck and enjoy your fresh layout for free.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boring, Cold And Dark Sunday

I bought two packs of Spinach roots at Lowe's yesterday hoping that I could plant them today but to my dismay the weather did not cooperate. It was dark and gloomy since I got up this morning and nothing has been done since then. I spent most of my time on the computer today, took a quick break and fixed us some brunch came back to the computer again and at 3 pm we all went to bed for an afternoon nap.

After having my nap, here I am again...on the computer! I have been meaning to make myself some puto maya but that kept getting on hold ....until now... so wanting to eat puto but I guess I am being hit by lightning of laziness today. Such a slow, boring, dark and cold Sunday for us here in Texas that contributed to being idle in this very day. SIGH! I wish I can do something worthwhile before the days ends.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brussel Sprouts Eaters

When we have a chance to do grocery shopping along with my husband and baby we don't miss to buy brussel sprouts just because we all love it. It was my husband who first introduced this kind of vegetable to me. At first it smelled foul but then I develop an immunity to the smell and now I am loving it as well as my baby. Since we love eating brussel sprout might as well do my research on the benefits it can give to our body. Surprisingly, there are tons of health benefits it can offer to us.

Here are the health benefits shown in my search;

Cancer Protection from Special Sulfur-Containing Phytonutrients
-- Plant phytonutrients found in Brussels sprouts enhance the activity of the body's natural defense systems to protect against disease, including cancer.

Optimize Your Cells' Detoxification / Cleansing Ability
-- For about 20 years, we've known that many phytonutrients work as antioxidants to disarm free radicals before they can damage DNA, cell membranes and fat-containing molecules such as cholesterol.

For Healthy Skin and Immune Function, Think Brussels Sprouts
-- Brussels sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin C, the body's primary water-soluble antioxidant. Vitamin C supports immune function and the manufacture of collagen, a protein that forms the ground substance of body structures including the skin, connective tissue, cartilage, and tendons.

-- Fiber-rich Brussels Sprouts Support A Healthier Colon
-- Cardiovascular Benefits
-- Protection against Rheumatoid Arthritis
-- A Birth Defect Fighter

Information lifted from its original source. Please CLICK HERE to read detailed information on the benefits and studies of Brussels Sprouts.

Where To Dine In Manhattan

If you ever plan of going to roam around New York city or in Manhattan, the very first thing you could do is to look for fine restaurants to dine in. If you are new in that place and you feel like you need the complete information and exact address of Restaurants in Manhattan then you should be able to get that detail by visiting RosieOGradys. If you specifically looking for restaurants with banquet rooms, then the website I am giving you here should be of your help. Go come check them out now for their Manhattan lunch menu specials. The unique sandwiches will make you come back for more in the future.

I have always dreamed of visiting the busiest place in the United States someday. One of which I am itching to see is the downtown Manhattan. If I won't be able to see it soon then who knows someday God permits and He will send me there with a purpose. I heard so much about the place especially the significant tragedy happened during 9/11. I have seen the actual video footage of that incident and it truly made a history to human kind and that what urge me to see the place myself.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Five Years Ago

This was me when I just got married to my husband...FIVE YEARS AGO! I was only 21 years old at this webcam shot and I thought hmmm I was so skinny back then. However, I don't miss my old young body for it was too much for me. I received really bad criticisms from people in my country because I was really a twig of 84 pounds.

I miss my long black hair too.. geezz I wish I didn't cut my hair too short when I had my last vacation in the Philippines... Now I a regret a little bit and it feels like my hair is growing so darn slow.

need more minutes to call my family

My husband bought me a magic jack and ordered international prepaid minutes worth of $40 but that didn't last long. I used it a lot during Christmastime to greet them as well as having to follow on our damaged cab once in a while. So no I only got 18 minutes left in it but for some reason the said gadget won't let my call go through. I am so pissed for it has been such a long time since I had my last talk with my family especially to my father... and I miss him so much now.

So tonight what I want to do is look for international phone cards that is cheaper and won't steal some of my minutes left after I hang up the phone. I have tried a few before and they are so deceiving because when it was time to call the Philippines again, all I knew was my minutes were all gone. Not fun eh and I was not happy about it. I wish I can use that service I used to have during my first year here in America for it was very affordable, great service and most of all I can keep my minutes as long as I want.

Serena Dalrymple And Jadyn Sanborn

I was told by an online buddy that Jadyn- my little girl has got similarities with this child actress named Serena Dalrymple which I kind of agree with her. I have seen this child when she was very little acting on Philippine television shows/movies. I admired her long before for she really was a very good actress. And now she is all grown up looking even more prettier.

If you know her and have seen my baby's pictures a lot, I guess you know what I am talking here. It is all up to you whether you agree with me or not. All I know is that Emyat is so true when she said that my baby reminds her of Serena.

.... photos below is my Jadyn, can you site some features of her that are similar to that of Serena's when she was little???

....... then this is Serena now... imagine this picture as Jadyn's age progression photo... do you really think they have resemblance at all????

Love The Fastest Way

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Americans as what I have noticed always love the fastest way in almost everything they want and what they do. For quick meal they turn to fast food in the drive thru, they want fast driving they use the freeway, they want fast coffee they prefer starbucks' instant coffee and what else? Ah high speed internet through the use of Charter's cable service. Yeah, why not prefer their service rather than using DSL if you wait forever to open a single mail? Now is the time to stop waiting and get going. With all these being said, everything will be taken care of very fast with Charter.

Well, as for me? Honestly speaking, I am becoming more accustomed to American way of life. Three examples for this is I keep buying more things even if I already have them. Secondly, I am now loving the comfort of having the heater/aircondtioning at home and using a car instead of doing the commute when I go out to shop. Thirdly, I don't want going through all the troubles of watching the progress bar each time I download or watch videos online. That is the reason why couple of months ago we switched to Charter high speed internet. Awesome and I am loving every bit of it.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two Weeks Without TV

So how did we survive without tv for the past two weeks? I don't know the answer. All I know is that it feels weird to not have tv in this house and to think that one of our things isn't working is all strange to me. Our tv broke down suddenly and I can't watch the shows I wanna watch like American Idol and The Bachelor. My baby can't watch her shows either and it is amiracle that she never tried to insist on turning the tv on nor she force me to have her shows be played. Good girl.

Anyways, we have a guy coming over tomorrow and see what is the problem with this thing. This way we can have an answer of what is going on. It's a huge and pretty heavy thing so it is just a good idea to have someone drive up here and look at it instead of transporting it to a service center that would be so hassle for my husband. I hope we will have our tv back working fine again soon.

making our home livable

I have so much plans in this house. I looked at different home sites hoping to get some tips and organizing ideas which I can apply in our own home someday when we are able to get all the job done in this house. One of the many things I would like to buy is this European furniture displayed in one of the features I have seen. Just so stunning and really give the room a look anyone wants to have. How about you? Are you also in search for furniture? What kind of furniture do you like? If yes, then I guess I am not alone for this task haha. Well, it is always a woman's job to find that perfect piece of furniture for she knows it is going to make her house inviting and cozy for the whole family.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Holy Images

I am a Catholic by religion. I believe in God with all my heart, without Him I am nothing. I have faith in Him although I don't go to church very often. I can't even remember the last time I went to church but I manage to talk to him through my silent prayer before going to bed at night.

In my own opinion, it's no use going to church if you can't focus on the sermon of the priest because you are too distracted of the people around you. Makasala lang ta daghan tintal sa kilid kilid so might as well stay at home and say my own prayer.

During my last trip to the Philippines, I brought with me the image of the Holy Child, Sr. Santo Nino. Miraculous Holy Child whom I talk to when I have worries to relieve out my chest! Jadyn is beginning to recognize Him as Jesus or Baby Jesus!

just got married

After seeing Jen's wedding photos taken from the Philippines, I feel like I want to get married with my husband again. Their photos just look absolutely stunning especially the ones taken from their pre-nuptial as well as the wedding ceremony itself. She also posted some of their reception photos, wedding accessories, wedding invitations and the cake was just gorgeous. I can say she really put so much time in the preparation of her wedding for it was really beautiful. I can imagine all the stress she had gone through.

I remember when it was my time about to get married. It was full of excitement at the same time caused sleepless nights. I was so stressed that I couldn't sleep anymore until the last night before the wedding. If I am to get married again, I would love to have someone to do all the preparations in behalf of me.

Well, enough talking about that. I just want to let my readers know to those who are looking for beautiful wedding invitations, you might want to check out different styles on the internet, I am sure there are tons of designs to choose from to compliment with your taste and wedding motif.

pictures/arts to be framed

We have a bunch of blow up photos as well as nice art paintings waiting for us. As of this time, I am uncertain as to when we are going to be able to display them. I am anxiously waiting for our job to be over. So then we can start decorating our house, hanging up big frames on the walls and my most awaited job to do is to have our cherry blossoms painting to be hanged in the living room. This can only be done when we finish painting. Anyhow, I looked at framing studios online and one of the many companies I found is the Art Framing Murrieta. I believe since they are professionals, they can make a good job framing our cherry blossoms painting.


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