Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dressed up yourself

My very first and last experience of going to a theater was when I was in my college where the school hosted a musical show and we were required to attend and watch the show. I thought I loved it and was looking forward for more musical show but that never happened. Now that I am here in America everything is possible but how? My husband is not into these kinds of things.

Perhaps I will just wait for our baby to grow up, start schooling and getting involved in extra curricular activities like sports or performing in a theater. If that happens, I would be so happy watching her dressed up in like one of the many Disney characters. That will be the time I may have to look for beauty and the beast costumes then. Good thing though I love surfing the internet and whenever I came across useful and interesting websites I make sure I still find them when I need to open the sites again. Are you looking for costumes too? What sort of costume would you like wearing?

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