Wednesday, February 3, 2010

need more minutes to call my family

My husband bought me a magic jack and ordered international prepaid minutes worth of $40 but that didn't last long. I used it a lot during Christmastime to greet them as well as having to follow on our damaged cab once in a while. So no I only got 18 minutes left in it but for some reason the said gadget won't let my call go through. I am so pissed for it has been such a long time since I had my last talk with my family especially to my father... and I miss him so much now.

So tonight what I want to do is look for international phone cards that is cheaper and won't steal some of my minutes left after I hang up the phone. I have tried a few before and they are so deceiving because when it was time to call the Philippines again, all I knew was my minutes were all gone. Not fun eh and I was not happy about it. I wish I can use that service I used to have during my first year here in America for it was very affordable, great service and most of all I can keep my minutes as long as I want.

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