Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nature's Gift For Us

I was in disbelief when I woke up this morning seeing the world around me so white covered with snow. It was thick already when I peeked out the window that totally surprised me! I was like WOW! Because I did not expect it to be this thick. I was thinking that the snow starts falling at noon time nevertheless accumulating so fast on the ground that it was already an inch thicker before I could get up the bed.

It is indeed a nice gift from nature for me and for all Texans who are having snow right now. This is what I like most about Texas, fairly cool temperature, sometimes plenty of sunshine and occasional snow which makes Texans to appreciate and admire the beauty of SNOWWWWW! Now I am ready to gear up and go outside with my baby so we can make a snowman. Weewww I am anxious!

1 comment:

jenn_US said...

hahaha. natuman na jud imo giwish anne. looking forward to ur snow photos with jadyn. :) enjoy the snow!


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