Friday, February 12, 2010

8 inches snow

It was snowing big time all day yesterday and I was so glad about it. It was our first snow for this year and surely all Texans are happy just like me. I took photos of the actual snow flakes falling from the sky but I used my mobile phone so I won't be able to share the photos sooner as I have to wait for the usb cable to arrive.

Since we still have a lot of snow from yesterday, we manage to go out and play all we want. Photos shared here were taken just few minutes ago. I contain my heart to play in the snow while it is still so thick. Huh good thing there is no sun today otherwise I could have not enjoyed our pretty snow here.
.... my foot buried in an 8 inches snow
...feeling the coldness of snow in our back. I liked it though but Jadyn wasn't happy about it.

1 comment:

zuveena said...

hahahahahahaahaha!!!! malamig ba????


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