Thursday, February 11, 2010

enhance horse power and increase fuel economy

We have several cars that are in good shape although they are older in model but my husband is so good at keeping his cars through these years. He treats them like his wives haha. But anyhow, no matter how many cars he has none of them is a pick up truck simply because he is not a fan of it. However, I do have few friends whose husbands are driving pick ups. I may not know what the maintenance a pick up should need but somehow I know it needs proper care and car accessories or replacements to enhance the general running condition of the truck.

These are just few of the necessary parts performance chip,air intake and cat back exhaust your truck needs to maintain its condition. Once those an all ultimately increase horse power and engine torque and some can increase fuel economy can be achieved. Perhaps, helping your environment by decreasing carbon monoxide released from your car?

If you want your valuable possession to last long then you should do what needs to be done to prolong your truck's life. I know buying for a new one wouldn't be easy especially at these times of days where economy is at its downfall.

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