Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Developing A Bad Habit

For some reason Jadyn is not being herself lately, that is what I notice. When I try to give her food (I mean good food) she will swallow the first couple of spoons of it but then when she feels like she got enough she would continue take some food into her mouth she but wouldn't eat it. Yes, she wouldn't say no if I feed her but what she does is spit it up in the rugs and let the dog eat it instead. Pisses me off really because it is so rude to be wasting food like that.

I never taught her to do that nor her dad.Where did she get the habit from? I hate it when she do that. Sometimes I step on it and mashed it on to the rugs. I have no idea how can I stop this baby from doing that, I know it has to be stopped or else she'll continue to do it until she grow old.

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