Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I remember one time we drove up Sherman to pick up something very important. It was so exhausting because Sherman is an hour and a half from here and it was already dark before we could start driving. But we went ahead anyway as it was my husband's last the day off. When we got to the place, we were invited to get inside the apartment and there was the guy claiming to be a doctor of some kind who was hugely obese. As in he was really H-U-G-E maybe like 600 pounds.

Good thing he lives in a lower ground apartment because in his condition it is impossible for him to get up and down the stairs or he could have used the stairlifts . I saw there was a scooter though that enables him to move around or provide him mobility whenever he goes to his doctor or somewhere. Upon entering his dooor, I was like AH??? I couldn't believe I saw such a very obese guy in person for I just saw them on t.v and never did I expect I could see one right before my very eyes.

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