Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Serena Dalrymple And Jadyn Sanborn

I was told by an online buddy that Jadyn- my little girl has got similarities with this child actress named Serena Dalrymple which I kind of agree with her. I have seen this child when she was very little acting on Philippine television shows/movies. I admired her long before for she really was a very good actress. And now she is all grown up looking even more prettier.

If you know her and have seen my baby's pictures a lot, I guess you know what I am talking here. It is all up to you whether you agree with me or not. All I know is that Emyat is so true when she said that my baby reminds her of Serena.

.... photos below is my Jadyn, can you site some features of her that are similar to that of Serena's when she was little???

....... then this is Serena now... imagine this picture as Jadyn's age progression photo... do you really think they have resemblance at all????


Grampy said...

I can see where she does look a little like her. Only prettier.

jenn_US said...

yes they have resemblance. i kinda noticed that even before this post. :) gwapa au imo bb oi


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