Thursday, February 19, 2009

Three All At Once

It's already late right here and I am still up and so does the baby. For some reason, she could not sleep. She is sleepy and yet she insist to keep on playing, getting up and murmuring. I know she tries very hard putting herself to sleep but her body just won't let her.

It probably is because she has 3 teeth coming out, all three in one time.. imagine yourself in her situation, wouldn't you feel the pain/soreness that teething has brought to you? Wish I can finish my tasks online real soon so I can turn off the light and we can both sleep now.

hard drives

I heard one of my neighbors here are looking for hard drives on the internet to buy so she can replace her old hard drive. I told her if she has a credit/debit card she can just easily browse at and see if she can find the hard drive that fits for her computer. I may have to ask her though if she already bought one and if not, I will urge her to search for it at the mentioned website above.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stuff Toy Fanatic

If you are to give something to my baby on her birthday, Christmas or if there's no special occasion, I suggest you give her a stuff toy of any kind because she really loves stuff toys. I can surely say that.

When we go to the department store, I bring her to the toys section, grab one stuff and jokingly give it to her and she'll grab it with no hesitation. Funny because she wouldn't wanna put it down or give it back to me and for that I am forced to buy the thing for her. I told promised myself not to hand any stuff toy to her if I have no plan of buying one for her kay lisod na dili na e uli oi.

Attached photos are snaps of her hugging the big and small stuff toys at Toy Kingdom.
... hmmmm loving mommy's relative, Gorilla..

... when dada is here, I would want him to buy me this pink stuff toy
... bear's foot feel so soft in my butt...

.... hi Barney, I like your color, can we be fwends?

holodomor truth

When I was still in highschool one of my favorite subjects was Geography. Not to be sound conceited but I am proud to say, reading maps and memorizing each country's capital city was what I like doing. I don't know if I can still do it today though since it's been a while I am not in school.

However though, if given an opportunity to go back to school, I would like to take a course that I can certainly pass and easily do. That is of course something related to my likes. Why am talking about this? It is because I found an article on the internet about holodomor or the mass hunger in Soviet Union is so interesting to read. The website is that states unbiased information and facts about the Golodomor in Soviet Union.

I am yet to refresh my mind in this particular country and then go read on about Golodomor. For now, I need to rest for I am sleepy and just read the information tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Like A Beggar

I am eating hot banana cue with my baby right now. She is so funny because she wants to jam the banana in her mouth even if it's too hot and I am still blowing it. She looks like a hungry, poor and homeless beggar in her facial expression begging banana cue from me.

That is the filipina side of her I guess. I can clearly say she loves filipino food and one of which is the tinuhog saging. When we go back to Texas, I am pretty sure we both gonna miss it. ...SIGH!

fossil watches

We went to the mall yesterday and looked at Fossil watches over there. I was shocked because their prices are kind of high compared to the ones on I was kind of surprised knowing that Philippines is a developing country and for that they should give its poor people a chance to wear an expensive watch like Fossil watches.

Meanwhile, I just have to keep browsing for different brands of watches on since they do have a variety of watches to choose from. On their site is where I want to hang around when it comes to watches because they clearly advertised on each side of the page. Very organized site shall I say plus when you need online help, they are ready to be of service to you.


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