Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Like A Beggar

I am eating hot banana cue with my baby right now. She is so funny because she wants to jam the banana in her mouth even if it's too hot and I am still blowing it. She looks like a hungry, poor and homeless beggar in her facial expression begging banana cue from me.

That is the filipina side of her I guess. I can clearly say she loves filipino food and one of which is the tinuhog saging. When we go back to Texas, I am pretty sure we both gonna miss it. ...SIGH!


Jade said...

I love banana que- I miss it so much. I haven't eaten that for like forever.

Diva Fabulosa
Life of Filipina Blogger
D' Pinay Blogger

Lotty said...

ahak kadlawon na kakan onon na noon ko banana cue dah maypag wala ko dropping da heheehe

Lara said...

I miss banana que!

PinayWAHM said...

Pwede ba pasalubong ng banana cue when come back here...hehe. Puntahan kita sa Texas to pick it up.

Mommy J

The Beauty Within said...

kalami ana oi...lalo na lata bitaw na saging...hay kalami


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