Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unusual Uses for Lemon Juice

.... photo not mine...

After reading this, you might want to start using lemon juice from now on. I use lemon a lot in my food and treating black spots on some parts of my body (well, I used to but I quit, I may have to start using it again). Lemon juice is a natural wonder, it is cheap and beneficial to us.

I snagged this photo on Facebook and love sharing it here for you all dear handsome and beautiful readers/visitors!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Find the Baby

Amazing how babies prefer to cover themselves with blankets or a piece of cloth and that make them sleeping comfortably. If you take a first glance of this photo, you will be wondering where the rest of the baby's body is since it is only her hand that is showing. 

She did it to herself when I woke up one morning. I found it cute so I took a snap of her being like this. I don't worry though since she is big enough now to cover her body like that since she is almost twenty months old.

Website Builder You

When I open a certain website, I would always give a first impression at how friendly it is to my eyes. I want a website that is not so crowded, messy and confusing. There are plenty of websites like that out there that I frequently visit but I have no right to complain since I only got there for random browsing only. However, I do have my preferred sites that I frequent simply because aside from its informative content but they also have user-friendly site, is clean and it is easy to navigate and search on their pages. If you think you do not have a good and user-friendly website, on this link here you can be your own website builder

Building a website doesn't have to be confusing and difficult, with all the tools and instructions readily available when you need them, making one for you should be easy plus geeky people who know all about the tweaking and html coding are out there ready to be of help. 

 Please visit on the link provided and start creating your website for business today. At, you can create an easy unique website by following the three steps on their front page. You can also see some samples of professional layouts featured on their site. Go check them out today!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Pope Elected

Let's meet our new Pope, Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected today March 13,2013. Age 76 and was appointed by John Paul II.


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