Friday, December 17, 2010

Off The Diaper

I am happy of Jadyn's progress, she doesn't need a diaper anymore or at least during the day. If she wants to relieve herself, she'd tell me saying "Mommy gonna pee towit (toilet). Last night I didn't put her diaper on and she did it successfully I mean there was no leak nor she peed in the bed. This is what I have been wanting to do, potty train her because you know it's such a waste of money to keep buying diapers and just throwing it away afterwards. If she continues doing such a good job then I can proudly say I did it, we both did it.

Back in Texas I couldn't do the no diaper policy for I am worried she would just pee in the carpet. Her daddy will get mad for it makes the carpet stinky. Way to go baby girl!

Address Signs

Commercial and residential addresses should have clearly marked address signs that is visible in the street so post men and other mail courier systems could easily identify the house number or the address you live. I notice there are houses in our neighborhood have poor address sign which is a hassle for everyone who wants to come to their house attending an event. Business establishments also should have nicely done address plaque outside their suite or building for not all people are smart enough locating their place.

I know a website where you can purchase the absolute lowest prices on address plaques, signs, address numbers, address posts and many others all custom made that shipped quickly to you. For any information or inquiry please do not hesitate to contact the customer service for assistance every step of the way. They are extremely knowledgeable about the products we offer, and can assist you with everything from pricing large jobs, to layout design.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Nails

Nice mommy's nails that's what my Jadyn says (said rather) when we were at my favorite parlor today. This is my third time I have my nails done since I arrived here three weeks ago. What a nice life to be able to afford to have a foot spa, pedicure and manicure at least every two weeks. This is something I cannot do in the US to be honest. For a foot spa and nails today I only paid 300 pesos! Weewww what a deal. I told to the owner of the salon that I will keep coming back as long as I am here in the Philippines. Oh by the way, they should give me sweet deals when I go to their place for I have been going to their salon for years.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

High Quality Stemware & Glass Racks

Restaurants and bars are the common places where you can see glass racks, wine glass rack and other stuff that are used in order to serve drinks and other beverages. When I see one, I am like, WOW! They are neatly arranged and very nice to look at. If you own a bar, you are lucky for there are wine glass racks for sale right now with high quality. Buy high quality stemware and glass racks that shipped quickly to you at discounted prices.

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Jolli Spaghetti Yummy

Jadyn must be hungry when I took her to Jollibee right after church last Sunday for she ate the spaghetti as soon as it was served in front of her. I know my girl, she doesn't like those kind of foods but at that time, she just ate the noodles with no hesitation or without me forcing her to eat it. I will try next time again if she still have the same appetite for spaghetti just like last Sunday. That I way I am going to find out whether Jollibee spaghetti is special for her or not...


I have always wanted to buy a leather jacket or leather gloves but for some reason I keep putting it off. Maybe because I have other priorities to spend my money on or perhaps they are not too important to me because Winter in Texas is not that bad and it lasted only for 3 months. A nice warm ordinary coat and a warm pair of gloves are good enough but who knows someday I can own one?

On the other hand, people who love riding in their motorcycle they have to have at least one leather jacket, leather gloves during cold days, a pair of motorcycle boots and motorcycle helmets to gear up themselves to complete the outfit and be ready to go motorcycling. I think people who have complete leather outfits while in their motorcycle look cool. I have seen a lot of them in group or individually in Texas roads when we drive down South before.

I guess it wouldn't be hard to buy those kind of stuff since they are available almost everywhere. On the internet alone, shoppers can find tons of websites that sell real good leather with good discounts. A perfect example of the website is, the most popular online motorcycle store.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

School Christmas Party

I am excited for my baby girl's first school children Christmas Party. She is going to be joining the Christmas party of my little siblings in their school this Friday. I hope she likes it there and enjoy the games and the exchanging gifts with a bunch of kids. I brought her nice dress that she only worn once in Texas but she still got no shoes that match with the dress so I am buying her a pair of red shoes today despite of the gloomy and rainy weather. Nothing can stop me from going out today so I can get this errand over with. I also would like to buy some presents for her and my little siblings that they can bring to school. Ohh geezz I am one excited mommy here.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Positive!!

I tested my first pee this morning and it turned out to be POSITIVE! That means I AM PREGNANT now! I am still not convinced with it, I need a doctor's confirmation for this one before I could totally say I am having ANOTHER BUNDLE OF JOY inside my womb. For now, I feel like pregnant. I craved for sour fruits like tamarind and iba dip in salt.

Five months I've waited for this to come. I am blessed! We are so blessed to be given a second baby! I hope I will have an easy pregnancy just like with my Jadyn before. All I had was heartburn every night. I would also hope the same this time, I want no vomiting at all for I know how difficult that is to endure. THANK YOU LORD, YOU ARE SO GOOD!

........ the instructions say if it has two lines it means POSITIVE!!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Her Favorite Fruit

Jadyn's favorite fruit is mango. All she could eat every meal is this healthy fruit that is bountiful here in the Philippines. Good thing mango is available everywhere and a lot cheaper compared than what we can buy in Texas. So what I do is I don't let our refrigerator runs out of mango otherwise Jadyn would go starving. You can tell how she loves eating it in the pictures below. Everytime I give her one, she gets happy and can finish eating the whole fruit except the flesh in the seed.

........... the wink she gave me for giving her mango.... what a joy seeing my baby loves eating this yellow fruit.

Stainless Steel Is Pretty

It would be very beautiful if all of our house stuff in the bathroom, kitchen and dining accessories are all made of stainless steel because it is shiny and never look dull. How I wish we can afford to buy those. Only in my dreams I think. It is okay though as long as we are living comfortably back in Texas.

We are still in the process of renovating the interior of our house and it's only the husband who works in the family so we are taking it slow. One of the many things need to be replaced is our cheap and old mailbox that the Vietnamese family was using for a long time. I guess it is now time to replace that cheap thing with a blomus stainless steel mailbox to make it look classy on the street. Right now it is such a shame to have that mailbox out there. Or if we can replace that box with not too flasy stainless steel mailbox will be very great. I may have to suggest using a stainless steel mailbox to my husband maybe he will agree to my idea. Also when our fireplace is ready to be used, I would like to have at least a few of blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories I have seen on the internet. They are just pretty and they are hard to resist. If you can see it, you will know what I am talking about. They truly are pretty and eye catching.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Distractions

I am blessed with several opportunities today but my mind seems wandering somewhere. I really want to finish all these before I go out the house. One reason why I don't feel like doing the rest of my tasks is because there are too many distractions right here. There is this loud radio going on right now, the kids are all in this room keep making noises, there is also this noise coming from the outside arrggggssss. An absolute quiet and peace of mind is what I need at this moment. This is something I have back in Texas and I missed my own privacy especially in the morning.

But what am I complaining about? Isn't this what I wanted? Back in TX it is too quiet there that is deafening and here in my parents' house, there's too much noise that I am having a hard time concentrating on my tasks. I should just go on though or else the day will pass by me leaving the remaining tasks behind.

Dallas Homes For Sale

We live in the city of Fort Worth in Texas and I like it there. It isn't quite as big as Dallas but the traffic can get bad at times especially when there is a wreck or other vehicular accidents in major roads. Despite of that, I am not bothered. We live in an area where everything is accessible and that is what I love about being in Fort Worth. However, even if we live in the city I still feel our place is quiet and lonely. The neighborhood itself is very much different from where I grew up. I still get sad and lonely at times too.

If only I could ask all my friends to move to Dallas so we all can be closer together but I think that is very impossible. How I wish there is one friend of mine going to move in the DFW area and buy a house or look at Dallas Homes for Sale so that we can hang out as often as we want.

Ah I just now remember one Filipina who is moving to Dallas for good, I would want to know if she and her husband will be interested in Dallas Homes For Sale so they can have an idea on what type of house they want to buy when they finally arrive there. It can only be made easier for them if they choose to refer a Dallas Real Estate so then they can get help or assisted by an agent.

Medical Management Courses

When I took my oath to become a US Citizen, the USCIS office showed us a video of the President, Barack Obama saying "In America there is no dream that is impossible". That very line of his is hard to forget and it makes me ponder how lucky I am to have lived in America for almost five years and possibly for the rest of my life. That means, I can have all the opportunities that are open to my door be realized if I work hard to achieve them. Therefore, getting involved or working in a medical field someday wouldn't be impossible? I am so willing to do a search on what is the best field for me to work on someday, for now I have to look at different medical management courses online. But this website I am looking at right now is based in the UK. I am residing in the US but it shouldn't be a problem though for I believe there are still many online schools offer the same thing.

If you know anyone who would like to take these courses or shift courses on medical teaching course and
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Monday, December 6, 2010


I had my haircut just 3 days after I arrived in the Philippines. Prior to that my last haircut was almost two years ago. I haven't tried getting one in the US for it cost so much for just a haircut so I'd rather wait for my next trip to my own country before getting it for it is just so affordable here. Imagine to have a total pampering of yourself and only pay less than twenty dollars? Who wouldn't want that and who would want to waste her money paying a fortune for just one stupid cut? Not me!

Green Thumb Me

I love planting flowers and other ornamental plants. In Texas, I got two big and round planters in our front yard surrounding our two pecan trees. Aside from that, I also got potted roses and other flowering plants in our front porch that make our front yard beautiful to look at from the street. Not to be sound conceited, I received a few nice compliments from other people telling me they love what I did to our yard. So flattering eh!

This is what I promised to myself that once we moved to our own house and have a bigger yard to plant on trees and flowers, I would definitely please myself by growing colorful flowers in our yard. Since we already got two big planters in our front yard, I would love to have at least window boxes planters for our windows to make them look more attractive to people passing by our house.
After that, I want to put up three garden window boxes in the back porch as well. We love staying in our backyard as well so a few plants there would be a good idea. Good thing though window flower boxes and other gardening or planting accessories are available everywhere locally or on online stores.

Missing Her Dada

I feel pity for Jadyn because she misses her dada now. If she says "I wanna go home, I miss dada" just breaks my heart and there is nothing I can do about that. If only America was near, I would bring this baby back to her dada right away. Poor girl. We are gonna be here for two months and we are not even halfway of our vacation yet. I don't plan of going back to Texas early either, so I am confused.

Two months is too long but I am not ready to face the cold temperature yet. Besides, I am having so much fun here in Cebu and missing Texas isn't in my mind right now. Oh God, may this baby would hang on and wait until it's time for us to fly back home. I still have tons of things to do here, a lot of people need to see in person and a trip to Davao is yet to be done.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bring Holiday Cheer

One of my weaknesses are purses. If I were in America around this time and sales are everywhere, I would have bought myself this mouth-watering Dooney & Bourke plaid double pocket shoulder bag in cream and tan color. D&B is my favorite brand ever. It is like a drug to me that is so hard to resist. Once you have it, you will want for more.

I know it is not just me who is crazy about purses. I guess all women do, right? If only we have all the money in the world, we would buy ourselves the prettiest purses we can ever afford but unfortunately, we only have limited resources. But, there are tons of websites or stores out there that offer great deals on purses and other handbag accessories just like the one I just found, is the website. It is the place where you can get discounted items for the holiday cheer.

An Encounter With The Chickens

Jadyn's first activity the soonest she arrived at her granny's place was to see the chickens they have in the chicken coop underneath the house. What a joy for a little kid like her to be able to touch and feel the chickens' feather and held it with her bare hands. I knew she was gonna love it there for there are plenty of things to see including the chickens that my cousin raised. That is of course aside from the fact there are tons of kids who were there also to see my American baby. I guess she was very much entertained there just as much as I was.

......... this was inside the big hollow coop at my grandma's...

.......Jadyn and her grandfather petting the rooster

Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Diaper Rash

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a bit worried of my little girl being uncomfortable in her new environment. As soon as we landed in my own country, problems arose. Not major problems though. When my baby girl asked for milk, I gave her the one that is completely different brand or taste than what she used to drinking. She complained about that being stinky. I did try giving her Philippine brand juice since she rejected the milk that was given to her earlier, she also declined that. 

Then time came she ran out of diaper that I brought from U.S, I bought Pampers brand made locally but then she developed a diaper rash in her thighs. Arggss what a never ending problems. Good thing though I brought with me a tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste that helped relieve that burning feeling in her thighs. Poor girl. She has to experience all these just to be with her Filipino family. Things are going to get better in the long run, I know.

Anyway, I am so thankful that I traveled prepared of what is coming ahead like baby getting a diaper rash, who would have thought that she'd be allergic to diapers here? This butt paste by Boudreaux has helped a lot.  It treats diaper rash and soothes irritated skin before it goes bad.


If there is one diaper rash cream I recommend, it would be Boudreaux's butt paste for it heals faster , it has pleasant scent, cleans off easily and it comes in handy travel sizes. You mothers out there, you should try this cream and you may get your own free Boudreaux sample on their website.  

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tired Body

Guess I am gonna have my second total body massage soon for I feel so tired and exhausted from yesterday's trip from Kawasan Falls. I feel weak all the time, muscles aching all over and I'm kind of irritable plus the fact that my girl is not eating good lately. I need that total body massage in order for me to feel better so then I will be ready to go for a long trip again visiting my grandmother, cousins and aunties in Davao in two weeks time.

Tomorrow we plan of going to South because my other grandmother (mama's) mother is waiting on me. I am excited, you bet. I bet it's going to be another long day for me and Jadyn! Sigh! It's okay though, I have planned this trip long before I could fly in the Philippines and tomorrow will be the realization of this dream. To visit her and experience the simple way of living I had when I was only a small kid. 

White Uniform No More

U.S nurses are not wearing white nursing uniform. That is what I noticed since I first entered their hospital. I was like, where are the nurses here? It was hard to tell because they are all in nursing scrubs as well as the doctors also wearing scrubs. Unlike here in the Philippines, when you go to a clinic or at the hospital you can easily recognize a nurse for she is wearing a white uniform and a white cap. Very different from medical staff back in the U.S.

I thought nurses wearing their scrubs clothing look cute and attractive. Scrubs are tailored to fit their sizes plus the fabric are comfortable with nice colorful prints on it. If you are looking for one, try visiting the links here and choose which one you like best. There are tons of scrub suits to choose from.

Quite A Traveler

Tested through times. Proven for so many long trips either by plane or land trip, my Jadyn is quite a traveler. Wherever the destination is, she stays calm, patient and quiet. Truly you seldom see babies like her that would just behave and stay quiet the whole time you are traveling with no complain at all. I can't ask for a better baby than my Jadyn. The only thing that worries me while on travel is that she doesn't eat well.

........ first photo is on the bus taken yesterday (December 2, 2010 ) going to Kawasan Falls. We had such a long day, 6 hours bus ride in total and just spent 2 hours at the Falls...
....... this one right here is on the plane going to South Korea-- we had 14 plus hours travel at that time but my Jadyn stayed good the whole flight....
.... she got tired, she went to sleep curled up in a small airplane seat...

The perfect holiday centerpiece

Guest post written by Whitney Mallard

A couple of days before I hosted our big family Thanksgiving luncheon, I threw together this cute little Thanksgiving themed table centerpiece. I got so many compliments on it and really did love it so much that I thought that I'd make one for Christmas that looked really similar to it.
I got the idea from a blog that I found with my CLEARINTERNET to make the centerpiece in the first place with some twigs and pine cones that I picked up in my backyard. Then I spray painted those metallic gold.

I thought that I could use those elements of Thanksgiving centerpiece and incorporate them into the one I made for Christmas. So I took those parts out of the Thanksgiving one and with the help of a discount store and some things that I already had laying around, I created this really pretty Christmas centerpiece! I took a holiday serving try and put all of the stuff on it, including some candles in hurricane glasses and tree trimmings that I took when I went out and bought our tree from the lot.

A Great Help

I am one lucky mommy for having such a great girl who happens to like Mike so much. Mike is our close friend in Texas who came with us here in the Philippines for a month-long vacation. He likes Jadyn and Jadyn loves him too. Thanks to him for he is a great help to me for Jadyn. He makes sure Jadyn is well-taken care of when he is with us.
...... if there is one person that I can rely on during long trips or long walks, Mike would be that person for he carries Jadyn's heavy weight on his shoulders ha!

...these three photos above and below were taken in Kawasan Falls yesterday... you see how these two people are so comfortable with each other, I guess Jadyn looks at Mike as her second daddy.

Gas Logs

A fireplace makes a beautiful center piece of the house. I guess every house in America has it. Even our house that is 40 years old has one but we haven't tried using it at least once. We haven't gotten around to it but in the future I would like to make us of our fireplace during the cold Winter months. As for now, it is there waiting for someone to do something about it. I believe what I saw inside the fireplace is what they call a gas log. I am certain about that for I looked for it on the internet and there I found many types Gas Logs on
R. H. Peterson Real Fyre gas logs official website. Two of the most popular types of gas logs are Ventless Gas Logs and Vented Gas Logs.

It would be amazing to be able to finally use our fireplace. Of course since I did my research, I believe I found a perfect place to buy a gas log if in case ours is broken or won't work anymore and other fireplace accessories. Hansen Wholesale is the place to buy them. I am yet to read all the questions and answers of Gas logs though located on the Gas Log FAQs section of the website mentioned here.


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