Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Positive!!

I tested my first pee this morning and it turned out to be POSITIVE! That means I AM PREGNANT now! I am still not convinced with it, I need a doctor's confirmation for this one before I could totally say I am having ANOTHER BUNDLE OF JOY inside my womb. For now, I feel like pregnant. I craved for sour fruits like tamarind and iba dip in salt.

Five months I've waited for this to come. I am blessed! We are so blessed to be given a second baby! I hope I will have an easy pregnancy just like with my Jadyn before. All I had was heartburn every night. I would also hope the same this time, I want no vomiting at all for I know how difficult that is to endure. THANK YOU LORD, YOU ARE SO GOOD!

........ the instructions say if it has two lines it means POSITIVE!!

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