Monday, May 31, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #:6 Swimsuit and Pillow Pet

Been a long time since my last Mellow Yellow Monday because I kept forgetting it. Now I am back with better and clearer YELLOW. Have a safe Memorial Day people!
....... yellow Giraffe pillow pet I gave to Abby on her birthday
..... her yellow and colorful swimsuit by the pool..


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not Happy With My Purchases

I had a fun day strolling at the mall today with my baby. I bought a few things that I love and was able to find some great deals on other things like the cargo pants at Macy's, orig price was 20 bucks and bought it for 9.19, the cute top from body central worth only 7 bucks. Those were some of the purchases I wanna keep and use, the lotions from bath and body are definitely gonna be returned.

I thought I got a deal on them but I came to a conclusion that I wasn't. Although the original price of each bottle is $10.50, I bought 6 bottles of it (233 ML per bottle) since buy 3 get 3 free for 30 bucks, aside from that I also bought 3 for $10 small bottles of the same scent which individually cost me 3.33 each, all in all Bath and Body Works store cost me 40 dollars. I am not happy with it compared at Victoria's Secret's 8/$35 (250 ML per bottle).

If I shopped at VS I could have saved a few dollars...geezz looks like my husband is gonna be driving me again tomorrow and I know how he hates it, he doesn't like driving on his day off for he drives a lot when he is at work, but nothing he can do, I am the boss so he must obey me LOL!


Clocks can make a good home decor at home especially a clock like hermle clock. It doesn't only tell us the time but it seems to stand out among other decoration in the house. Wherever you place it, rest assured it will be noticed by people who admire beautiful piece of art. I wish I can have one but it is somewhat pricey so all I could do is wish, after all it wouldn't cost me a dime to wish for something beautiful and expensive.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Way She Describes Grape Juice

Baby girl tonight is being silly. We are out of orange juice so I gave her grape juice with lots of water mixed in it. As she is not so used to drinking grape juice, she didn't take it when I gave her the cup with juice. She completely turned it away. I put it on her high chair just so she can grab it later when she decides she is thirsty and drink the juice.

Then moments later, she was back and looked at the cup. She then said "gross, yuck". Silly girl, how could she say that? As if it is truly gross, by the way she described it, it made me ponder, what is going on in this little girl's brain? I don't blame her though, the color of the changed is dark and has changed color since I put half water, half juice in it.

I Really Should Do It

I have been having a hard time deciding whether I should get my blogs their own website hosting or not. For quite a while now, I still can't decide if I really should do it or stick to the free hosting I currently have. However, if the need arises, why wouldn't I do it? I know I kept talking getting a hosting long time ago and yet nothing happened. It is just I am too occupied with a lot of things here. I don't know which one to do first. Anyway, I will just give myself ample time to think about it. Just one more try and if things won't happen my way then I may have to pay for a hosting.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Actual Card

This is the actual card that Ryan Secreast was holding when he announced the 2010 American Idol winner.

I am glad Lee Dewyze won because he deserved it! Crystal Bower"sux" really sucks. I don't like her looks and voice at all, she sounds annoying sometimes like a mosquito humming in my ears during 6 o'clock in the evening. Her teeth are very yellow, so gross to look at, the hair is ewwww..

Lee on the other hand is a clean cut guy and has a humble personality. Weewww long way to go former Mr. Paint salesman. I am happy for yah guy!

NC Real Estate

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In The 90s

Wewwwwwwwwww it's getting really hot here now. We are now reaching up to 93 degrees F temperature and it will be hotter in the next days! This is the most dreaded season of the year for me, sizzling hot makes me cranky, bored to death all day. I can't do anything outside for it's just too hot to bear. I don't know what's in my husband's mind while he hasn't turned on the airconditioner yet? I don't wanna insist because the heat is still tolerable (inside) and besides he's the one paying the bill so who am I to insist on using the central AC?

search engine

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Savor The Moment

Looking for something to do today? Visit Savor the Moment for various reads on anime and other great writings of the author of this site.


Photos below are of my baby girl pretending she is reading along with the two statues her size on the bench. She is cool to everything I want her to do like pose real quick so I can snap a picture of her. Look at those, aren't those sweet and pretty looking scenes? I didn't know it could come out this good because when I instructed Jadyn to sit down with the statues I just clicked and clicked on my camera and would just choose the best picture later on.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bonding time With Dada

Despite of the busy days of my husband, he makes sure that he could spend time with his daughter from time to time. A ten-minute bonding will do during work days. But if its the weekend or when we are out traveling, our baby girl sure receives more than ten minute of her dada's time. Last weekend on our way home from San Antonio, we stopped by at Cabela's to see some grills they have. While in the store we managed to look around and explore the whole store ourselves until we saw this little shooting range upstairs where we had some time shooting at the statue they had using a rifle.

So nice of my husband for teaching his kid how to at least pull the trigger so he can shoot at the figures. Jadyn herself had fun too, I knew it for she showed interest and the smile on her face is priceless. After we used all our tokens we went ahead and explore some more good stuff at Cabela's.


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Santa Mail

Santa is an old man with gray hair and thick beard that comes out only during Christmastime. All these years, children thought that Santa was real and that he is a good man for giving out presents every Christmas eve. With this being said, surprise your kids with original Santa Mail when the time is right. For them to really feel the sense of how it is being loved by Santa.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Rose Garden

So nice of the AFV2 for putting up small rose gardens near their nursing homes so their residents can go out to breathe some fresh and get some sun when they feel like suffocated inside. I thought it was such a good idea for the garden to be accessible by elderly at all times so that they can have a better place to relax and feel the nice breeze outside. In my opinion, they have done a great job in their landscape because it truly is beautiful out there, so clean and it looks like it was done by a professional landscaping company. above is of my husband and my father in-law during our visit to him for three days.. and below is one of the roses blooming!

.......the view taken facing to the brick wall........

NMEDA Qualified Equipment

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have seen a lot of people in America with disabilities of some kind. Many of them despite of being in a wheelchair continue to work, go to school, play sports and most of all compete with people that aren't invalid. At first, I was like wow these kind of people seem to have determination in life for they never let their disability hinder them of doing things they ought to do and getting back their independence. Even though they have limited mobility, they still manage to get around with life and live like normal people do.

That is the advantage of living in America. They are provided with equipment necessary that enable them to move with no hassles at all. Wheelchairs, scooters or motor chairs for example are most commonly used by disabled/elderly people either they purchase it themselves or donated by charities. However, it doesn't mean it is easier for a person to move now that he is using a wheelchair, in spite of that there are still so many mobility products he needs to acquire in order for him to be fully comfortable. Think of the caregivers and families too, they also need to feel the ease in transporting the person in and out of the car.

When purchasing mobility products just make sure though that what you are buying is approved or evaluated by NMEDA. It is a non-profit trade association that educates consumers on buying products from a NMEDA qualified dealer. One advantage why buying from NMEDA qualified dealer is that to have an on-site evaluations to custom fit vehicles like yours that meet to your specific needs.

To check out the nearest dealers in your area, please go to, on the website hit the dealers locator and type in your ZIP code and see if there is a qualified dealer near you.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Peaceful Place

We have discovered a new place to hangout right here in AFV2. Now that we know there is a perfect, peaceful place by the pond, somewhere comfy and suitable to have a picnic I want to keep coming back here despite of the long drive away from home. Well, it's like shooting two birds in one stone. We drive 5 hours to visit my FIL at the same relaxing in the same exact place where he is.

Photos below were taken minutes ago where we spent the rest of our afternoon, eating our dinner at the gazebo overlooking the pond.

..... photo above was taken at 8 pm...
... these photos here were taken when we just walked near the pond at 6 pm.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

For Everyone

So you think only professionals hold a name in the industry they belong have the right to have business cards, think again. Because anyone can get or produce their own cards for business purposes. Giving out cards with business name, your full name and contact numbers in it can help you advertise your business to people. We, as clients often receive business cards from big or small business establishments.

Roofing and landscaping companies for example, we have like over ten cards from them because they see we need a new roof so what they do, they knock on our door whe thy happen to pass by our street asking us if we want to hire them for roofing.

Spacious Guestroom

We are currently in San Antonio, Texas visiting my FIL. He is not in good shape and that worries us. Anytime he can expire, God forgive but that is the reality. He refuses to eat, he is so weak and most of all he is bed ridden.

Last time we were here, he was still able to move and walk. In fact, we took him out for dinner at AFV1 and now he looks helpless. Just sleeping all the time. What a sad story.

Anyways, while waiting for 5 0'clock to visit him again, lemme show you the spacious guestroom we occupy right now. It feels relaxing and nice to have all this space for our baby to roam around. It is a Chinese-themed guestroom which is awesome. Last time, we occupied Texan theme room.
.......... the baby in the living room.
.... the very table in the corner is where I am sitting right now..
.......and two queen beds for us to sleep.. very far from the t.v but it's ok, we're not here to watch t.v.

Online Dating Site

Meeting someone online is common nowadays. It is like East meets West as they say. I for one is one of the products who got married through the internet. Many of you out there say it is odd to meet someone online. Well, not anymore. You get to chat with someone online, meet in person in the long run, if something good will develop between the two people, they will get married and be happy.

That is how we are right now. Having a family is the greatest joy of all, still in love after five years and dreaming for our future together as one. For those of you singles anywhere in the world whose aim is to find a man online to marry or for serious relationship, I encourage you all to try looking at Online Dating Site especially Los Angeles Women Seeking Men. There are hundreds of men profiles to browse depending on age and location categories you are searching for.

It would be cool to try Los Angeles Dating if you live in Central or in the Midwest so you can get to get out of your comfort zone, try something new you haven't done before. If it works for other people, for us, there is also a probability that you can be happy as well.

I am glad I found this new dating site here so I can tell all my single lady friends back in my home country. I got a couple of them who asked me to help them find an American to marry but hey, I don't know anyone around here that is willing to go through all the hassles just like my husband did for me before. Giving an online dating a try would be a good idea hence, it will cost them money but in the end, it will be worth it once they find the man of their dreams.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Word Of The Day

I just like to keep a record of the new word I learned from Bingkee's blog I Love-Hate America. Just a word everyday is good enough than not having one at all.

extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant: an egregious mistake; an egregious liar.
Archaic. distinguished or eminent.

When she has a new posting I never skip reading it and when I found words that are new to me I google it just like Mamu does to feed my rusty brain some new terms so it won't stay dormant forever.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Long Trip Tomorrow

We are gonna be taking a painstaking 5 hours drive to where my FIL is. We heard that he isn't doing well so we decided to make the trip this weekend which I love. First of course to see him and the baby to see her lolo. Second, to breathe in some air. I've been staying most of my time inside the house so I need a break, a new place perhaps to see or stay for a few days will be good.

I kind of excited for the long trip we are about to take tomorrow, the nice dinner waiting ahead of us down South is what I keep thinking about but before I go on enumerating things I can see tomorrow, let me get myself up here and start packing. I got like three people need to put clothes in the luggage so we all be set for tomorrow's trip. I am like this, when I know we need to get out of the house, I want our stuff be packed ahead of time to make sure I bring all the necessary stuff we need for a short getaway. Hahaha getaway pah, sosyal! Ok, let me end this rambling if you can call it rambling and pack our bags. See you blogs when I get a chance to get online somewhere.

Protect Your Belongings

I didn't know that my husband has got too much stuff placed in the attic for years when we were still at a small rental house in El Campo. I found it out when we moved out. We cleaned up the attic and I was stunned when he threw down stuff after stuff inside the trash bags with thick dust. Shortly after we settled in our house now, I opened those bags that were from the attic and guess what I found? A damaged tempur pedic pillow. When he saw it, he couldn't believe what he had done to it.

Well, the pillow has been in the attic for so long that it got damaged due to change of weather over the years. If only he rented a bigger self storage then he could have saved that poor pillow and other things which are supposed to be kept safe. You don't want to risk your belongings, do you? Why be frugal if you can afford to get a decent place to stuff in your important possessions, somewhere it is climate controlled, heated during cold winter days and cooled during hot summer. From then, we learned our lessons not to put our things up in the attic ever again.

They Are Out, Bonding!

I'm left here at home alone with the dog. Baby girl and her dada went out to run some errands. They're gone for an hour now and I miss my baby already. She wasn't supposed to be going with her dada but she insisted and I couldn't say no since I don't see any harm with that although it was raining terribly.

On a lighter note, time to get my butt up to prepare angel hair pasta with shrimp for my darling baby girl. She likes it a lot and would love to feed it her when she is home. I too needs some food I am beginning to get hungry. So later peeps, I shall continue dropping ECs when I am done in the kitchen.

Where To Buy For Skate Shoes

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I am in search of shoes too to stuff my box to send to the Philippines but not the skating kind, just the normal regular shoes that my older brother requested.

Dark And Wet

Today was one of those days I really loved. When I woke up this morning it was all sunny sun shine and everything was bright. Then all of the sudden the dark thick clouds covering Mr. Sun that turned our afternoon like night time, I can compare it to 9 o'clock hour here in Texas, so dark that we had to turn on our lights to see the doors of the house.

Staggering rain poured in accompanied by gusty wind. I thought we were gonna have a tornado haha. I wasn't scared though, despite of the raging wind outside, I was at ease for I have my husband with us plus it was a change of weather here. Lately, it has been so hot and always sunny. So for me it was good.

Sponsor A Child

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Call me crazy but sometimes I can't help but wish I had a lot of money. A lot of money to cater our own needs, my family back home and some to help out those who need food, clothing, shelter and medicine around the globe. Too unfortunate though that I was born a poor and married an average earner husband. On the other hand, I am also lucky, we got a child and we are able to attain our baby's needs and a comfortable house to live.

While we can afford to buy everything we want and we need, others especially children from all over the world are suffering. Therefore, I am asking you people who have soft and kind hearts to please sponsor a child especially those who live in Canada.

Do you know that there are 25,000 children under 5 die because they lack access to things we take for granted such as clean water, sanitation, medicine, and food? We can all help an entire community of children leave poverty by sponsoring one child at a time. Please do it. For just $35 a month, you can make a big difference to someone's young life. Your donation will go directly to programs benefiting children and their families. Please visit the website how you can sponsor a child. Thank you!

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So Into Love Songs

I've been feeling bored lately. I am always like this when summer is approaching. It's getting hot outside, I couldn't go out for a walk anymore. There is nothing much to do inside the house either so after taking my lunch, my sleepiness kicks in, take a nap and when I wake up that is when boredom strikes me.

What I do most of my afternoons is turn on my magic sing and sing and sing to my heart's content even if I am so out of tune. I don't care no one's here listening me just my baby that falls asleep after a couple of songs lolz. Love songs is what I'm so into these days. Love it, soothing to my heart that longs to be in the Philippines again and most of all, love songs bring back old good and not so good memories in my teenage days.

Field Trips For All

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Lunchables. All opinions are 100% mine.

Aren't we parents think of our children first before ourselves or anything else in this world? Don't you put your kids' welfare on top of the list among others? If you are a parent, for sure you know how it feels to be one. Just like me, I feel like there is nothing really matters in this world to me but my baby girl. I am willing to give my all to her just to make her happy, feel loved, comfortable, safe and most of all gaining all the lessons she needs to learn just so she will become a better individual when she grows up. For her to become successful intellectually and physically is what we aim for. So right now, I am doing my part teaching my baby some basic lessons while she is still at home with me.

Someday, when she starts schooling of course her mind will be opened to a lot of possibilities that the school is teaching her including hands-on experiences like field trips that would help her engage to learn something that would open her eyes to the world beyond the classroom.

With all these being said, Field Trips For All is created by Lunchables Team. They call it the new initiative, Project Potential. This was born aiming to empower kids with opportunities helping them reach their full capabilities and potential that will provide enriching experiences the kids might not have.

If any of my readers found this posting an important one, please bear in mind that there is a contest launched by Lunchables Team that enables kids to nominate a deserving classroom by going to to submit their nomination. Take note though anyone 6 years of age or older can nominate a deserving classroom.

People you will be pleased to know that there will be 50 classrooms selected to go on an inspiring educational experience. Please nominate one now so the classroom you would like to be included in the list won't miss the opportunity to explore this awesome field trip.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Half An Hour Job For Them

We are relieved we got rid of these bulk trash that's been sitting in the backyard for quite sometime. Today, the bulk trash people finally picked them up that took them half an hour to load it all in their truck. These trash are from the ancient bushes we cut down in the front and around the house two weeks ago and the ones that are older and longer was from the trees in the backyard cut down two months ago. Now that our backyard is clean we are ready to put up the fence- a new one, then we are good to go far from home.

Protein Supplements In Your Diet

Some overweight people blame themselves being lonely, depressed and sad and they turn to food for comfort. According to them, once they are eating, they could care less of the world, all they could think about is the feeling, the happy feeling that food brings to themselves if they eat and eat resulting to overweight or obesity. It would be too late for them to discover how much weight they have put on to their body. As a result losing weight will be now difficult to lose but wait a minute, if you are already there and make a change, it is not yet too late. Start eating healthy foods, take protein supplements, exercise regularly and most of all get a good night sleep. That is what other people's secret.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Got A Tattoo

Look! I got a tattoooooo! This is my first tattoo ever and I am happy tadaa dadddaddaa..tadaa and my husband don't like tattoos and dislike seeing people that have tattoos but guess what? He allowed me to get one as shown in the picture. I think it's realllllly cool on my skin!

,,,don't get me wrong ok? it is just a temporary tattoo given to me by police officers when we went to the zoo last weekend. I would like to think that it can stay forever but the fact is it can be erased anytime.

Business Phone Service

It's been over a month since I've talked to my family except for my brother who occasionally get online to chat with me but other than that, nada. My father and little sister went to Davao and my mother stays at home with my small brother. I can only communicate with them when they are intact in Cebu through voice chatting and webcam. Since my little sister isn't home, we have lost contact with them. They won't be back until June. My mother on the other hand, doesn't know how to use the internet, they have phone line but I don't have international minutes to use and call her. I guess I will just put our communication on hold until Papa and sissy get back from their vacation.

Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up because I just found a hosted pbx or vocalocity hosted PBX online just now and I thought it could somehow help me with international personal calling but I am wrong. It is a total business phone service that uses VOIP technology—in other words, your phone service is delivered over the internet. The only thing you do is use your phone like you would normally do in your daily life and leave the company the rest. This service best suited for business establishments and not for personal use and for that I just have to look for other phone service that meets my needs.

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Self Storage

Getting a self storage for your stuff that won't fit in your house means protecting them from damaging. Instead of placing them all up in the attic, rent a storage for them. If you are in North Carolina, please check out Raleigh NC self storage in your area now. We learned that putting your valuable stuff in the attic can damage it, why? The weather plays a big factor with it. During summer the attic gets really hot same thing during winter. So when you do that, think it twice first or might as well rent a storage to keep them safe and in good condition all year round.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #:5- Birds

These are birds I took in the Zoo this weekend with some yellow in their feathers. They look cute and pretty, aren't they? Have a blessed Monday Everyone!


Get Ranked And Reports

Been there, done that. Early in my blogging years I have done all these just to make my blogsites be exposed on the internet, gain traffic and get ranked by google. It worked for a while but eventually the booming of traffic died down. For some reason, the SEO companies I submitted my blogs removed my account in a snap of a finger without me notifying that they are going to get rid of my sites. It was frustrating! Thankfully, a certain seo company promises good outcome is here. It will place your business on top of search results, you will get ranked by google and also receive status reports of your site. If interested, click on the link above.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busy Mom's Day

It's our day today, Mom's Day, that is. My own interpretation of Mother's Day is to relax, spend time with the family especially to the kid/s and have fun together. My day right here is soooo good, quiet and busy. We are not doing anything special nor going out for dinner but we do what we feel like doing as if it is just a normal day. I didn't ask my husband to take me out or buy something like flowers or chocolates either. Before he went for coffee with his buddy at starbucks he actually asked me what he can bring for me when he goes home and I said, bring everything you see along the road lolz. Way klaro! I said that for I was uncertain what I wanted at that time.

But anyway, I keep myself busy by doing the laundry at the same time vacuum all three rooms, the hallway and two closets that took all my energy. I also made me some chicken adobo as a treat. For me, Mother's Day was well spent. I don't need to be treated special you know. Enough for me I have this beautiful family healthy and happy with me on this very day. I just wait for the time to come when my Jadyn is able to greet me and treat me out.

.......this is the yummy dish what I call adobong manok cooked with spices, bay leaves, vinegar, soy sauce and of course chicken meat with bones...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Beach Vacation

It feels so hot these days. Now I long to be cold again, it's just too hot to bear. How I wish I could go to the beach, somewhere in Costa Rica and lounge in Costa Rica Resort but tsk tsk that would be impossible. I grew up surrounded by beautiful beaches and I can't be in the seawater unless I pay a visit to my home country. We live in North Texas and the closest beach from here is five hours drive down South. I miss the beach so much.

Florblanca, Costa Rica is the perfect place to be for a nice wedding venue and honeymooners. There is no romantic place to be other than Florblanca with its long sandy beaches, crystal clear blue seawater wow this is such a place we can best describe as paradise.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

And This Award Goes To...

It's been such a long time since I got an award from someone in blogosphere. And today I got one from Bingkee of I Love-Hate America blog. Thank you so much for this Bing and I appreciate you remembering my name and giving this sisterhood award to me. How nice of you.

I'd like to pass this award to these people namely Marly, Mary Ann, Jesse. Sorry I can't think of anyone who is interested of getting or receiving this award but only these people listed here. If you feel like posting it on your blog, go ahead and do it.

Here's the rule:
Just post the award on your site with the logo on your post, link up 7 other bloggers, share the love and link the post to the person who extended the award to you. Don't forget to remind the 7 bloggers to grab the award by leaving a comment on their pages.

Great Reads In The Uk

We are still in the process of remodeling and modification of our own home. I have no idea when we are going to finish it for we are slowly working in it especially the interior part. We are like jumping from one job to another. One day we work in the bathrooms the other day we found ourselves digging dirt in the plant beds. The next day I don't know what we can do. One thing I surely know is that we are far from finishing all our works here at home. It might take months or years because we are taking our time. We are not in a hurry and we are savoring every moment spent on doing the repair or beautification of the house.

While the husband is away to work, I also sit down on the computer trying to read for helpful articles online like this DIY News I just came across moments ago. I find the website helpful because it has different postings on house improvements, the people who do it and most of all other stuff that is written based in the UK. Big plus why this site is easier to read is I can just go browse on the categories I want to know at a certain time and day and voila! I can get the information I want to learn before jumping to my house job again.

This post is sponsored by DIY News

Most Women Like To Do

For us women, shopping for home furniture is the most enjoyable thing to do aside from shopping for clothes and other girly stuff, I believe. If the husband would command me to shop for house stuff I would not dare say no because I just love doing it. As long as he pays for the items, that should not be a problem with me.

When it comes to shopping for good quality home furniture, there are several places that we can go to and look for that perfect piece we want to buy for our home. There are also few online stores that we know where we bought some of our home furniture. If you are looking for that very furniture and can't find it in local stores, just tell me so I can give you the website so you can see what is in their store for you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Afghanistan Troops Go Gaga With Their Own 'Telephone' Remake

A friend of mine sent this video to me on ym and I find it very amusing and entertaining and I can't help sharing it here so you all can watch this "Telephone" re-make by soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. I admire how these guys dance gracefully! So nice of them to find some kind of entertainment while being away from home. You guys rock!!!!

Read the story on YAHOO MUSIC

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #:4

My Yellow Mellow Monday entry is a yellow pair of clothing that my baby girl was wearing on Easter Sunday.

Back Pain Management

Back pain can affect people of any ages. And I am not surprised if a 30 plus something person is suffering with this kind of pain. I am glad my husband is not alone although he seldom complains about it but I know one time in his life he had it. If you live in Utah and experiencing that muscle pinching pain in your back, you might want check out back pain Utah so you can ask for help or any treatment that could relieve your back and from suffering any pains in the future. For all I know having any discomfort in our body could it be minor pains or serious pains caused by injuries or any other forms of accidents could do a significant change in our life. If you seek for help before it gets too late then most probably you can get back to your once happy life with no worries, no pains to feel at all.

If you suffer any of these stiff knees, knees hurt when going up or down stairs, frequently take Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Tylenol for your knee pain, activities you enjoy cause pain around your knees, knee replacement surgery would be the answer. Please do anything in your power so you be relieved and get the help you deserve.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

She Can't Be Trusted

We used to put a gate to our door near the hallway going to the living room to stop the dog from going to our bedroom. We used to do that when we were still at a rental house. Putting up a gate in every room we don't want our dog to go, it seemed working and it was such a good strategy to be doing.

Anyway, when we first moved in our house we put up the gate but then later on, my husband decided to take it off since we trusted our dog that she won't go beyond the door in the hallway. For months, it has been that gate that stops her from stepping into the carpeted hallway. Although Chichai managed to get on the carpet just few feet away..but that was

We went out for quick grocery shopping only to find some two harden stools in Jadyn's bedroom when we got back. It was my husband who discovered it and I couldn't believe it was doggy's poop. I told him that it could be Jadyn's poop fell off from the diaper when I changed her this morning and I checked it out afterwards..
Guess what? My husband was was doggy's poops! Grrrrr I was so pissed for we trusted her and she broke our trust in her. No matter how trained the doggy is, she found time to poop on the carpet at our baby's room.

Tsk tsk.. that isn't good.. we cannot trust her anymore and next time we leave we make sure that the gate is up before leaving the house. Good thing though those were hard stools so it was easy for me to clean up otherwise the dog will be in big trouble if she has had diarrhea.

Small and Petite

When I was pregnant with my baby girl, I didn't have decent maternity clothes. I retained on wearing my usual clothes before my pregnancy for the reason I couldn't find maternity clothes that fit me. Even I was pregnant, I didn't get so big. I looked around to look for preggy clothes for me but then I couldn't find any due to my size. I am petite by nature and I only went up to 120 pounds and most maternity clothes I have seen were way too bigger than my body so I didn't bother to buy even one.

Next time though if ever I get pregnant again with my second child, I see to it to find an online store maybe to buy for decent maternity clothes for I know there are occasions that I need to be casually or nicely dressed. Of course I want to look good even I am having a bulging belly you know.


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