Friday, May 14, 2010

So Into Love Songs

I've been feeling bored lately. I am always like this when summer is approaching. It's getting hot outside, I couldn't go out for a walk anymore. There is nothing much to do inside the house either so after taking my lunch, my sleepiness kicks in, take a nap and when I wake up that is when boredom strikes me.

What I do most of my afternoons is turn on my magic sing and sing and sing to my heart's content even if I am so out of tune. I don't care no one's here listening me just my baby that falls asleep after a couple of songs lolz. Love songs is what I'm so into these days. Love it, soothing to my heart that longs to be in the Philippines again and most of all, love songs bring back old good and not so good memories in my teenage days.

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