Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not Happy With My Purchases

I had a fun day strolling at the mall today with my baby. I bought a few things that I love and was able to find some great deals on other things like the cargo pants at Macy's, orig price was 20 bucks and bought it for 9.19, the cute top from body central worth only 7 bucks. Those were some of the purchases I wanna keep and use, the lotions from bath and body are definitely gonna be returned.

I thought I got a deal on them but I came to a conclusion that I wasn't. Although the original price of each bottle is $10.50, I bought 6 bottles of it (233 ML per bottle) since buy 3 get 3 free for 30 bucks, aside from that I also bought 3 for $10 small bottles of the same scent which individually cost me 3.33 each, all in all Bath and Body Works store cost me 40 dollars. I am not happy with it compared at Victoria's Secret's 8/$35 (250 ML per bottle).

If I shopped at VS I could have saved a few dollars...geezz looks like my husband is gonna be driving me again tomorrow and I know how he hates it, he doesn't like driving on his day off for he drives a lot when he is at work, but nothing he can do, I am the boss so he must obey me LOL!

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