Friday, May 28, 2010

The Way She Describes Grape Juice

Baby girl tonight is being silly. We are out of orange juice so I gave her grape juice with lots of water mixed in it. As she is not so used to drinking grape juice, she didn't take it when I gave her the cup with juice. She completely turned it away. I put it on her high chair just so she can grab it later when she decides she is thirsty and drink the juice.

Then moments later, she was back and looked at the cup. She then said "gross, yuck". Silly girl, how could she say that? As if it is truly gross, by the way she described it, it made me ponder, what is going on in this little girl's brain? I don't blame her though, the color of the changed is dark and has changed color since I put half water, half juice in it.

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