Friday, July 27, 2007

Goodnight PPP

Ok,I give up! They truly stop posting new opps now. So must log out of here also while my headache is not attacking me yet. I will be the one to suffer if pasumban naku akong gibati diri. So tomorrow again PPP. Man,I am loving this site though sometimes it gives me disappointment and tampo kunohay!

It is only 9 pm still early but I have not been feeling well lately!! I am looking forward to more opps tomorrow on PPP and payu2blog. Naning au ang taw oi para maka wawart hehehe...

0 for 3 days

3 days had passed without me getting an opp to any of the leading money blogging sites. Whatta boring days for me.I felt useless about not being able to let dollars come into my paypal. Could it be my fault that my blog is blogspot and it is often excluded domain in every opp?

And today,when I log in to PPP there were 8 opps already,7 were gray and I only got 1. I just hope they will still post new ones later today to give chance to those who are left behind. I know I complain alot about money making because I really want to have an income,though not much but at least I am making money each passing day.
But in this situation that I can only grab opps rarely,nahhh pasmohan bitok ko ani way pamugas?

GMAC Real Estate

I have always been wondering of how real estate investors make money since the business of opening or buying and selling houses and apartments never stop in the market.I watched on the news last night and it is really proven it is a good business to be involved with. There was this man who will just sit in his porch with his cell phone ringing all the time because of his customers. And mind you he lives in his 5 acres ranch with a big house and few horses that he never rode.
What a nice kind of life he has. There are plenty of ways to make money in this world and he choose the right one for him.

Talking about real estate, I would like to share to my readers about this certain website
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Back Hurts

Iam sitting way far beyond the original seat when in the computer.I don't want to get close to the monitor because I don't want to get headache early. I have been online for 3 hours now and so far I am doing fine. Only my back hurts sitting in a swivel chair and can't see the monitor clearly. I am getting hungry too! Damn,looking for money is not easy at all.

I must do this and try not to get away from here until 5 because who knows I can have another opps from PPP.

Drug Rehabilitation

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Australia's cheap hotels

I just knew recently that Australia is a continent that is also a country by watching a popular show called Are you Smarter than A 5th Grader? Thanks to that show because it teach me things I did not learn from elementary. Australia is a great sunny sunshine country with lots of things to do like surfing.So if you are having a plan of visiting the country refer to the link provided wherein you can find cheap hotels. I would like to introduce to you its cheap hotels in Sydney,click to the link provided to learn more about the hotels and a place of your choice to stay Sydney

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Kamingaw gayud

Yep,true nag ka anam kamingaw ang kalibutan sa blogging ilabi na PPP. If I only knew that blogspot has only very few open opps on PPP then I could have used the bravejournal site before daghan na unta ko nabuhat ron. Pero way pag basol nga mag una..I did not expect man pud nga mo join sa money making through blogging. At least nalang naa koy gamay agi kaysa wala.

Pero, naka pait kay my other blog has still 0 PR. Anyone knows unsaon pagpasaka sa PR?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Such a boring and slow day for me so far. I check all of possible money making websites if they have any offers waiting for me but still none. Including PPP. They seem to be sleeping right at this very moment. It takes forever to wait you know that?

However,I am doing something in the computer right now so I can wait when are they gonna hurl me some opps to post. Good thing about being on the internet is you can never out of things to do because there's always lotta sites to open.

I will wait a little longer for opps maybe they will show up later. If not I will have to stand up and get out of here and finish taping the butt of my box so I can move the stuff into my box.

I will see then how much do I need to put there until I can totally seal it ready to be delivered. Weeww lucky them,wish they were the ones sending me stuff from America.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Orlando Vacation Rental

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Contemporary furniture

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Laag ko ganina

I just got home tonight from laag to get a box for possible gift to the Philippines this Christmas.I am hopeful that I could fill the box with stuff by October so I can ship it by then and it will arrive on time.
It is a long drive from here for the store where I got the box is in takes quite a drive huh. Well,it is ok because Rosalie and her husband went to pick me up and drop me home after the trip. I had fun. Then from Dallas we went to meet her friend,which is my friend also because she introduced me to her through the internet a long time ago and it was our first time to meet together. Kudos Rosalie!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

My older brother got into an accident

Yes,I was able to talk to him on the phone last night telling me that he was in an accident the other night when he and his other 4 barkadas were going to Takan and have some fun.
On their way to Takan,they were driving fast enough to bump to a multicab in front of them who suddenly stopped in the middle of the road without turning his signal on.

He lost control or it was too late for him to hit the brake instead turn the tricycle a little bit away from the cab but still he hit it resulting to broken leg of his barkada who happened to sit in the extension. He is lucky enough to just get a swollen leg but still it caused him money to repair the tricycle. If not,he has no no other means of living for his

That money is supposed to renew his franchise and driver license. He thought he was free and just relaxing for 4 days but he never knew it is going to be used on his leg.

P.S I just heard on TV Patrol World that a baby was born with a fetus inside his belly. Strange huh but the Pedia says it is rare cases that is happening all over the world. The last record was in Chile of '06 that is of the same case.

Metabolism Booster

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When we say thoughts, it pertains to emotions,heartaches, your thinkings,passion,love and everything that comprise thoughts.

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I myself really love to voice out what I am feeling inside because if I don't I feel like I am going to explode. I am living in a different country you know and here,I am battling with various kinds of emotions so I have to let it out by writing it through blogging. It really help me alot coping with boredom,homesickness and the feeling of being stucked in the house everyday because I don't drive yet.

In my own opinion, this could really be a great site to be joining not just me but for other people who think are emotional and have a chance to talk with other members online. I may have to recommend this to my friends so they will know about this site,create their own profile and probably meet new friends through this. What an amazing site huh?

If you have read this post of mine,pls do not delay,try visiting to their website now.

Thanks Goodness

I think I am very fortunate today because I was able to grab at least 3 opps already with payout of 10 each. It makes me happy,it's not much for others who have been blogging for so long and have higher PR on their blog.

But here comes the most awaited moment, I can no longer post from PPP wheewww..there are still lotta opps coming but its good though so I can quit sitting here and do some stuff around the house. I may have to check later.

Quite a challenge

Yes,it is very true to say it is giving me quite a challenge knowing that there are lotta opps posted on PPP right now and cannot grab them all. My eyes just simply go big when I refresh the page and there are already gray opps.It is amazing at how fast people can be to get atleast one opp for them to post.

KNow what? I am getting hungry now,it is 12:30 and I have not taken my breakfast yet. I choose to sit here and wait for more opps for me. I just wish that they continue giving us 10 bucks payout each or else I will have to grab the ones that are lower rates.

What scares me the most is when I will be able to grab one more 10 opp and it will say "You have reached the maximum posts for today" errrrrrrrwwwwwwwww pls Lord,I don't want that to happen yet.

Nayabag sa PPP

Naay taw nag lung-ag,nagpabukal ug tubig para sa lung-agan samtang nagpaabot nga mobukal niyaka sa computer unya suway ug abli kung naay kahigayonan sa bayad kada posta. Ug tuod kay naa man,hala nagpalabi sa gibati ug bira sa kahigayonan mao tong nakalimtan ang lung-agan.

Pagduaw pa perti nang hubasa kay wala namatikdi ganiha ra diay gabukal. Kalouy ug pagka usik sa tubig ug gas nag andar nga walay gamit.

Kinsang sala? kinsa? nganu? nganung gibuhat mo man kini Analy?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Princetown Live

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It is one of the longest running art colony in the country, established by Charles Hawthorne in 1899.

It lies on the tip of Cape Cod (MA) and have some of the best beaches in the East Coast.

Stellwagen Bank, which is just off Provincetown is named one of the top 10 Best Whale Watching sites in the world by the World Wildlife Foundation.

Provincetown is also largely known as a gay vacation destination though everyone is warmly welcome.

You can find more material to write about and photos to use in our web site, Provincetown

World's Fattest Man

A Mexican tipping the scales at 560 kilograms (1,234 pounds) will be listed as the world's fattest man by the Guinness Book of Records, while a loss of 200 kilos (440 pounds) may make him the man who lost the most weight.
"I'm glad to be in the Guinness Book as the fattest man. I am also happy to have lost 200 kilos," Manuel Uribe, 41, told AFP.
Uribe was able to leave his home in Monterrey, northern Mexico in March aboard a trailer to celebrate his weight loss.
Guinness has recognized his weighty achievement with a glass plaque.
"They gave it to me, I have it in my hands," said Uribe, who founded an organization to help overweight people.

Uribe's photograph appears in the 2008 Guinness Book of Records alongside a description of the treatment he has had and offers of surgery he has received.
Uribe said the editor of the book had promised to visit him next year, and held out the possibility of appearing in the 2009 edition as the man who had lost the most weight.
Uribe appeared on television in 2006 seeking help for his excess weight, which has plagued him for more than 20 years, most of which he has spent in bed.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hubby was so hungry

He was working in the yard so hard this evening riding his new lawn mower.His prize? I cooked him ribs bbq that Ivy taught me how to prepare. It turned out very yummy because I did exactly what she was telling me plus I wipe it with spicy Papa banana ketchup.

I was shocked because when I go to the kitchen and get my food,the rice cooker was already clean and empty. Wow,first time in history that he eat that much rice. I had a cup of rice cooked before I sat in the computer. Man,he must have been very hungry!!!

Math for children

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Digital Frames

I love cameras.I love taking pictures of different occasions or even in an ordinary moments that need to be captured for keeps. I am glad I am using a digital camera so it will be easier and convenient for me to take pictures as many as I want as it doesn't require films.Only needs to charge the battery when it is low.Unlike the old manual cameras,lots of hassles and not economical.

Speaking of pictures,there is a new way you can view your pictures automatically in a fine and nicer pixels. Without doing or touching your pictures. You now start shopping for digital frames on a special website called digital frame

It is a new technology nowadays and it is out in the market! Hurry get one for yourself.


I don't skip a meal not having a ginamos with it. It seems not complete without ginamos,haller kalami baya. WIth its dark una like a mud and very delicious odor,I just can't resist to it. I told myself once that I only eat ginamos once a day but grrrr it's calling me each time I go to the kitchen and get my food.

This morning I had it again,I was so hungry that I had to move and prepare my meal so fast. Because of negligence I did not there's one drop of ginamos' una in my dress. When I sit in the computer I was like a dog sniffing where the hell is the smell coming from.

To tell you,it doesn't smell good at all once it is poured somewhere.It was on my dress gosh I smell like a walking canal.lols... PAGKABAHUAAAAAAA NAMAN JUD SA GINAMOS SA SININA GINOO KO!

Bar stools

I am fascinated with different kinds of furniture. Including those are ones that are very useful in the household like the bar stools,office chair, tables,computer desks and the ones that your boys at home can use in the game room. But the problem is we don't have a bigger house for now. Knowing that you want to own some furnitures,you need a bigger space inside the house too.
Once we are settled and moved in from Sandy's owned house,I think it is a good time to start buying things I like.

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Reach Minimum Posts

Too bad for me,I only made 4 posts today and there was this 10 dollar offer that I cannot post because I have reached my minimum number of posts today. So I better log out from there and get my ass off the computer. It is better this way so I don't have to think about not getting any posts later coz I already knew I no longer allowed to do any tasks.

I am somehow given 2 new tasks from other site. Wow I am loving it. I love making money at home!

Remembering my old friends

I missed them so much.They were my classmates in caregiving course last 2005.And last time I visited the Philippines I wasn't able seeing anyone of them because I was kinda busy doing my thing. The other gal is already in Taiwan and we only chat so rarely because she's busy working.

Pictures attached are the pics that we took before I left here in US for the first time. We went picking up shells in Opon for fun. I was wearing white and it was muddy all over trying to pinch the shells that dipped in a mud.So when we were done my white blouse and shorts turned out to be brown and guess, they remain brown forever. Poor thing.

Haaay I missed the bonding I had with old friends.I have new friends now but of course being with old folks is a different feeling.

Why do people come and go in your life? Why can't they stay for good?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

no more time to edit

I am real exhausted now.I shall leave my posts unedited because my body can no longer do what its suppose to do.
My butt hurts,wasting my time posting that PPP do not accept but it's already there,I just leave it like that and delete no more.

Who knows when I get back to the computer this evening I will have the chance to be offered those missed opps again.

I can't believe I stayed here since 12 o'clock this afternoon with no break.I almost forgotten feeding our dog,poor Giza she only had one meal for today.

Shh I won't tell it to my boss or he might be upset with me not being responsible to his dog.


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win an iPod

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it is a big and common problem for people who sleeps with partners who do tooth grinding alot during night time,not only it is disturbing but it creates a strange sound that could make your hair stand up.

It reminds me of my brother,he used to tooth grind alot and it really woke me up during the middle of the night.

Cute Puggie Stuff

Wow this is such a cute website. Why? because they make really really cute stuff like mugs,t-shirts for toddlers,infants or even kids. I myself love collecting cute things like mouse pad or everything that is uniquely designed.

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Shall I go now?

I don't know what I am going to do. I am tired already,sleepy and name it all. My mind and body are arguing whether I go to bed now or wait a little bit longer because who knows PPP would continue posting more opps.

I don't want to regret it later for missing another opp.I may have to call myself lazy and useless. Man,life here is just like working really hard outside.

So sleepyyyy

Our bed is calling for me.I have been sleepy since we arrived home from the dentist this morning but I had no chance to do it.

I am sitting my ass in the computer because of the very important thing to do.I have not done any of my chores but it's ok ..after all,I have no boss around here. My husband is just a plain nice guy that he won't mind what I do in the house.

I am here staring at the monitor like I am so high with drugs,seldom I blink my eyes,they are so sore now and guess they're red also.

Second meal of the day

This is unusual for me because I got so hungry quickly while in fact it is not my time yet to eat. Well,I cannot blame myself because I am working so hard right here right now that makes my stomach wanting for food.

Another thing is that,I ate rice..unlike grits it takes hours for me to be full. I am happier now because I got lotta opps posted already. But I hello I had little sacrifices before I got those no?

Now enough of the complaints,let me eat my tinuwa and rice first!

My Sentiments

I'm not done with my sentiments yet. I just can't believe is so impossible..yeah lots of opps posted moments earlier but I was not able to get all of them.
I even posted 2 opps but when I submitted it,they say that all of the posts of the opp is already taken..nakks impossible because I would not paste the link in my entry if it was already full.

This is very disappointing to me,I sacrifice myself for not going to bed and get some rest. I choose to stay here and I am very hungry again but I just ignore it because of the need to get the available opps for me. But look what they do?

This is not fair but I just have to accept my fate. I have to accept the fact that making money never easy.

Weeeww I'm like in Marathon

Why not? there are over 10 opps in PPP posted this afternoon and I only got i think 4 of them.I barely missed any of them because it is so fast so quick for opps to turn gray and once it is gray you can never get the opp for it is full already.

PPP got my hungry and nose sweating because I feel like I am in a marathon trying to chase the opps as fast as I could. But hmmm no matter how hard I try I still am slow. Including the computer,it is so damn slow that pisses me off...

Pretty Magnets

If as much as possible,I would like to make a collection of magnets stick to the refrigerator as notice or appointment holder that could easily be seen by other people that live in the house with you.

So far I have 5 of them. I like collecting patriotic or soveigners of a particular place or country like the ones featured on this site Promotional Magnets they have different designs and styles to choose from. I like the way they make their designs because it is very attracted and add decor to the frige.

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High Tech Blogger

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Feel like I have cleft palete

We just got home from the dentist today and I am glad I am done with my business there at the dentist's office.It is always a troublesome for me each time I visit there because teeth jobs are never easy. I just don't like the feeling when they start working in my mouth.

And today, I received 2 injections in my gums for numbing so they can work in my cavities that formed in front of my teeth and one way back. Yikes, I didn't like the needle being injected just so darn painful. I'd rather have it injected in my arms rather than in my mouth.

Until now,I still have the numbing sensation in my left upper left and it feels like I have a cleft palete. The nurse said it is going to feel like this up to 3 hours.. naks..tomas!

I am glad and thankful though because I now have my teeth fixed slowly. Next visit will be checking of my gums where they put antibiotic so I totally get healed of the periodontal disease.
Sooner, they gonna do skin grafting...much more painful than any other mouth jobs.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I say goodnight to u

Goodnight everyone. I will go to bed now.I had enough of the internet today.My head is aching,throat as if wanting to throw up...

Well, it is 12:03 a.m here now so I think I deserve to rest. PPP keep me awake hoping that I could grab some more opps..but too bad I only had few today...

Good night everyone...see you again tomorrow yoooohooooooo

Help I am hungry

I am very hungry at this moment but I cannot leave the computer. It is around this time where PPP opps usually come out. So far I am getting 3 and I am happy about it. Though I am not getting a high price post but it is still ok with me.

Better than nothing right? I am very hungry because I keep thinking about a fried fish waiting for me in the kitchen to dip in ginamos with spices. Who would not love that?

Well,I am still hoping that there still alot of opps coming up because I am here trying to sit in the computer wanting to grab some more. Hehehehe selfish me!

off to bed out of plan

I wanted to stay in the computer longer last night and go back to yahoo and chat with my friends who are online but my body just couldn't stay any longer. I spent almost all my time yesterday in the computer and mid evening I was already tired and sick.

As if the food is right in the middle of my throat ready to go out. So I managed myself to just get the hell out of the computer room and go to bed. I even left the dirty dishes unwashed.

I am glad that hubby understand me and just let me rest until I get well.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

25 Romantic Summer Date Ideas

Enjoy the last lingering days of summer with your partner during one of these great summer dates!

Enjoy an outing of horseback riding in a scenic spot.

Share a romantic picnic for two.

Spend private time together during a camping trip.

Go for a boat ride on a lake.

Share a romantic dinner on the beach.

Take a moonlit stroll.

Spend the day at an amusement park.

Visit a county fair.

Talk over iced coffees at your favorite café.

Spend the day window shopping together.

Visit your local wineries for a day of wine tasting.

Swim under a waterfall.

Share a sunset dinner anywhere.

Spend the day playing at the park.

Go on a nature hike together.

Enjoy the Jacuzzi by candlelight.

Go on a day trip and visit a nearby town.

Play a game of miniature golf.

Have fun in the pool together.

Share a sunrise picnic.

Enjoy a concert in the park together.

Have a romantic dinner aboard a train.

Watch a favorite sports team play live.

Enjoy dancing outside to a live band.

Go to a local farmer's market, or even better visit a local farm

Making me whoaaa

Shossss here goes my tummy again. Grrr I am trying to stay in the computer longer to chase after PPP opps but pc makes me wanna go oh oh ahh know what i mean?

As if food wants to come out yikes I don't like the feeling.I am trying to make a living here but there is this sickness hinders me from doing things I love to do.

When will I get over this with? Ayy gonna take a break for a while because I still have a mountain of dishes waiting for me to wash.Plus I have not watered my plants outside.Gosh so many things to do!!!! Ciao

Throwing my 16 bucks away

Goshh I am so so very careless.. I was wondering if hubby received a message from paypal today because it says here in my dashboard on PPP that I have been paid $16 but it did not go through the paypal email that I use on their site.

When I recheck it just now, grrrr it is lacking one letter and I wonder if I can still get my 16 bucks? hohoho here I am trying to make some money but destiny is just so cruel to me that I keep losing some of my hardwork.

What am I going to do? Somebody help me!

Branson Getaways

Taking a break sometime and going somewhere fun is cool. Beaches,pools or going for an adventure in different countries are what most people dream. It is good to have getaways sometimes to give yourself a break in the beach,enjoy with family and to create a quality bonding time with them.

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Click on the link now and find out about the prizes to be given away for their 10th Anniversary. Who knows you could be the winner of free vacation?

I pity for hubby

He took a day off yesterday to get everything done in just one day,he dropped me off to Annie's house,then went to buy a mulching kit for his new mower,drove to Mansfield hoping he can get to talk to one of the inmates in jail regarding the house payment because it had been long due. He drove there for almost an hour each way but to his dismay,he just saw the notice that female inmate could be visited only during odd days. And he went there yesterday which was even.

So he had to go back to Fort Worth driving for nothing. Haaayyy poor him. Maybe he will try next time and he will get lucky?

Berndes Cookware

I love cooking as well as eating. Finding the right choice and very good cook ware quality is my priority. I want to be comfortable when cooking so I like very much prettier and sets of cook ware that don't stick especially when frying because I like frying a lot.

Introducing Berndes cookware offers a variety of cookware products including cookware sets, sauce pans, skillets, stir fry pans, crepe pans, grill pans and dutch ovens. Berndes has multiple product lines offering both stainless steel and non-stick aluminum cookware; glass and clay lids; and coordinating cooking tools, gadgets, and accessories.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pissed off

It is getting late now and I still can't finish what I have to do on the internet because the computer is getting weird, each time I try to open yahoo page it will hang up and never get to check my mails. Not only that, my yahoo messenger is also screwed up. Each person that sign in or out I will get disconnected right away which is beyond my control because I cannot stop people in my list to not log out/in.

Trying to download a ym but still having the same problems. Anyone can help?

Who Wants to Make More Money?

I do want to make money. And more if I have a chance of making money. For sure,we all do. Yep,that is right!!! In fact,there is this interesting website that you can visit to get an advice or idea on how to get green bucks.

Everyone wants easy money,bloggers can make easy money just by making reviews or advertising products on their blog. And I am one of them though I am not making enough for now. I just learned that Save More Money and Make More Money has tips on how to make money not only that it also tackles on saving money.

Don't you think guys this site is interesting?

Dream Come True

I have been dreaming alot about "ginamos" lately. In fact,I get pissed when I only dream of it but when I wake up there's nothing. Now I finally have a taste of it because I got 2 bottles from Annie. Lucky me,she only gave me those for free hekhekhek. She also gave me a bottle of "hipon" so it's nearly complete except for the "kamunggay".
That's the only thing missing in America for now. Hopefully, Philippines would export frozen kamunggay leaves too?

I want to share a picture of my ginamos with tomatoes,onions and cucumber. Hmm look at that don't you wanna try it? bleeehh palit imo..jowk po!!!

Want to hear the latest news?

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For more information on website and to join for free visit Qoo Forum

Know me a little bit

I am having a slight headache,I just got home from Annies house getting my exotic food that she had for was do damn hot that made me feel sick..arggg the beauty of being in a hot and humid state.

Darlene momma ty for this tag. Now I am passing this to Annie

1.Your favorite : red, black, green, blue, yellow?

2.Your first initial?

3.What month were you born in?

4.Which color do you like more, black or white?

5.Name one of your friends?
*Rose and Annie

6.Your favorite number?

7.Do you like Flying or Driving more?

8.Do you like a lake or the ocean more?
* Ocean

9.Think of a wish, but don't write it.

Answers at comment box!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Poor hubby

I can't forget about us driving to Oklahoma. I was so rude that I farted in the car,windows closed while hubby was eating the hamburger when I suddenly farted. Ewwww I was not thinking that my pair was eating I just let it out. I don't want to stop it because it hurts my stomach.

There is already a lot of gases inside so I might as well burst it out. I don't know what he was thinking of me at that moment. For me it was very unacceptable and couldn't stop asking sorry. Man I cannot imagine if other people farted right in front of me while eating surely I cannot forgive them.

What can I do? I will suffer if I didn't do it. Poor hubby!


57% of men/54% of women----admit they've cheated at least once on a spouse or serious partner.

74% of men/68% of women---- say they'd cheat if they knew they'd never get caught.


34% of women think watching porn is cheating.

Only 17% of men do.

Almost 40% of people believe that having cybersex is cheating


3.5 Hours each day that a young woman spends in a bad mood

18 Average number of times each day that a woman laughs

30 Percent of young women who say they're "very happy"

27 Percent of women who say they turn to comfort foods to improve their mood

80 Percent of women who feel more emotional the day before their period begins

Real definition of "Mayabang" and "Nainggit"

pinoys are just too quick in labeling someone else as "mayabang" when in reality the subject is just versed in something the "naiinggit" doesn't know about, or when the so-called "mayabang" is simply feeling proud of his own accomplishments or just plain happy about something.

There is no problem about being proud because it is human nature to be happy about a particular occasion, moment or even a new purchase. Yabang becomes yabang when the person starts flaunting something that he doesnt even earned, possess or achieved. There's a big diference.. but the whole point is, being mayabang is a way of a certain person acted when he/she is insecure to those people who seem to be higher than him/her. In contrary, the real mayabang is - they raise themselves by lowering others.. Its a human nature that some filipinos sometimes tend to do some acts that would catch other`s attention.

Financial Reporting Software

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Study the whole site,their services,products and solutions and hopefully you will be glad I introduce this to you.

Still Tired

I am still feeling tired from yesterday's driving.I wake up a little too early today because my mind can't stop thinking of the possible opps that is open right now. So I got up.

When I am done with these,I may have to go back to bed and get more ample sleep for me and my baby.

I would like to thank you friends for the wishes and nice comments you made on my other post about my baby! I love you all.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can you do 12 hours drive?

Yep,we spent our whole day yesterday driving to Oklahoma picking up the Zero Turn mower that hubby won on e-bay. It is worth the drive though because it is heavy duty,looking nice and apparently new with only few hour use in it.

I went with him because I thought he was going to stay at a motel inn after getting the mower but I did not know he was going back right away. So what happened was we ended up driving for the whole day. We leave the house at 1 o'clock in the afteroon and came back exactly 1 o'clock in the morning. Wow,can you believe that? We drove having only very quick stop to get some gas or pee. And after that,we get on the road as fast as we can.

Knowing also that I am pregnant, I am still in my first trimester period where I am battling against heartburn and any other prenancy sickness.

Too bad

I don't have enough time to finish all my assignments today because I am really running out of time. We are driving to Oklahoma and it is estimated 5 hours drive one way so I gotta be ready so hubby won't get upset with me.

I don't want to be left alone for the whole weekend because it bores me to death. So too bad for me,I just hope when I come back the remaining assignments are still available for me to get because sayang kaayo!

cookware set

This amazingly created cookware set are best suited for people who like staying in the kitchen for fun. Try cookware set to select different cookware sets that you desire and start cooking with your new set of cooking.

This could also be most loved by newly wed couples,I know how important it is for them since feeding their stomach is necessary to avoid eating out so often to save money. I too need to buy some more of the cook ware set for we only have a few piece of them at home. If you are interested go click to the website provided and learn to look for items that you prefer and you think is durable in quality. It is a fine site for you to be looking for your cooking needs.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Watchband Biz

Watch Bands is a company that specializes on selling quality leather bands and watch accessories. If you want to add style to your watches or simply looking for something special to make your watch look elegant go to that page and you will find out there are various bands available. Leather bands coming from Bijou,Alligator,crocodile,ostrich,shark,calfskin and a whole lot more. Oh they also have metal bands if you prefer one for you,you can pick stainless,solid,folded,mesh,PVD,expansion and titanium. Not only that synthetic bands are available plus tools and extra cares.

I don't have to name it all because there are numbers of them,just take your time exploring the site. It is so nice to have some kind of signature watches with you.It makes you feel good and above all,it is good as a collection. I can only understand why some people spend too much on watches collecting different brand names only for display and never wear them.

They may addicted to it or perhaps could it be their passion? I am always longing of having an expensive watch with high quality materials of course because I believe they last forever.But I will just wait until I have enough money to buy it.

My Baby

At last,I met my OB doctor,the tests went smoothly and I guess I have no problem with my health and body so far. I just wanna share my baby's 13 weeks old picture in my tummy.

Yep, that's him or her...I was so happy and I truly believe now that I am really really pregnant because of the solid evidence it shows. Yeppeyyyy I will be soon become a mommy!

Family Matters

Yes it does, family is the most important thing to have in life. Without it,you will be lost of nowhere. You need to feel loved,accepted and a sense of belongingness are people's basic needs when it comes to emotiones.

We all know also that it is the basic fundamental unit of society.With that said,I would like to introduce to you Family Matters to truly comprehend what comprises family. Here you can learn about the whole being of itself,understanding one's emotions,learning about sex,marriage,bringing your children towards a better life and how society or environment affects their characteristics and behavior.

Speaking about family,I missed my family so much for they are being left behind in the Philippines and it is not easy not being able to see them often especially my two little siblings who are very close to me. I remember during my childhood,my brothers and I used to fight alot that it drove our parents nuts.As if they did not know how to deal with it. Now that we are all grown-up I am pretty sure they are relieved because we fight no more,if we still do it will be in rare cases but bloody hehehe.

Visit the site and you will learn alot from it because family matters, Family Matters shares interesting insights and
experience on building and maintaining a loving family.

Have a great day!
I don't know what to do with this post.I just found out that it got rejected and I am kinda disappointed.If i did not check my reviewme site I wouldn't know it because I am having difficulty opening my emails and I don't see their notice for me that one of my posts got rejected. hohoho.. Family matters to me is an exciting post.Hope they will approve it soon!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is he Normal?

See how the guy in your life compares with the rest of them,from sex habits to snoring. By Meredith Bodgas.

Normal by the Numbers

53 Percent of men who spend two minutes or less getting dressed for the day

8 Number of books the typical guy has read in the past year

3,290 Average amount of credit debt, in dollars, a man has

39 Percent of guys who snore

84 Average number of times a man has sex each year

77 Percent of men who say they call a woman within two days of a great first date.

OB Schedule

Tommorow is my first OB schedule.As far as I know,I am going to have a sonogram to have a better look at inside and probably going to have a papsmear also since it has been over a year now since I had my first papsmear ever.

I am looking forward to it and somehow feeling shy because nobody wants to open your legs to other people and show the most delicate part of your body except to your better half. But then again,I need to do this for my own good and for the baby. However,I believe I am healthy both inside out but as a married woman you are always being pumped or squirted by something juicy from your husband's...hmmm hehehe I guess you know what I mean?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Bad do You Fart?

Farting is fun especially if it is in front of your friends or family for fun. But be careful who you're farting with because it might offend other people. For me,farting is good,it relieves your aching stomach due to gas running inside,gas makes you sick also.

But let me ask you this? do you fart silently or detonating it like a bomb that everyone can hear you when you do it? I usually fart with loud sounds because I often have lots of gas in my stomach. No harm though,it's not deadly and doesn't stink.

I tell you,beware those who fart silently because,the more they are silent,the deadliest the farts are hehehe...funny huh! It is fine with me if you fart in front of me
as long as you warn me about it. No offense folks!

Very full

Man,since I got up this morning I couldn't do anything but sit in the computer.Even until now can't get my ass up and do chores.
All I did is chase opps and editing my new page. I only rest a little while to cook something to eat and after that go back to the computer.

Right at this moment,I am feeling so full because my appetite opened up to "utan bisaya tinonoan". Hamal to the max and not stopping I eat a bowl of it. Big bowl huh.
Share you a pic of my utan,it's a not good pic though because it's dark in the kitchen.


Paging to all my friends who keep visiting my page on here. Ivy just built a second homepage for on bravejournal,please add me up to your houses because I want it to be known to you.

here is the link thank you in advance friends..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Wow I guess everybody knows about Jordan brand shoes. It is a signature brand of shoes and surely nobody wants to decline if they were asked whether they want a pair of Jordan shoes.

Air Jordanmen are usually who are crazy about wearing them. That is according to what I have noticed when walking on the streets,restaurants or in the mall.Not just that,Jordan shoes having shoes for all ages including kids as well as for women's. Even I myself loving them but hey I want them so bad if somebody would give at least a pair of Jordan shoes for free hehehe.

Wait until I can get an income for myself so then I will treat myself those shoes.

Love sharing your thoughts?

People are sometimes emotional and so they would want to release the heat they are burning inside through talking it to their friends or simply by writing it into words. A lot of them also love to write their thoughts and be the best writer of themselves.

If you would like to join or be one of the writers online, join Qoo Forum.This is your place to enjoy,meet other writers or make new acqaintances by creating your profile. Don't worry it is free membership.In their site you can do alot of things or even search anything you want. Not only that you can learn how to make money,invest and do business of your own. Just do your thing on Qoo Forum.It is a new forum with revenue sharing features. They have broad topics to choose from money making to sports,news and everything under the sun.

I may have to join this later on so I will find out about this site by myself and hopefully I would enjoy staying and be a member of their site. This sounds pretty interesting too. I tried my first quick search on the website and I found it very useful when giving information. What I like the most of it is that I am able to listen to other people's opinion especially about music. I so love music and guess I am keeping track of the new releases today as well as new bands or solo performer that is just new formed.

Qoo Forum tackles everything. Can you imagine you can either search on google,yahoo and other big search engines. It is fast to download graphics and easy to use website.

Interesting questions

It is Tuesday and I feel lazy today. Hubby is out for work and I am left alone in the house again.

I rather make the post quick because I'm hungry for hipon and mais kan on. So here's my answer to your tagay Ives...

1. where is your dad right now?* He is in the Philippines

2. last time you kissed someone?* when I woke up @midday

3. name five things you did today.* Checked for possible opps,but none* Farting* Sitting in the front porch*Shaving lalabs* Doing this survey

4. last person you text messaged?* Rosalie

5. what kind of phone do you have?* none for now

7. where does your best friend work?* who knows? i got lotta bfs

8. what are you listening to?* lalab's edging in the yard

9. what do you smell like?* baho utot

10. what color are your eyes?* brown

11. have you ever done a chinese fire drill?* nope

lol12. what color is your bedroom floor?* wooden covered with blue rugs

13. do you have a chair in your room?* Nope

14. what are you doing tomorrow?* i don't know yet

17. do you know someone named Betsy?* Yes the person i have on my friendster list

18. what color is your mom`s hair?* black

19. do you have a dog?* 1 Giza

20. do you remember singing any songs as a kid?* Yeah.

21. are you married?* I am. Happily

22. when was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?*last night

24. do you play an instrument?* Nope

25. do you like fire?* No
26. are you allergic to anything?* no

27. do you have a crush on anyone?* yeah neighbor across the house he is just plain decent and clean looking young guy

25. do you have a best friend?* Yeah

29. have you ever been to a spa?* Yeah! but that was when i was in PI

30. did you take science all four years of high school?* Of course since first grade AKA grade 1,LOL!
31. do you like butterflies?* Yeah

32. do you miss someone right now?* Very much! My family back home and pinoy foods pud

33. do you think they miss you too?* Yes, im sure they do

34. have you ever seen your school counselor?* Never

35. have you ever wanted to be ateacher?* No

36. what is one thing you've learned about life?* that you cannot call anyone your best friend because they are the ones who likely to get jealous of you and bring you down

37. what`s your favorite color?* pink and blue

38. is anyone jealous of you?* JANET ZAMMIT TAGA MALTA BUANG

39. ever been stuck in an elevator?* No and I hope not.

40. what does your mom call you?* an an or bali

42. what`s your hair look like?* shiny and smooth

43. has a friend ever used you?* perhaps i may not know it

44. has anyone told you that they like you more than a friend?* don't think so

45. what have you eaten today?* grits,few pieces of adobo left over and pork soup

46. is your hair naturally curly or straight?* Straight.

48. who was the last person you drove with?* Nada

49. what are you looking forward to?* Weekend.

50. how are you today?* i'm fine,hungry and lazy

Happy weekend guys!

Giving this tag to daffodale!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Things to do As a family

In a busy family lifestyle it can be easy to forget that families, as a group, need love and attention too! Spending enough quality time as a family will strengthen your bond with your children, and truly teach them what a family is about. You may pleasantly discover that most squabbles in the home are due to a lack of time spent with each other. The more your children can expect to be with you, the less they'll have to fight for your attention. This is where a weekly family night or date really makes great strides toward family unity. In fact, you can go even further and help grow your child's confidence in the real world by letting them plan the family nights. Give them a budget and time allowance, and let them do the arrangements. For younger children, give them a few places or things they can choose from. Make sure to keep in mind what they want to do.
Now that you're ready to tackle the world together, what should you do? Below are a few suggestions for perfect family time activities to get you started!
-- Include your children in your hobbies. My husband and I were pleasantly suprised that when we took our daughter to the driving range, she wanted to play as well. Now, our golf time has become a family activity that we all enjoy!
-- Make a day or time period JUST for your children. This works best when you do it individually with each child. During your time let them do whatever they want to do. For our daughter, we do this about every other week. We have a room full of games and toys and she just picks whatever she wants to play with, usually games, and we play for up to a few hours together. She absolutely loves the time, and always feels closer with us when our time is up.
-- Like I mentioned before, set a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly family date night. Here are few suggestions of places you can go:
amusement park
local carnival or circus
miniature golf
movie theater
out for ice cream or a special dinner
local zoo or marine park
roller or ice skating
day at the park, beach or lake
nature walks
musuems, especially ones with children's exhibits
local landmarks
go sky watching
sporting events

Pork Adobo

I am not far from home today,that is how I feel. Why? because I tried making myself pork adobo this morning for my breakfast and I did it successfully. At long last,I was able to feed my hungry mind about eating something porky with fats and meat in it. It is so yummy because it smells great,it tastes good..I dip it with spicy vinegar that makes it complete

I was home in the Philippines for quite a while eating my pork adobo to match with grits. Haayy it ain't really easy being deprived of the foods that you used to eat almost daily when you were still in your own country.

Next time,I wanna try litson kawali since I still have some pork belly meat left. Yum yum!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I ask the Heaven's above when it is going to stop raining while in fact it already poured heavy rains for the past 2 weeks already. Today is still rainin' grasses all wet, dark skies,no sun shining at all.

Happy are the plants because they have plenty of water to drink that make them look green and bearing alot of fruits. But what about those who are working outdoors? My husband is one of them, he seem to work with his patrol car driving around the streets looking for crimes. Then when he comes home I asked him why he is not wet. Then he would just answer back that he was wet earlier and he dried up.

Poor hubby. Unlike me,I am just sitting at home all day,comfortably typing messages in our computer. So it is fine with me if it keeps raining,it doesn't bother me at all because here I don't have to deal with flood and mud when I go out of the house.


I have came across to open the possible sites that could give me open and new opportunities that I can do today. And here it is, I have gotten one so far from a new site that I just joined.

They happen to give me "Just a Thought" website to help you relate with your thoughts about life,lessons, emotions,religion and everything that wrap about daily life Just a Thought is owned by a Singaporean blogger who can give you alot of lessons about life. You only have to read his entries and learn from it.

Sometimes you may wonder why life is so hard to live and why it is very complicated? For some people,they live life to the fullest,others aren't. There are also living with full of miseries that they want fellow human beings be in the trap they are in so to make themselves even. Worst thing is that,they just can't live by themselves and drag someone else's life.

I remember one time when I just got in US, after a few months of arrival here Friendster became one of my most visited sites everyday only to browse pictures of other filipinos who became successful in finding their partners living abroad. I never had in mind that I could meet such a pretty miserable,jealous and insecure woman from across the world.

She sent me ugly comments on my photos trying to hid her real identity but God was so good that He let me discover who she was. So I found out the real her and I was thankful that it happened if not? I will be very blind to continue befriending her online.

So from that experience, I learned alot about trusting people that you do not know.


Hear what God says: If I answer your prayer at once, it is because am testing your faith. If I did not answer your prayer at once, it is because am testing your patience. If I did not answer your prayer at all it is because I have a better plan for you. Remember God's promises are yes and Amen!

He is God not man, which explains why He can never fail, hold on, don't be discouraged, your miracle is knocking at the door of your heart. A little more faith is what you need to see all your needs met.

The Prayer Answering God is saying He has met all your needs. Send this to all your friends out there, and you'll see how God will respond speedily to your needs. Thanks for continuing this circle of prayer and word of encouragement may God richly bless u!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


What I am gonna do? I kept complaining about things in life. I complain about me being lazy to not go out for a walk with our dog why? because it is raining outside. It contributes to my laziness coz I just stay inside the house and do a little bit of house cleaning and that is all.

Our poor Giza seem to gain pounds everyday of her life in the backyard because he has no one to play with and do no activity to release the calories that she put on her body. Now I ask you who's fault do you think is that? Not mine


A job of a policeman never ends or it is no holiday at all. According to my lalabs,crimes don't rest even if there is holiday or not.So he must go to work. It is 4th of July and then again I couldn't watch the fireworks display because no one will gonna drive me to the park.

As usual stucked in the house all day sitting in the computer and doing a little bit of chores. It is ok though because I was lucky enough to grab at least 2 opps from PPP tonight. They are not high paying opps but it is fine with me as long as I got 2.


What Your Soul Really Looks Like

You are a warm hearted and open minded person. It's easy for you to forgive and forget.

You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.

You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.

Your near future is a lot like the present, and as far as you're concerned, that's a very good thing.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Tagay from my dear friend Ivy. Thank you for passing this to me that only means you have never forgotten me char magdrama ba hekhekhek.

1. Analy
2. Anne
3. An-an

1. Making lumpia
2. Doing the dishes
3. Money making

1.Air supply

1. Cuddling with hubby
2. Shopping
3. Dining with friends

1. Everyday by Agot Isidro
2. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
3. Could've have been love

2.Ang buhi
3.Long legged manoy oi

1.My Mom
2.My lil sis,Alex
3.My lil brother Esmael

1. Stuff for future baby
2. cell phone
3. Cash for shopping

1. Blogging
2. Watching movies
3. Cooking

1.Philippines of course
2. Bahamas
3. Italy

1. Hello Kitty
2. Tweety
3. Tom & Jerry

1. Sandy
2. Esmael Jone
3. Hanz Lorenzo-- I want this to be my son's name if ever it's a boy

1. Macy's
2. Target
3. DSW

1. Chinese resto
2. Jack in the Box
3. Pinoy Resto.

2. Coke
3. Lemonade

1. Lipstick
2. Handkerchief
3. Money

1. Victoria's Secret Dream Angel
2. MKA
3. Dior

1. Blue
2. Pink
3. Red

Haayyy I have no one in mind to pass this tag you can do this also whenever you feel like it.

So darn tired

yes,my back and lower back is aching. Couldn't take myself a quick nap. So this is what I've got today. Pains all over or could it be one of the symptoms of pregnancy? Who can tell?

Also I am frustrated of my previous posts on PPP coz once they get reviewed they reject it.Good thing about them is they give me a chance to edit the mistakes in each particular post. It is very time consuming you know.


I kept my day busy by trying to make some vegetable lumpia and it took me a couple hours to finish it. Now I tried frying just one piece and the smell is simply irristible.It scattered all over the house that makes my stomach hungry. I am tired already, no rest since I got up this noon.

But before that I have to do some tasks in the computer while they are still available.


I am a wife who does not work but taking care of the house. Doing the things what need to be done and make sure that hubby's needs are met. With that being said, I still feel no use at all because he is out there,working hard to support his newly built family and I am not helping anything at all when it comes to finances.

And last night, he called me around 10:00 to inform me that he will be hours late coming home because by that time he called he still gonna take the woman to jail accused of felony and stealing checks. My husband normally comes home at 10:15 at the most but last night wasn't nice for him. It took him 3 hours OT to get his work complete. Surely, making a police report of that serious crime he dealt last with is truly a pain in his ass.

So finally,1 o'clock in the morning he arrived and still managed to stay in his composure even though he looked rugged and very tired. I am just thankful for that because I is always a nice man even tough times come.

Monday, July 2, 2007

lazy me

Today,I spent much of my time looking for opps to post.And because of that,my chores have been left behind. Like I have not done doing my is getting dark now and they still sit in the sink.

Haaayy whattah life like this..good thing though is that I have no boss around so I can be myself..I can be lazy as I want to....

The Sweetest words From Lil Bro.

This post is kind of late because it happened last Friday night when I called the Philippines.
I learned that little my brother is very fond of somebody who just moved in the other house next to our house in the Philippines. Each time we talk on the phone he would never forget to mention a certain girl named Ate Che-che.

I am kind of jealous though because I feel like she found another Ate through this young woman and I cannot be there with him. And so I told him this, Adong I am no longer your Ate because you have new Ate now. And guess what he said back to me?

He said,no are still my Ate because "MAHAL KITA" and I was amazed...he spoke tagalog and expressed himself by saying the sweetest words a lil brother could every say to his big sissy who is missing him dearly. Hoohohoho I was touched by a lil angel's words really!


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Friends in Pinoy Restaurant

It was my second time to dine in at Filipiniana Restaurant yesterday in Bedford and at that time I had my friends with me,Rose and Annie. We went there after church and a little bit of roaming inside DSW shoes warehouse when the 3 women felt hungry.

It is only 5 minutes away from the mall where we were at so it was just easy to get there. So we ordered, bangus na daing,pinakbet and La Paz Batchoy..hmm sounds yummy? yes indeed but I thought we have waited for too long to get the order because they cook fresh food maybe that's the reason why it has taken them so long.

The wait is worth it because the food was really yummy and I might have to share pics of it later.


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