Thursday, July 5, 2007


I ask the Heaven's above when it is going to stop raining while in fact it already poured heavy rains for the past 2 weeks already. Today is still rainin' grasses all wet, dark skies,no sun shining at all.

Happy are the plants because they have plenty of water to drink that make them look green and bearing alot of fruits. But what about those who are working outdoors? My husband is one of them, he seem to work with his patrol car driving around the streets looking for crimes. Then when he comes home I asked him why he is not wet. Then he would just answer back that he was wet earlier and he dried up.

Poor hubby. Unlike me,I am just sitting at home all day,comfortably typing messages in our computer. So it is fine with me if it keeps raining,it doesn't bother me at all because here I don't have to deal with flood and mud when I go out of the house.

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