Monday, July 23, 2007


When we say thoughts, it pertains to emotions,heartaches, your thinkings,passion,love and everything that comprise thoughts.

Free Blog to post what is on your mind in the website and read other people's blogs also. It is free and no hassles. There you can learn anything just by reading what other people might have written and relate it to your own experiences.

Thoughts offers blogs for everyone, so sign up for a free blog, upload your videos, photos and share your podcasts all in one site are just one of the many reasons why join

I myself really love to voice out what I am feeling inside because if I don't I feel like I am going to explode. I am living in a different country you know and here,I am battling with various kinds of emotions so I have to let it out by writing it through blogging. It really help me alot coping with boredom,homesickness and the feeling of being stucked in the house everyday because I don't drive yet.

In my own opinion, this could really be a great site to be joining not just me but for other people who think are emotional and have a chance to talk with other members online. I may have to recommend this to my friends so they will know about this site,create their own profile and probably meet new friends through this. What an amazing site huh?

If you have read this post of mine,pls do not delay,try visiting to their website now.

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