Thursday, July 19, 2007

no more time to edit

I am real exhausted now.I shall leave my posts unedited because my body can no longer do what its suppose to do.
My butt hurts,wasting my time posting that PPP do not accept but it's already there,I just leave it like that and delete no more.

Who knows when I get back to the computer this evening I will have the chance to be offered those missed opps again.

I can't believe I stayed here since 12 o'clock this afternoon with no break.I almost forgotten feeding our dog,poor Giza she only had one meal for today.

Shh I won't tell it to my boss or he might be upset with me not being responsible to his dog.



haze said...

hoy Igat hehehe....daghan kaau opps tonight mga dagko ug offer...

Di-ay murag humana man ka sah? Dako man na kaau moha picture uy...kabalo ka unsa-on nako para mugamay na? I save nako sa akoa computer then i upload nako sa akoa entry then mugamay hehehe...sahay man gud sa PPP dagko kaau laha pics so ingon ana-a na lang adios pud

Annie said...

hahahah poor giza wala na napansin hehehe. Pati ako day na addict na. Tapad naku akong bana nagduwa sa iyang computer then basa basa news unya naa sya sulti ingon hilom kay naa ko gibuhat hahaahaha


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