Sunday, July 15, 2007

Real definition of "Mayabang" and "Nainggit"

pinoys are just too quick in labeling someone else as "mayabang" when in reality the subject is just versed in something the "naiinggit" doesn't know about, or when the so-called "mayabang" is simply feeling proud of his own accomplishments or just plain happy about something.

There is no problem about being proud because it is human nature to be happy about a particular occasion, moment or even a new purchase. Yabang becomes yabang when the person starts flaunting something that he doesnt even earned, possess or achieved. There's a big diference.. but the whole point is, being mayabang is a way of a certain person acted when he/she is insecure to those people who seem to be higher than him/her. In contrary, the real mayabang is - they raise themselves by lowering others.. Its a human nature that some filipinos sometimes tend to do some acts that would catch other`s attention.

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