Friday, July 6, 2007

Pork Adobo

I am not far from home today,that is how I feel. Why? because I tried making myself pork adobo this morning for my breakfast and I did it successfully. At long last,I was able to feed my hungry mind about eating something porky with fats and meat in it. It is so yummy because it smells great,it tastes good..I dip it with spicy vinegar that makes it complete

I was home in the Philippines for quite a while eating my pork adobo to match with grits. Haayy it ain't really easy being deprived of the foods that you used to eat almost daily when you were still in your own country.

Next time,I wanna try litson kawali since I still have some pork belly meat left. Yum yum!!


Anonymous said...

yummm u'r making me hungry ryt now!! sakit pa baya kaong bab akay naibtan ug wisdom tooth pero yumm mingaw biatw jud ko ug mga pagkaon sa atoa. lahi man jdu oi kung gikan s atoa no? whahhhh lami nakaayu uli huwat nalang ko 2 yrs from now hehehhe maglista ko daan! mwah!

Hubport said...

Lechon Kawali is going to kill you slowly. But now worries, all of us will die anyway. So, take the pleasure of eating delicious food and Enjoy it!! You will rather regret not doing it. =p


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