Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Interesting questions

It is Tuesday and I feel lazy today. Hubby is out for work and I am left alone in the house again.

I rather make the post quick because I'm hungry for hipon and mais kan on. So here's my answer to your tagay Ives...

1. where is your dad right now?* He is in the Philippines

2. last time you kissed someone?* when I woke up @midday

3. name five things you did today.* Checked for possible opps,but none* Farting* Sitting in the front porch*Shaving lalabs* Doing this survey

4. last person you text messaged?* Rosalie

5. what kind of phone do you have?* none for now

7. where does your best friend work?* who knows? i got lotta bfs

8. what are you listening to?* lalab's edging in the yard

9. what do you smell like?* baho utot

10. what color are your eyes?* brown

11. have you ever done a chinese fire drill?* nope

lol12. what color is your bedroom floor?* wooden covered with blue rugs

13. do you have a chair in your room?* Nope

14. what are you doing tomorrow?* i don't know yet

17. do you know someone named Betsy?* Yes the person i have on my friendster list

18. what color is your mom`s hair?* black

19. do you have a dog?* 1 Giza

20. do you remember singing any songs as a kid?* Yeah.

21. are you married?* I am. Happily

22. when was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?*last night

24. do you play an instrument?* Nope

25. do you like fire?* No
26. are you allergic to anything?* no

27. do you have a crush on anyone?* yeah neighbor across the house he is just plain decent and clean looking young guy

25. do you have a best friend?* Yeah

29. have you ever been to a spa?* Yeah! but that was when i was in PI

30. did you take science all four years of high school?* Of course since first grade AKA grade 1,LOL!
31. do you like butterflies?* Yeah

32. do you miss someone right now?* Very much! My family back home and pinoy foods pud

33. do you think they miss you too?* Yes, im sure they do

34. have you ever seen your school counselor?* Never

35. have you ever wanted to be ateacher?* No

36. what is one thing you've learned about life?* that you cannot call anyone your best friend because they are the ones who likely to get jealous of you and bring you down

37. what`s your favorite color?* pink and blue

38. is anyone jealous of you?* JANET ZAMMIT TAGA MALTA BUANG

39. ever been stuck in an elevator?* No and I hope not.

40. what does your mom call you?* an an or bali

42. what`s your hair look like?* shiny and smooth

43. has a friend ever used you?* perhaps i may not know it

44. has anyone told you that they like you more than a friend?* don't think so

45. what have you eaten today?* grits,few pieces of adobo left over and pork soup

46. is your hair naturally curly or straight?* Straight.

48. who was the last person you drove with?* Nada

49. what are you looking forward to?* Weekend.

50. how are you today?* i'm fine,hungry and lazy

Happy weekend guys!

Giving this tag to daffodale!


Daf said...

hello anne, good evening ninyo dira!! oyy plastada man lagi akong name diri akoa ra man isa. hehehe!! salamat kaayo abi nako forget nako nimo lolz...OA ayo ko ay!!! i miss you!
sige dawaton nako ni imonmg tagay para sa imong BABY dira sa tiyan^_^.muaaah...
Have a nice weekend!!! God bless

janine said...

hoy buntis wala paka na human sa imong tag oio..tua pay usa sa akong balay..hehehhe adtoa nya to ha..


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