Monday, March 31, 2008

Stinky Yet Yummy

Courtesy of Annie that I surely love.I would not refuse if she give it to me for free.I asked her to buy me some when she had the chance to go to Hongkong Market weeks ago and would just pay her through paypal.She agreed to it but when I got 2 small packs of dried fish from her she refused to be paid so hmmm thanks a lot for this stinky yet yummy buwad,Annie.

The whole house stinks like rotten rat right now especially the kitchen.I already spray the stove top with Clorox but still stinks.I don't know what else to do with it ,doesn't bother me nor my husband though so I just let it stink like that.

tv wall bracket

Having small tv in public places like the library,doctor's waiting room,conference room or hotel lobby is a must because this is to entertain the customers that come in.I also seen some of churches that use mounted tv on the wall so people or worshippers at the back that are far from the altar could see the priest in the altar.I could say that they are using a TV Wall Bracket inorder to hang the tv up there which is indeed very useful.
if you want to do this at home,you can make it happen by purchasing TV Wall Bracket at sell all kinds of wall bracket and who knows you can find what you are looking for that you cannot see in your local stores. Go browse their products on their website.Just simply click the links provided.Enjoy shopping.You may want to keep this page in your favorites for future shopping,just go ahead and may you find their site useful.

Attending the Baby

Yeyyy I got quite a good sleep last night eventhough it was too hot and I was sweating.My hubby did attend the baby.He was the one feeding Jadyn,when I woke up he was already finished giving our baby her milk that I am happy because I could just go back to sleep right away.

Surely he realize that my job at night time is not easy at all for waking up numerous times for the baby.Wewww good job lalabs! I applaud you that for doing my job for me even just for a night.

donate my boat

Having everything I need and surrounded by love are just one of the many blessings I should be thankful for. I have a very responsible husband that provides my needs as well as my baby.I am very fortunate to have been blessed by God.

Oh well,that is how I describe my life.If only every person in this world should appreciate the gift of life they have.I don't understand why some parents get impregnated and when they have children they just ignore them.Speaking of children,let us help to join their Donate My Boat program so we can help those unfortunate lost children. Every boat you donate means so much to them.This is done by Angel Ministries is the root of boatAngel, they use boat donations to create children''s animations and anti-drug documentaries. At you can preview several of the positive media produced by their ministry instead of (like most donation firms) the salaries produced for those who work there. (positive children''s animations), (anti-drug documentaries) and (teen boys rehabilitation homes), and uplifting books into prisons are just a few of the worthy things we do.

Let us set examples to those who have fallen,give them hope through Donate My Boat,this way you are not throwing away your old boat but help those mentioned charities and NGOs keep running for the goodness of the society. If you know anyone that is willing to be of helping hand,just refer them this link that I have above.Help save children.Touch lives by your warm love.

My treat for grocery

I tried saving up some money for future travel.Someday,God will allow 3 of us to visit the Philippines and that I am saving my blogging money and try hard not to touch it so I can have something to spend while we're there.

It isn't growing fast for I am sending money regularly to my family now.Papa has not been driving so it's just right to help them a bit in their finances.Last Saturday,we went for bulk grocery shopping including big boxes of diapers and cans of milk for our baby.We went to Sam's club coz by doing so we can save a few bucks if we do buy groceries in bulk.It just feels good to pay for the whole grocery stuff in my own hard work,that was almost $400.I volunteer to pay for it because my husband has been paying big medical bills from maternity.

I feel proud of myself because I was able to help my husband by paying the grocery today.Thanks goodness I am useful now.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to Work

My husband is back to work again today.I felt like he only had 2 days off because on Saturday he went to court to testify on something related to his job that took him 7 hours over time.It is considered overtime 'coz he's working on his day off,good in our side 'coz he's got 7 hours overtime pay..hehe yum yum..

Not good on my husband's side for he lost one day of his rest.Oh my life of a cop! It will be 9 more years before he can retire so antos lang usa babylove kow!

Kudos Ivy Sterling

Look at my beautiful header guys! Don't you notice something has changed? The header itself matches good to the title of my blog. I salute Ivy Sterling for doing all this.She is the person behind in beautification of my blogs.All of my blogs are being designed by her. I don't know how to pay her hardwork but for now all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH Ives for the hardwork and exerting so much effort for making this blog a pleasant place to stay for everyone.

Someday,I can do a favor to you I hope. Ivy is such a good online ka berk.I have never met her in person yet,wishing to see her because I owe a lot to this girl. She's a good online friend of mine whom I met on friendster almost 2 years ago.She simply said hi to me there and there we are..we clicked right away and from then on we became good friends.I feel closer to her eventhough we have not seen each other in real life.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mother Of Two

Ok there is a little jealousy in this house right now.I guess you guys are aware of that.A jealousy between a dog and my baby. Well,this little chichai of ours felt that she's human too.She came 2 months ahead of our human baby,Jadyn last year and that she used to be our center of attention.When our baby was born,it's kinda like our attention to her is only a quarter to what we give to our baby of course,Jadyn will be most loved and cared for 'coz she's human hehehe..

Anyways, Chichai has nothing to be jealous about because we treat her like one of us too,we play with her,give her love,food and take her out sometimes.Whenever we are seated,she's always there with us,beside me or in my arms that is when baby Jadyn is is asleep. When we watch a movie each night,it's either she's in her dad's lap,shoulders or wherever she likes to sit.

I consider myself a mother of two because chichai is our first baby and that...mas atimanonon pa noon kaayo siya kaysa taw nga baby! Baby Jadyn is just so easy to care for! Absolutely gorgeous and truly an angel sent from up above!

pamper your cat

Pamper your cat by providing a cat needs.Pillow,soft pads,right food and water and most especially a cat tree.Buy cat stuff at contemporary furniture? They have it there.You guys check it out.

We do have an adopted cat here but she is going in and out from the gate so we do not really take good care of her but we do give her some food and water though so she will continue coming back to this house for mice purposes.

Simple things...

Small things can please me.Do simple yet great things to me then I will be overjoyed knowing the fact that you care for me,that I guarantee you. Every single good deeds that I think is pleasant to me will be remembered forever as long as I still have my breath.

I have such very good memories that amazed everybody.I love to smile,to laugh,be happy,worry free and most of all love life.I know it is complicated and has many obstacles but what can we do? We are here to live and spread the love we have.GOOD MORNING!

acne treatment

I have real smooth face.I am just one of those few people that do not have problems with acne.So lucky I was born to have healthy skin aside from having scars of course. I never had a single big pimple,if there was any,it was just so small that was not obvious.Thanks goodness. My classmate in highschool was the exact opposite of me.She just had acne all over her face including her neck and back,I do not know why that was. I told her to buy acne treatment so it will get atleast a little better.She did not listen.

Friday, March 28, 2008

What You Love The Most About Your Husband/Partner

Wow interesting thing to do from Francine.I love memes like this because I can brag some of my husband's nice qualities as a person hekhekhek..conceited? Di no?
  1. I love my husband exactly as he is why? He's the smartest and broad-minded person I've ever known in my whole life.
  2. Very responsible husband and dad.He never failed to skip a single responsibility/obligation in this house especially bringing his family to medical/dental appointments.
  3. Handsome/humot bugan/humot ilok-- he is good at spreading his sex pheromones at me that makes me stick to him and smell those parts where I find very delicious hekhekhek.oh don't be dirty minded..kaw ha?
  4. Most important characteristic of him is that his devotion and dedication to me.Grabi! Hanep! Wala akong masabi.
  5. He's always been a good lover that makes me wanna go ohh ohh ahh ahh!! You know what I mean?

Since I find it cool,I wanna hear you out guys.Time to speak out why you love your husband.Passing this to Rea,Analyn,Ivy,Twerlyn,Darlene,Ritchella,Annie, Rose,Laura and Marie Sweet Lullaby.Do it para way sumbag sa dila! Jowk!

looking for a drug rehab?

I know how tough it is to decide whether you are goin to bring one member of your family to a Drug Rehab for him to be able to get help from his addiction.It is hard in his part to be away from the family but it is only for his own good why they are sending him to Drug Rehab center.Once he get healed,that would be fine now to go back to his family and start a new life with them.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

no matter what,.. matter what happen,I swear I will not stop blogging.Even if..I am hungry,carrying a baby with me typing only with one hand,I will not let it hinder me for blogging is now part of my busy mornings.As long as the baby is comfortable and not crying...

No matter how stormy or sunny it is outside,I would still be on my computer not worrying of what is gonna happen next..I was born to write,to express my own realistic thoughts...therefore,I am destined to blog.

amazon discount codes

Ok,let me say that I am a big online shopper.I look for cool stuff on the internet I am bored or just killing my time in the computer. I usually look for cool tops that are simple yet trendy.So does my husband.He bought almost all the things he owned on the internet,can you believe that? Speaking all these,I wished that there should be discounts for purchases made online so that we can get less of the items we buy. I just happen to open this website that gives Amazon Discount Codes,yes it is cool don't you think? My husband is a big Amazon shopper himself so he could probably get Amazon Discount Codes at so he can save atleast a few bucks upon checking out.

When he is on the computer all he has to do is shopping,shopping and one time I came to him and good timing he entered something into the seller's items that he bought,I asked him where he can get the code to use for discounts,he said that it is the seller who gave him that. Wow but not all the sellers are kind enough to give such thing.If you are one of the addicts online,then you should get codes for you to use too.

so hungry..starving to death

I already cleaned my intestines this morning by releasing the solid waste material from yesterday's eating.As expected,after doing that my stomach is emptied and hollow that is when hunger strikes me.

I am busy for this moment yet very hungry but I don't know what to eat,don't know what to cook neither.I may just have instant food so I can eat right away.Wish I had somebody here to cook food for me on me.

Before and After Pregnancy

BEFORE.... 9 months pregnant

AFTER.... baby is 2 months old...very recent...

I was doing blogging the first photo even though I was so big and belly keep distracting me because lots of kicking going on inside.And when I gave birth to my daughter,I still do the same thing.Truly nothing can stop me of my addiction.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Talking Babies

Watch this adorable twins guys.I am sure you will like what you see in this video.Just thought of sharing it here because they're so adorable.I watch it over and over again with a grin on my face.We'll see if you can say no to it.Enjoy the video!

currency news

I am aware of what is happening in a current situation of dollar exchange rates.I have been sending money to the Philippines and it disappoint me each time my family can only receive too little while in fact I send quite a bit of dollar here.It is always good though to keep watch of what is going in the money market so we will know when the exchange rates of dollars will go up again.For daily or monthly informationdo try to visit this website to read on Currency / Business News.Here,you can follow the current monitary news for everything is updated promptly.

I just wish that the crisis that our country is suffering will be over so there will be no more hunger,robbery and so on and so forth.I cannot believe that the value of dollar is as low as what is the current exchange.The lowest in history since I have known and received dollars in my life.Not good and I am kind of chuckled about this.There is nothing I can do to make it better but try my best to make some money as much as I can.

Giggles and Smiles

The only time my baby can ruin my mood is at night time when I so desperate to sleep and she wouldn't let me sleep.It pisses me off when I am tired,sleepy and wanting to rest and couldn't do it. But all in all,I am so alive and happy mom.

As I am typing this entry right now,my baby is lying down beside me having fun looking at the ceiling fan.Giggling and smiling a lot.Wow it's just like a real cool soothing music to my ears to hear her making nice sounds.

What a joy being a mom and proud being one! She simply makes her mommy very happy.She pays off my hardwork last night.

just bare lingerie

I must admit that after pregnancy,I feel like my body is a stranger to me.It totally changed me alot though I like the way I look now than before but the fact that my belly is getting my way when I try to fit my old small tops.I can wear jeans but there is no way I pair them with small tops that I used to wear before.Hence,I may be gaining back my trust that perhaps someday my belly would shrink a little bit then I will be ok.

I wonder if I can still seduce my husband even if the belly is kinda big.I am wondering that a sexy lingerie from website can help? We will see.I will try to see lingerie, sheer lingerie, Plus size lingerie on their online store and perhaps I will buy a couple sexy lingerie for myself for my husband. is an online lingeriw store that has a
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I got this very useful hint in my e-mail.thanks to the ones who forwarded it to me because through it I learn atleast a bit today.Have a nice day guys! Happy blogging too!

If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM
machine, you can notify the police by entering your Pin # in reverse.
For example if your pin number is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The
ATM recognizes that your pin number is backwards from the ATM card you
placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you
requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately
dispatched to help you. This information was recently broadcasted on FOX
TV and it states that it is seldom used because people don't know it
exists. Please pass this along to everyone possible.
Have a great day,

getting an online degree

I came from a poor family with 6 siblings.My father is the only one raising the whole family because my mother has always been an at home mom to take care of the kids as well as taking care of the house.My father is only a driver.He used to drive a tricycle as we call it in our country,Philippines.I just admire him because of his hardwork he was able to send me to college. I chose to only get an associate's degree though because I wanted to finish the soonest and help him if I can get a job.

I took Business and Information Management and unfortunately I did not even get a job related to my course.Probably because I was too incompetent or companies would doubt to hire me as I was so skinny looking that they will not believe if I can do good to them when I work in their company.Or perhaps my destiny was not to be rotten in the Philippines?

Getting a degree have always been in my mind even until now.But since I have a baby,it is impossible for me to do. Good thing though that I am now in America and everything you wish for seems so possible for you to get as long as you have the determination to do it.I was looking for online colleges, online degrees to different schools already and none seem so convincing that interest me. I may have to try searching for it one more time and see if I can find the only school that I like. Oh,how about joining to college schools that offers scholarships? That is a wise idea.

America can make things to happen.Yes,we all know that we can now earn online colleges, online degrees, in a distance education program, a weekend program, or by other nontraditional means.

2008 Desktop

Hayy didn't know I was tagged by Twerlyn for 2008 Desktop View.Well,thanks for telling me 'bout this day.My pleasure to share to all of you my beautiful desktop view.I just recently changed my view from Jadyn's birth to her recent photo.I hope you like it guys!

careflorida drug rehab

Living in this sinful world where there are many temptations is very difficult.We are only human beings and that we have our weakness and shortcomings of our life.One of which is being tempted by drugs no matter how hard we try to avoid it.There are just some people who is weak that would eventually be saying yes to it eventhough he or she knows what risks she's taking into.

I have known quite a few people who got hooked to different drugs.The most common used drug is the meth-a white powdery substance.In our country we call it as "shabu" in short.There are also those who are using marijuana,ecstacy and so many others.Addiction varies in different categories though.Not only drugs that you get addicted but also to alcohol,cigarettes and many forms.Just to name a few.

If you are in Florida state and is looking for the best Drug Rehabilitation then turn to because they offer you a wide range of programs and individual treatment plans to help meet your special needs. Whether this is your first attempt at change or you are a veteran of a previous rehabilitation program.Because they believe that the unique program they have can be a great help to you. You are now facing a new experience - recovery.Do not look for any drug rehab center anymore for you found the best of the best for their caring community of professional staff and peers are available to help you achieve this goal.

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Not Having A Good Sleep

Good morning everyone.How's your day so far? Me? I just got up,it's kinda late than my usual waking time but I needed to stay in bed a little bit more because I was not getting enough sleep that I deserve.Baby was all fussy all night,making me awake from time to time.

I was kinda pissed because just when I start my dream then she wakes up and makes a lot of noise.I don't know why.I thought that she is getting better at sleeping at night.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mom And Dad's Little Sweetheart

Our baby is the greatest gift God has given us. Our world as a couple has changed drastically when baby Jadyn came into this world.She bind our love together more strongly than ever before.This family is now complete.With Baby Jadyn and Chichai in our home makes this family a happy and blessed one like no other.Baby ko,please know that mommy and daddy and chichai love you so much our little girl,the only little Princess of our life.

online poker

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Good news for US residents because they can play poker in this website.This UK-based poker website is aiming to provide you with poker room reviews and in depth analysis of the top sites with the best bonus possible - most are exclusive to their site.

This is how it is done,if you go to a specific poker page like the Bodog Poker,they have certain amount of bonus percentage that they can offer to their players but once you are there,I mean to their site you can just use or enter the bonus code IP500FREE - you get a 150% up to $500/£275 Bonus + $25/£15 Free Cash. Yes,this is really true.What a nice place to be playing poker because of the bonuses.Not only you can have that but also you can get to enjoy the best site that you have choosen.

Nice If You Finish All Chores B4 Dark

...because my mind is set to blogging now.No more thinking over unfinished chores around the house.Feels really really nice eh. I just had my shower and my hair still damp.Hmm I am ready for my husband to arrive in 30 minutes.

Baby is doing good.Sucking milk and certainly she is going back to sleep when she's done.Good girl.I love her so much.Chichai has been good too.No more poops/pee in the house.She now knows how to use her little door to go outside.thanks goodness.I feel relieved.

need cash?

Shortage of money is unavoidable for we have too many bills need to be paid.Some people pay a mountain of bill that is why keeping up with it is too hard resulting to lending some bucks to people they know. Others would spend too much more than they are earning.That is not good.If you are a responsible person,you should know where your limits are when it comes to shopping. If you happen to read this entry of mine and is looking for an immediate cash advance,try Payday Loan maybe they could be of help to you. Visit is the solution for anyone in need of a quick, easy, confidential way of emergency cash. It only takes them few minutes to complete the online applications for approval from lenders,so easy and simple.And what is good about this website is that in just less than 24 hours,your loan will appear safely in your account.If you need quick cash,turn to Payday Loans ABC because they are always there willing to help you.Worry no more,you are just so lucky to have found this company that is offering its hands to you so you can borrow money ahead of your payday.Remember to pay it on time though to avoid high interests.

So Quiet

Blogging community is so quiet today.I wonder why? I did not expect it to be this lonely and quiet today because it's the first day of the week.Usually,blogging sites are so nice in giving out fair opps.

I've waited and waited until the evening comes but nothing happened.There were only very few opps that came out today and luckily I grabbed 2 $15s. Enough for today though atleast I did not get 0.Hopefully,opps will be rich later tonight..We will see if my little wish will be granted.

gay rehab

Being gay is not bad at all.That is my own opinion.Some men think that they are gay because they choose to be gay.They act like one,they dress like gay and therefore they feel feminine.They tend to tell you there is a female soul inside them trapped in a male's body.

I am open to befriending gays.In fact,I had 2 friends in the Philippines who are gay.They are fun to be with and there is no dull moment when we are together because they are just plain funny.One of them in my knowledge got hooked to what we call meth,a white powdery substance that they inhale through the use of a lighter and foil.I do not know how it's done but that's what they say. If only I can save my friend and get an Addiction Treatment then I would recommend him to try looking for a place that is exclusive for gays like him.

I found this website,it is a website that is clinically recognized drug rehab committed to the LGBT community.Here,is the perfect place for gays because they understand addiction treatment for gay community.They provide drug rehab and Addiction Treatment for people of alternative lifestyles in a calm and comfortable environment suited to dealing with all of the social aspects of addiction as it concerns the LGBT community.

This Says All About Me

What Your Easter Egg Says About You

You are truly optimistic, open, and hopeful.

And your optimism gives you the courage to live life adventurously.

You love new experiences, ideas, and challenges.

You see life as a fluid, growing process.

This says all about me.Yes,I am an adventurer kind of person.I am not afraid to take new things which I have not tried before.Yes,I am optimistic in life.What I dream is what I want to achieve.I will not give up until I don't see myself being successful.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Baby is So Sweet

As long as my baby is feeling alright then all I can see in her face are priceless smiles for me. It tickles my heart to see my baby happy. She is still sleepy right here.I was from the kitchen and have my ice cream here in the bedroom so I can watch my baby at the same time be on the computer.

She was kinda half asleep.I bend down and look at her face and teasing her with a smile.She smiled back at mommy a few times despite of being sleepy still.Wow! That's my baby! So sweet and truly mommy's little sweetheart! She is just here beside me,lying down quietly waiting for mommy when I'm gonna be done in the computer hehe..

Grown Up Now

You Are 71% Grown Up, 29% Kid

Congratulations, you are definitely quite emotionally mature.

Although you have your moments of moodiness, you're usually stable and level headed.

I guess everybody has his kid side of him,right? I myself has that too.I cannot help it,I am just human.It's not good to be so serious all the time,I can get wrinkles with that easily.Though I may be childish at times but I can be mature when the needs arise.

best web hosting

I have 6 blogs in total but in different website that is hosted for free.I have 2 domains which I am only paying for getting its domain name.I am not sure if someday,those remaining blogs that are in free hosting websites going to last forever because they are just hosted in blogger and bravejournal.Therefore,I would like to get my own hosting for my blogs and currently I am looking for best web hosting on the internet so I can make a good deal for it.If you are too,looking for the best web hosting,try visiting and look around and see if you like their pricing for web hosting.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

What An Expression!

This is how my baby looks when she's sleepy.Crossed eyebrows,tongue sticking out with bubbles in the mouth.I caught her in action while doing this.We always fight when she is sleepy and wouldn't close her eyes right away.The more she cries,the more mommy will tease her.Poor baby,always me trippan ni mommy.

real cool stuff here

I ask you,what would you do if you found a certain online store that sells a whole lot of stuff from home decor,electronic gadgets,houseware,clothings,bridal gown,digital cameras,computers and many others that has very very low price? Would you shop right away or let the chance go by? I was going through all my links saved in my computer and forgot about 4th and I was curious to refresh in my mind of what this website all about.When I opened it,I found it to be a China Wholesale website in which you can find a lot of cool stuff like what is mentioned above.I see that they also sell lovely stuffed animal toys starting from $2.54 which is very very cheap and affordable I think.I look for stuffed toys in our local store,I found that their toys are a bit pricey compare to 4th.As early as now,I would like to gather some stuffed animals for my baby so that when she is ready to play and be able to recognize the color,shape,size and the kind of animals she has,she can tell me what those are.

Yeah,you cannot believe how this website sell really affordable stuff.They have everything you need,trust me for I have been making a tour in all their shop categories.You guys should check this out especially to the ones who love shopping like I do.

Spammers Back Off

Stupid spammers get rid of my blogs.I don't need you to ruin my tagboard by leaving me your rude comments. Go back to the place where you belong.You are not welcome here! You know that I really hate you!!

Does anyone knows how to prevent spammers from coming back to my sites? I have encountered this problem in bravejournal before but I cured it.On their site,you can just choose the option of putting an image of confirmation in the general settings page so that people have to enter the code or image after submitting their messages,that way it helps minimize spamming in your blog.But here in blogger,I have no idea as to how to do it.

Mover NYC

If you are in the New York area and is planning to move away from your current place of living right now,get the service of shleppers to help you move your home to a better place.Your valuable things will be taken care of so no worries. Let mover NYC be of help to you.Just visit them online at I know a friend who is going to get rid of the cold New York so I might tell her about this pretty soon.

Wish This Is Going To Be Over

I hate thinking about my passport has been expired for almost a year now and am still not doing anything to get it done.It is ready to be sent by mail only need 2 finger prints so it can be mailed out to the post office. But I am too lazy to do it always letting it rot in the corner,I think it's just a habit of Filipinos having this "unya na" attitude until when the time comes I need it,I need to rush because I did not do it ahead of time.

I thought my husband is going to the post office today but he felt tired and had something to do so he refused going there and mail passport documents.Guess,mabahaw napud nig maayo imbis ready na unta naku e send...

chemise make a great gift

Make it an every day Valentine to your wife's life.Make her feel special by always letting her know how much you love her and give gifts as often as you can.A chemise can make a great gift to her so she will always feel beautiful and sexy while being in your arms. Shop for a chemise at,they do have tons of sexy lingerie to choose from.Just pick the ones you like best.

Shh Baby is Sleeping

I have to lift my ankles up when baby Jadyn is sleeping because any small noise that I make can wake her up and that is so dangerous.Once she shocked herself and open her eyes,expect for a big trouble to come. I need to stop what I'm doing to put her back to sleep.

She is a type of baby that snores and yet shallow sleeper.You hear her snoring but in a minute,she's awake. I hope her sleeping habit will get better soon so I can do my things for long hours without worrying of baby crying. She is only 2 months old anyways so I deeply understand that.

mini trampoline

I have seen it a lot on movies or even on regular t.v shows about that big and round circle thing in people's backyard where kids or big adults enjoy jumping on to it.I thought wow that is so cool to have because aside from enjoying it I can also get my sweat out for it is sorta way of exercising my tired body.I never knew what its called until there is this advertisement popped up in my window. It is called mini trampoline.A mini trampoline is a great gift idea! Mini trampolines are suitable for children and adults depending on model. Excellent for fitness use as well!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Addicted to Steak

My husband and I are really into steak much.No we don't go out for a steak.Yes,we cook our own food at home especially steak,this is what we are into lately. We either grill or fry it in a very hot pan.The result? Yummy,juicy,tasty and oh irresistible.I keep complaining about my belly getting big each day but if my husband prepare a whole piece of steak for dinner,I can't say no to it.

I don't care if we are pigging ourselves for steak. I never knew about it.It was my husband's idea making a sizzling steak for himself,I tasted it and liked and so I can now compete with him eating steak. Good match with rice and have some oranges afterwards.The result? BIG BURP!

compare credit cards

When puchasing huge amounts of valuable assets or applying for a loan,you have to build points to your account before you will get approved.For example,if you plan to purchase a house,some company would ask if you have good credit history.Though there are those that have less hassles.

Before you go to a bigger issue,all you have to do is search for the best credit cards that could give lots of benefits.I think I know a website which allows you to Compare Credit Cards and search for the one that best suits you. If I were to apply,I would want to choose a credit card that would give me no charge or 0% interest.I am not particular of the name as long as it will not give me problems while using,then I will go with it.

Speaking of credit cards, website is the best place to Credit Card Applications,instant approval credits and many more services that they can offer.You can get card by category as well.For more information or any questions in mind,just visit their website.

Sagging Belly

Look what pregnancy has turned my body into? I looked at myself in the mirror and I was shocked of my body upon looking at it. My belly! Oh my belly! Sagging belly and on each side from abdomen down to my waist is nothing but flubby me! I don't like how my body looks now hohohoho..!! Flat butt,big fatty sagging belly with small arms and legs,so ugly.I know it sounds terrible as it looks but that is how I look now,a tadpole.

I need to take a quick action to this before it gets worse.Exercise! Arggss huna huna palang gani ko daan kapoy na kaayo paminawn.I need to do this! I need to do this! I hav e an exercise ball and 2 sets of dumbells,all I have to do is implement my plan.

Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord for I am so blessed with everything.I am living the exact life I dreamed 8 years ago.This is it and I am very happy with my life right now.Oh,I have a very good husband,a beautiful child, a life that is easy yet complicated and most of all opps to do.

Yes,I have been getting fair opps lately,not much but enough to make a few bucks and very content with it for now.I keep getting opps from the other site for this blog which I like because it adds up to my savings in paypal.Hopefully,I can have our poor house finished in few weeks time,cross fingers for that.

Not the classy house as many of you think when having a foreigner husband,no ours is just an ordinary house that my family needs,for them not to suffer from wet floor and roof dripping when it's raining. Also my father has stopped his driving because he is ill.He's maintaining a 300 peso medication a day.Yawar kadaku asa ka manangkong ana? All I can do to help them is send them some money to help their finances.

Natural Beauty is What I am

You Are 22% Fake

The real you is something you embrace and don't mind enhancing.

You know that a few beauty secrets aren't a big deal, as long as you look good.

For me wearing your natural beauty is what a person looks good.You can tell that she is beautiful if she doesn't have her make up on,I am a person who believes,simplicity is beauty and for that make up is not in my vocabulary.When I go out I only draw my eyebrows with a pencil and put on a light lipstick,that's all it.If you were to scan my kikay kit,I guarantee you,you can never find any make up coloring for the face in my belongings.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

He is So Cute

One of the cutest guys in American Idol Season 7 is Jason Castro from Rockwall,Texas.He is only 20 years old and yet oh so cute!! Kinikilig!! Kinikilig si Mommy Anne here hehehe! I just love this kid very much by the way he sing,the way his eyes look,the way he smile naks simple makapungil ug bag-ang!

My husband doesn't admire people who can just "sing" nor call it "talented" but he told me last night that he likes the way Jason sings than any other Idol contestants.The only thing he hate about him is his dirty hair. "Why can't he get a decent haircut?" Asked my husband.Yeeyyy we both like Jason Castro! I am glad that he made it to top10 so I can still watch and hear him singing on t.v.

dual diagnosis treatment center

Only very few people understand that drug rehabilitaion patients have an underlying mental or emotional condition that include the following illnesses depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder or a number of eating disorders and that Drug Rehab is not always the best solution to drug addiction.How many of you guys looking for a rehabilitation center that will give a 100% proper care and concern to the loved ones affected by any kind of addiction? Surely not all centers will be as good as the expensive ones. Putting your family at a Drug Rehab specifically will help a bit of his recovery that if he cooperates fully to the people working with him.Here is a quick lesson here,the dual diagnosis is often used interchangeably with the terms co-occurring illnesses, concurrent disorders, co-morbid disorders, co-existing disorders, co-occurring disorder and dual disorder.This is done and is necessary when an an individual is affected by both chemical dependency (drug addiction / alcoholism) and an emotional or psychiatric illness.

For more information regarding dual diangnosis treatment,visit them on their website.The site alone should answer all concerns you may have and if you think you need help,just do not hesitate reaching any of the staff or to their helpline number written on the left side of their page.You may also request a phone call from them by filling up the form.

Simply Pretty!

You wouldn't believe if you know that this very very pretty girl named Kristy Lee Cook came from a small town in Salem,Oregon because she looks sophisticated.She is 24 and yet very pretty looking.You know Americans look older than their age but this girl right here is just guapa kaayo! I love everything about her.
From her crowning glory,smile,face,eyes and sexy body just looking absolutely gorgeous! 2 weeks in a row she's in the bottom 3 but still surviving.Thanks America for voting her and for keeping her in the show!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Smiling

I can't describe how fulfilling it is to be a mother. It is such a big achievement for me having my baby in this world,seeing her first few smiles and playing by herself alone.This is simply "heaven" as I call it. Her smile is so contagious that ease away my back pains and soothes my tired body.

This morning I caught her smiling by herself while I was busy doing my blogging.When I turn around,I saw a very beautiful picture of my baby having fun looking at the hanging bear over her head.Proof is the picture attached.

SEO that works

Being involve in blogging world,it is important to maintain or gain traffic to your blog each day.Why? Because the higher the number of traffic you can get the more your page will become popular.Not only that,most othe advertisers prefer bloggers who have large number of visitors each day because that way,their product can be exposed to the world quickly.I as a blogger needing a Search Engine Optimization that really works,with no drama or whatsoever.I want my page published in all search websites as well.

There are a lot of SEO companies that is good in promising for guaranteed traffic but I am not sure if that is true.In fact,I have submitted to different Search Engine Optimization sites already but my blogs' standing when it comes to ranks are still way too behind of others.I also tried yahoo for example but they are asking for payments to submit my blog to them.Hello,I am not willing to pay if the amount is unaffordable because I do not have a stable job for now.

I know you guys out there are doing the same thing as me.Working hard doing some blog hopping,visiting tons of pages each day but only very few will return your visit.Isn't that annoying? There is only one solution I can think that really works. By submitting your blogs to then you will create a name on the internet in the long run.

I'm So Thankful

You Are 94% Thankful

You're an incredibly thankful person, and everyone around you feels very appreciated.

You inspire people to be more optimistic, forgiving, and grateful.

Of all the blessings I receive each and every day,I should be thankful for the Lord above.Yes,I married to the most wonderful guy I have ever known in my life and that alone is a big blessing to me.Much more blessed when God gave us our bundle of joy that makes this family complete small and happy one.I have no regret of the things I did before because that made me to be where I am now.I feel like I'm on top of the world having such precious family of my own.

Managing and Training Students

Being productive in any industry is what everybody most aimed for.Why not? It makes us feel good,make everybody around us happy and proud.And most of all,makes you want to look for days where you strive hard inorder to achieve the success you have right now. If you are the boss,hiring,looking for people to work for you,of course the first thing you would want to look for in a certain applicant is his knowledge and capability of doing a certain task.And for that,there should have schools that will do Managing and Training Students to become a better individual when they are done with their studies.Looking for internship school? Why not try the Internship Institute? Internship matters is this establishment is aimed.The only core mission of this institure is to close the gap between school and work.Hopefully,they will become the world news, world action and world progress. If any of you out there interested in this,do visit them on their website at

You think this organization is right for you? Then go for it.Enroll and be one of the students who can be proud of where they came from.Your hardwork and success is what matters most.I wish you luck in every endeavor you have!

So Nice is the Temperature

If someday my husband decide to leave Texas,one thing that surely I'm gonna miss is the weather,it is not that cold here during Winter time,Spring is awesome but it's tornado time for us here.Summer? it is scorching hot! All in all if I were to rate Texas,I will give it a 9 out of 10.

Weather here today is just so nice.In fact I have our 2 windows open so we can have some fresh air inside the house,this way there is no need for us to go out.I do have some blogging to do while feeling the fresh air coming from the outside,wow so refreshing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I wish I were..Alphabet

This was given to me by Mizz J.What a fun tag to do so I did not refuse doing it.This is good to kill the time too since I do not have opps here,I'd rather entertain myself with other things.


I am here again creating another tag meme. I entitle this "I Wish I Were... Alphabet". We have lots of wishes, and dreams. We know we aren't perfect, and we can't be everything we want us to be. We may be jack-of-all-trades but there are just some things that we really dearly wish we were. So it's time to showcase your dreams in this alphabet.

*The rules: Below are the letters A-Z. You have to fill in your dreams and wishes in the letter that corresponds to the first letters of your full name, and these wishes of yours should also start with those letters.

For example, in my case, my full name is Caesar Balatero, so I'd take C and B. After doing so, I will fill in spots C and B with who I want to be other than who I am now. This is basically "I wish I were a/an...". So, I wish I were a chef and a ballroom dancer. Don't forget to put your links in the item/s, okay, so people will know...

(Note: if the letter is already filled, replace it with your dream/wish, and if you have two or three first names, then good: fill the letters up!)

M model(frustrated)
S: SuperMom/Wife

Let this I Wish I Were... Alphabet spread widely...*

I would like to pass this tag to Twerlyn,Rose,Ivy and Mamu Darlene.

Eating Too Much

My baby has been sucking milk for couple of hours now and yet she is still not done yet.She sucked both of my breasts and when I stop her,she cried.Oh my wanting some more milk.

I am a little bit worried because she is getting fatter and fatter and it would be a shame if we are gonna visit her pediatrician sooner and he would say that I am being irresponsible mommy to my daughter.

She's been eating too much ouch! Her dad is making a joke that she is no longer a cute baby we brought home after delivery 2 months ago.He asked what happened to that baby? Right now,she is sucking milk still from the bottle.I give formula milk because I am hungry again while in fact I just ate.

My Camera Is Here Yeppeeey!!

Yes!Yes! I could kiss my husband all night! He told me last Sunday that he bought me something on the internet. I am very excited for it.I cannot wait to take new photos of my Jadyn for remembrance of her being in her 2 months of age.

Thanks so much for hearing my wishes babylove...tsup tsup tsup muahhh!! Promise I will handle with care this another camera you have for me! Too sad for what had happened to the 2 previous ones! I truly regret it,for me being so clumsy and negligence to valuable stuff.

And today,weewww the mailman knocked on our door because the camera is already here!! I like it,so handy,light, easy to use and most of all take nice pictures! Thanks so muchhhhhh babylove!!!!!

AJ's Western Wear Outfitters

I admire those people who try to dress like a cowboy outfit complete with the hat,shirt,jeans,belt and western boots.I do not know how I learned to like Western style but I just love looking at them. I also love watching Western movies so does my husband. Certainly,I am not being influenced by him,it is myself who love the movie. There are local Western stores in this area but the problem is I cannot look around by myself because I need someone to take me there. I would like to you know,buy myself ladies' accessories,a cowgirl hat to match for my Western boots. I believe I bought my boots 2 years ago and still loving them.They are just pretty and very durable.

With all these being said, AJ's Ladies Western Wear, Ladies Western Shirts Western Wear Outfitters is perfect to buying all the stuff that I so admire most. This company is focusing on bringing you the lastest western wear fashion for ladies. New western shirt styles arrive daily as well as we design embroidered western shirts and jackets in house as well as do personalization. Wow,a lot of cool stuff to see in their store.I encourage you guys to visit the website now by simply hitting the link written above to find a large selection of western clothes for men, ladies and kids.

Monday, March 17, 2008

So Many Spams

I hate the idea of saying goodbye to my old yahoo messenger id because I have been using it for 4 years now.I created kamasutra_4_sandy when I first met my husband because he used to call me KS Girl.But due to a lot of spams going on,I have no choice but to finally bid goodbye to it.

I have got a lot of work to do because I need to start from the very beginning adding my my friends' ids to my new account which I keep confidential here hehehe..Mind you I have over 170 people in my list and have to do it one by one.Sounds tiring right?

Thank you so Much Ivy

Ivy surprised me with her creation on youtube yesterday.She created a nice slideshow of my baby's stages of life from 6 months in my womb until the recent age.If you notice the sound when you first open my page guys,then you should be able to see the slideshow as well located in the right side of my blog.

I also posted a bigger clearer copy of the video in my other blog www.texas-sweetie if in case you get curious to watch it.Thank you so much for this one Ives! I really like it and you put a tear to my eye upon watching it the first time.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

She's So Rude

How do you feel if you are eating yummy foods with a big appetite eating your favorite dish while watching your favorite show and dog suddenly rub her butt against the floor right in front of you? You know the signal is that she is going to poop any moment and that is exactly what happened to us last night. Lalabs and I were both eating in front of the t.v because we finished watching the movie we had the other night when our very good rude dog poop in the corner of the living room.Then drag herself in the center of the place right in front of us and hmm..

I was so pissed and really wala na ganahi ni kaon! I stomped my feet many times to stop and yes I succeeded.Poor lalabs because he had to get up and fix the mess that Chichai made.It was so yucky and lalabs did not mind cleaning up the poop to think that he stop eating only to clean the brrrrrrr...

Goodbye Black Spots

Wow I am liking it! My black spots from pregnancy are now slowly disappearing.The black line in my belly is getting thinner each day,armpits and neck are clearing as well.And yes,I got no stretch marks at all but sad to know that I have 5 big reddish marks in hips because I kept scratching them when I was still pregnant,I thought it wouldn't leave a mark but here they are very visible to me.Making the skin look worse.Also belly is still big.So disappointing when I try wearing those old small clothes and jeans because belly moburot ug daku atot oi...

Pregnancy has brought so many good things to me and I say that for certain.I am liking with my body now,not skinny,not bony at all.Also,I used to complain of my falling hair before and when I got pregnant it just disappear instead,giving me a healthy looking hair grain.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hair Loss

Many say that babies losing their hair is just normal.I agree with that.But being a mother,I can't help myself from worrying of my own baby having a bald spot at the back of her head now. Each time I lay her down whether in bed or in her papasan--baby vibrator,I could see lots of hairstrands where she was.

Worse is that,I cannot even help it from falling.There is really really alot of small and fine hairstrands everywhere.Poor baby,losing his hair making her look like a 50-year old bald man.Attached is a photo of back of her head taken weeks ago.

this was her head 2 weeks her head has already a big bald spot exactly in the area shown in these photos.

fitness equipment

Saving money is important because we never know what might happen in the future.If we don't have any savings,then it would be difficult for people to keep up with financial crisis,people who have no medical and dental insurance are the ones who should save.However,if you think you have enough to spend then it would be fine.

If possible,I would love to start saving now and want to encourage my husband to just buy his fitness equipment online at and make a little gym in the house so that he won't have to go to the gym anymore.That way,we can save atleast $37 a month just by stopping of going to the gym.

Funny is Our Dog

Lalabs just created a hole--a small transparent dog door I mean... in our back door for Chichai can just go in and out whenever she wants to pee or go outside.I laugh to death because she only knows how to use it when going outside.But if it's time for her to go back in the house,she would just sit there,scratching the little plastic doog dor and cry.Hehehehe if you can see her,you would be amazed by her innocence.

Even if she is shivering there,she continue on scratching,if she only knows how easy it is for her to sneak herself in that little door..I forgive her for that because it's new to her and she's just a puppy.

The reason we put it because it is part of her training.Once she realize that pooping and peeing outside can be fun,then she will get used to it and just go out by herself not needing any of us to open the door.

yoga dvd

Everything is expensive here in America.Even monthly membership in the gym is costly.Before we used to go the gym 20 minutes away from ehre,I remember they have group aerobics and yoga.I was interested in attending yoga classses but there is only one thing that hinders me is that no one will drive if I go there.My husband is working during weekdays you know.Now I found that yoga dvd is as effective as going yourself personally to any yoga center.As long as you can do or perform it correctly then you free yourself from paying monthly membership.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What Does my Name Mean?

What Anne Means

A is for Alert

N is for Nervy

N is for Nutty

E is for Easy

It's understandable,just read each letter and you'll know what my name means.If you are interested to know yours,just feel free to do the test and enjoy.Enjoy your day guys!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Japanese Garden Tomorrow

I am very anxious to go to the Japanese Garden tomorrow as what lalabs said earlier.I have been there once last Spring of '07 and I have always been wanting to go back there but we just had no time for it.We've been so busy that's why.

Good thing lalabs asked me if I want to go to the Japanese Garden tomorrow because I totally forgotten about it now that I have a baby.Since the temperature is awesome,I did not hesitate to answer him with a big YES right away.With a baby,surely our visit to that nicely made landscape will be so much fun. He said that there is a butterfly sanctuary there and they release a group of butterflies and you can walk with them.Imagine how pretty it can make in the picture? Butterflies flying around with mom and a baby.Wow! Can't wait for tomorrow to come!

natural testosterone enhancers

If you are taking vitamins as well as dietary supplements and want the best price you think you deserve,try visiting this very cool website at for the best selection of vitamins and many other health stuff like the natural testosterone enhancers. They do not only sell dietary supplements but also pills to burn fat,build muscle and any other products that you need for your healthy,everything can be found at

Good thing I found this one because my husband is taking a lot of pills that I do not know what they are but for sure for him to keep looking young for his wife.I will talk to him about so he can try to find for his pills online.

Stupid Crickets

I almost had a heart attack when a cricket suddenly turned it's powerful loud and sharp noise moments ago.It put a shock into my face upon hearing it because I thought the electric power is going to burn down the house or whatever as I did not know it was just a stupid cricket.

I really was so scared,it was too close to where I am sitting and really hurts my ears.I got panicked,I call my lalabs who was about to take a shower.Poor lalabs,nadali dali intawn duol naku abi niya naunsa's just because of the cricket hapit natagak tinggil kos kahadlok.

GPS Tracking

I remember my friend and I were talking about something gadgety that helps people navigate places they want to go to.It is something that they can buy and install in their car so that they can just listen to where to turn when they are near to their destination.We did not know how to call this thing and so she asked to her husband what it called.It is a GPS. Through GPS Tracking you can just easily locate even the hardest place to find you can ever imagine.Using GPS makes you feel at ease when driving,all you have to is follow its instruction and you are safe from losing yourself in the middle of nowhere.GPS can be bought at website.GPS Tracking is a small, pocket sized device that receives signals from the twenty-four Department of Defense GPS satellites orbiting the earth. The internal computer accurately determines the GPS location of the device within 2.5 meters and records this data every second.You can be rest assured if you buy your GPS Tracking systems at LandAirSea company that you get the accurate tracking you ever need because it has gone through extensive engineering and testing, both in the lab and in the field.
For a complete footage of GPS Tracking,please watch a video clip in you tube here;

Stolen Meme

Yikes! I'm a thief now for stealing this from Laura.Hope she's not gonna put me in prison if she catch me doing the meme.

I AM… a wifey and a young mother
I WANT….To see my baby growing healthy and loving
I HAVE..A sweet hubby and very beautiful baby
I WISH….peace and be successful
I HATE…cockroach ewwww
I FEAR…death
I WONDER…why friends/people come and go?
I REGRET…nothing
I LOVE….hubby and baby
I ALWAYS…want to be good
I AM NOT…plastic/hypocrite
I DANCE…never
I SING…along with the music I hear
I CRY…when I watch a sad movie or hurt
I WRITE…my thoughts in my blogs
I WON…..more than a million bucks for having such a great family
I AM CONFUSED…hmmm dunno
I NEED…rest right now hehehe
I SHOULD…water my flowers and plants
THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS….thanking God for the blessings I have in life.

Air Ambulance

Emergencies of any kind can happen anytime,anywhere even if you are just sitting in your own home.So during life's crisis like a natural disaster or accidents,it is always good to have your cellphone with you so that you can immediately contact emergency number like the 911.People in America and Canada are lucky for they have an emergency service like 911 here. They just come to give basic aid to those who need it.Help will come through if you call an ambulance could be by land or air.Speaking of air,if you are somewhere in Florida,you should know how to contact air ambulance florida so that you can save life of your relatives or people you don't know.

For you to know about a specific air ambulance company,do visit this website and look for your correspsonding state like Arizona,Texas,California,New York,Hawaii and so many other states. Immediate care for critical conditions is what air ambulance is good for in transporting patients to the hospital real quick.With,emergencies are being cared for and making it easy for people to have themselves treated.

It feels Like Weekend

...feels like it's Saturday today because my husband is here.He's gonna be at home until Saturday,off for 3 days. I like it when he's around me here because I can get to open my mouth to talk.It's such a beautiful day and so nice to be outside but I don't know what's his plan for today.I hope that we'll go somewhere away from the house because I am very tired of looking and memorizing each corner of this very cute house.

I want to see big group of people,nice stuff,nice food or whatever to please my eyes. We will see where my husband gonna bring me though.For now,I need to be off from the computer,bathing time for my precious girl,Jadyn.You guys have a nice day and enjoy blogging.

Calgary Hotels

Traveling can be done at anytime,any season either going to the beach,roaming around big cities to try new recipes and experience different cultures in each country you are going.I should say,I love traveling myself but it is not often I have given a chance to do it.Lucky are the ones whose husbands are into traveling because they can explore and they get to see the other world.

Speaking of traveling,the first thing you have to consider when you plan for it,is the hotel.Where you can sleep comfortably and relax after your long day.So if ever you are planning of visiting Calgary,Alberta in Canada,look for Calgary Hotels nearby and once you find it,then you are ready to enjoy your adventure around the city without thinking where to stay at night.Let be of help to you.They cater list of hotels.Check out the website to avail their hotel promotion and also to look at their featured hotels.Enjoy your vacation with your whole clan and be back with big smiles on your face.Book your hotel now at

Goodbye Winter

Leaves start to grow,flowers bloom,temperature is so fine even we were just started Fall until the end of Winter time.Yes,there were days we experienced cold temperature and some snow but that was it.No serious freezing temps actually.

Goodbye Winter,say hello to Spring! Yeeheeyyy! Not long from now the world start look very beautiful and green! I am thinking of going to a beautiful place in Dallas called Dallas Arboretum where tulips garden of different colors are seen,beautiful landscape,fresh air and most of all a must-visit park for the entire family.

My husband don't know about it but anyway,I have to bug him about this place so he can bring his family there this Spring season.I am so excited for that now.

dress up your kids

I am so happy to have found a website where I can look at styles and costumes of babies,kids or children when there is a special occasion such as birthdays,trick or treat and many others that kids need to wear their favorite cartoon character or super heroes as well as clown gags & pranks for my baby's first birthday and for you to use in those said events.I search in advance for this though one year is still way too long to wait but times fly so fast so it is better to know where to get birthday ideas sooner and absolutely the place is This website has masks and wigs. You should be glad to know too that they have over 10,000 costumes and masks with prompt shipping and lowest prices ever that is guaranteed when you shop at their store.

If you are planning of giving your child a grand birthday celebration then is the perfect place to be looking at clown gags & pranks. Adult costumes,accessories,make ups and tattoos,props and decor,party supplies and many many cool stuff to find are there.If you can't a certain you have in mind and you think its not in their online store,just type in the word in the type box under search by keyword.Hopefully,you will find it.

I suggest you buy stuff in bulk so you can save in shipping as well as get atleast a few bucks discount.Happy shopping and enjoy the party!

Not So Stressed?

Your Stress Level is: 39%

You are slightly prone to stress, but generally you keep it under control.

You know how to relax and take things as they come, even when your worlds seems to be falling apart.

Occasionally, you do let yourself get stressed out, but you snap out of it pretty quickly.

I would say I am under stress right now and have not fully recovered from giving birth almost 2 months ago and yes,I am not getting enough sleep at night still.However,I am feeling just fine now,unlike during the first 3 weeks after delivery,I was so tired that I could die.I am very healthy too and would not get sick easily.I may catch some cough and cold but that is all it,aside from that,I have never got sick for 3 years now.

gaming list

I know most of you guys are fond of playing casino,not for real money though but for fun,entertainment and most of all for past time,am I right? Are you looking for the best online casino to play? If so,let be of help to you because this website has a complete listings of the best web casino sites rated from number one to ten. You should visit them to find out which site you want to go to and play.

You can also visit this sub page by clicking link here Best Online Casino by Player Votes to know which gaming site has the most votes by its players.Remember,the higher the number of votes they get,the better the offer they have.So,do a thorough search for the website which will be you home for gaming in the future.Goodluck and have fun playing.Try it out friends for sure you keep coming back there once you started playing at their website.I may need to try it myself.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

8 Weeks Today

My Jadyn is exactly 8 weeks today.She has grown so much that I did not even know it. She can now hear me when I call her from afar.I often caught her playing with her eyes by looking around the things that are new to her. I hang one of the mobile toys I received from the baby shower in her papasan and she would look at it and coo and coo and coo that sounds very cute when she does that.Awsss heartmelting to her mama!

Smiling? Yes,she's smiling bit by bit now.Wow feels heaven when I play with her and she flash me with her dashing angelic face with a smile,promise I am loving her more and more because of that.The feeling is just indescribable!!

online casino

Casino has been the most popular games across the nation.Believe it or not,I have known several friends who will cross from state to state only to find the best casino in the area.One thing they do not know is that they can play online casino nowadways.I may have to tell them where to go exactly to have fun so that they do not have to drive anywhere if they want to play casino.
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Snagged Meme

I was doing my WW rounds and got this from Hootin' Anni's blog,hope you will forgive me Anni for stealing your meme! Passing this to Ivy,Annie,Pinaymama,Twerlyn,Mizz J,Ritchella and Laura. Anyone is welcome to steal this from me too.

1. Where is your cell phone? no cellphone.
2. Your hair? shiny and long black hair

3. Your mother? in the Philippines.
4. Your father? in the Philippines too.
5. Your favorite thing? my diamond rings.
6. Your dream last night? secret it is kinda naughty hehehe.

7. Your favorite drink? Lemonade.
8. Your dream/goal? see my grandchildren.
9. The room you're in? Bedroom,babysitting my girl at the same time.

10. Your hobby? blogging and babysitting
11. Your fear? death.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Still happy and with my hubby.
13. Where were you last night? Here, at home watching American Idol.
14. What you're not? A lesbian.
15. Muffins? yes please.
16. One of your wish list items? new digital camera

17. Where you grew up? Cebu,Philippines.
18. The last thing you did? frying porkchop.
19. What are you wearing? longsleeves and shorts.
20. Your TV? Sony HIDEF t.v
21. Your pets? A puppy named Chichai

22. Your computer? Sony VAIO
23. Your life? Fulfilling!
24. Your mood! hungry for porkchop and grits.
25. Missing someone? yes,my 2 younger siblings,Alex and Adong.
26. Your car? White with tan interior
27. Something you're not wearing? Earrings at the moment.
28. Favorite store? Macy's

29. Your summer? Hot and Lazy.
30. Like someone? Of course, doesn't everyone?
31. Your favorite color? Ash blue and pastel pink
32. When is the last time you laughed? Just a few minutes baby's smile is just contagious.
33. Last time you cried? Can't remember.

Reminiscing the Past

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

online casino gambling

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Smiling Now

What a pleasure to see a genuine priceless smile of my baby. It eases away pain from long labor,it calms me when I am upset,gives me happiness when I am lonely and most of all brings so much joy to my heart seeing my little Jadyn smiling at me when I look at her angelic face.

She is exactly 8 weeks today and oh my she's showing me a lot of progress. She now smile more frequently but could only last for seconds,only for now..I am itching to looking for her to smile and laugh so loud in the next few weeks. You just don't know guys how anxious I am for my baby's growth. Surely,I wouldn't want to miss every single milestone she has!

Husband's Sharp Eyes

I really really admire my husband.I cannot find an exact word to describe how good he is to me.Just so many good characteristics he possess,one of which is being a calm,broad-minded and optimistic person. I never hear him being mad at me despite of all the troubles I give him.When I broke our camera,he just said damn for rolling his tires into it,aside from that no more.

Last night as soon as he stepped inside the house from work I told him that I lost the key for our mailbox.I explain how I lost it ,because of Chichai,I chased and chased the dog earlier that day coz she doesn't want to get inside the house and the very only key we have fell into the yard without me knowing it.I really really thought that he will get angry at me,but no.Instead he went outside,put his glasses on,bring his flash light and looked for the lost key.Imagine,he was tired from work and was very dark outside for it was already almost 9 p.m.

He went inside the house with the key in his hand.Wow amazing for having such pretty sharp eyes.At age 51,with the help of his powerful prescription glasses,everything seems possible for him to find. I couldn't find the key as I was trying to look for it before the sundown but no luck.

So nice is my babylove guapo kaayo for doing the job for me!! Lucky girl!

I'm Not A Gold Digger

You Are Not a Gold Digger

You go out of your way to take care of everything in your life.

Including money - which you've got plenty of, thank you very much.

And you have no intentions of being a trophy girlfriend for some bald guy.

Just make sure that hottie you met isn't scheming to be your boy toy!

As a successful woman like you knows, gold digging goes both ways these days.

I know exactly what I want in life.I may not be a successful woman in terms of career and money but I do have the greatest treasures in life,my husband,my marriage,my baby and also a very good life everyone wish for. When I was still searching for a possible lifetime mate,I would take into consideration a guy's job,if he is stable and that can afford to make a family with me. An average guy that is,is what I ever wanted.Not dreaming of a richy rich sugar daddy only to make money out of him.Too thankful to have found such a perfect person to live with forever.

Funny Baby

My baby is really funny.Hehehe she makes me laugh sometimes when she let her gas out by farting.She's the only baby I've known so far that detonates her bomb real loud to the extent of shocking

Even her dad cannot believe how a big bomb detonator she is because you can hear it even if you're in the other room.When she does that I only laugh out loud because can't help myself! You know,like mother,like daughter and I don't blame her for that.It's good that she farts though to make herself feel better.

We women in this house are very much opposite to the only man here,my husband..I never hear him farting in front of me intentionally,maybe accidentally yes.Unlike me,loves teasing him by farting and farting a lot.This is a gross entry but I just think its funny.

online video search for college

During my time when I was finishing my last year in highschool,different staff from college schools went to our class to promote their schools and the different courses they are offering.I was kind of confused which school to go,what course to take and how many years should I study in college? All these were my concerns because if as much as possible,I don't want to waste my time shifting to different courses if ever I don't like the one I choose for the first time.Also the most important thing is I never wanted to waste my father's money for the tuition only to find out that I don't like the school or my course.

All I can say is that,before having yourself enrolled to a certain college or university,make sure that there is no going back and looking for another school because it's you who will suffer.If I were you,I would go for a College & University Online Video Search first and try to find out what this school can offer me,if I can have a good study environment,good facilities,mentors and most especially if I can afford their school's tuition.

You should take this into consideration because this is for your own good. I have tried visiting the website and watched some of the sample videos they have posted,I find it very convincing because it is their actual students who speak about their school. Start doing a College & University Online Video Search to learn what are those things you need to know from a certain university.Take time searching for your own school though because your future is what matters here.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Feeling my Youngself Back Again

After almost 2 months from giving birth,I now say that I am back to my youngself again.Though I am still feeling bit tired from lack of sleep but I am feeling alright now. I used to look at myself in the mirror and say "look at you,you look very ugly now ",that was because I couldn't get enough rest I needed. As if I felt like having a baby around makes me very ugly for not being able to take care of myself,can't do my nails anymore.Can't stay longer in the shower etc.etc.

I am thankful that my life is back to normal,goodness gracious Lord! One thing I want to do for sure this Spring is to ride my bike in the trail so I will lose this sagging belly I have.So shameful to look at having a not so kinda big belly while my tentacles are skinny.

My baby allows me to sleep longer,4 hours is long for me.She would wake up at 12 midnight or 1 a.m then sleep and wake up again at 4 in the morning.That is good because she's giving me time to go to my dreamland.Hopefully,she will sleep throughout the evening and so do I so we'll both be happy.


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