Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Camera Is Here Yeppeeey!!

Yes!Yes! I could kiss my husband all night! He told me last Sunday that he bought me something on the internet. I am very excited for it.I cannot wait to take new photos of my Jadyn for remembrance of her being in her 2 months of age.

Thanks so much for hearing my wishes babylove...tsup tsup tsup muahhh!! Promise I will handle with care this another camera you have for me! Too sad for what had happened to the 2 previous ones! I truly regret it,for me being so clumsy and negligence to valuable stuff.

And today,weewww the mailman knocked on our door because the camera is already here!! I like it,so handy,light, easy to use and most of all take nice pictures! Thanks so muchhhhhh babylove!!!!!

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