Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Husband's Sharp Eyes

I really really admire my husband.I cannot find an exact word to describe how good he is to me.Just so many good characteristics he possess,one of which is being a calm,broad-minded and optimistic person. I never hear him being mad at me despite of all the troubles I give him.When I broke our camera,he just said damn for rolling his tires into it,aside from that no more.

Last night as soon as he stepped inside the house from work I told him that I lost the key for our mailbox.I explain how I lost it ,because of Chichai,I chased and chased the dog earlier that day coz she doesn't want to get inside the house and the very only key we have fell into the yard without me knowing it.I really really thought that he will get angry at me,but no.Instead he went outside,put his glasses on,bring his flash light and looked for the lost key.Imagine,he was tired from work and was very dark outside for it was already almost 9 p.m.

He went inside the house with the key in his hand.Wow amazing for having such pretty sharp eyes.At age 51,with the help of his powerful prescription glasses,everything seems possible for him to find. I couldn't find the key as I was trying to look for it before the sundown but no luck.

So nice is my babylove guapo kaayo for doing the job for me!! Lucky girl!

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