Thursday, March 20, 2008

He is So Cute

One of the cutest guys in American Idol Season 7 is Jason Castro from Rockwall,Texas.He is only 20 years old and yet oh so cute!! Kinikilig!! Kinikilig si Mommy Anne here hehehe! I just love this kid very much by the way he sing,the way his eyes look,the way he smile naks simple makapungil ug bag-ang!

My husband doesn't admire people who can just "sing" nor call it "talented" but he told me last night that he likes the way Jason sings than any other Idol contestants.The only thing he hate about him is his dirty hair. "Why can't he get a decent haircut?" Asked my husband.Yeeyyy we both like Jason Castro! I am glad that he made it to top10 so I can still watch and hear him singing on t.v.

1 comment:

Utah Mommy said...

Bitaw ganahan ko aning bataa kay humble kaayo unya maayo pa gyud mukanta ganahan pod kos iyang mata ba kay lahi ug color very unique iyang eyeball kay blue then sa tunga kay dark hehehehe i love that!


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