Sunday, March 16, 2008

Goodbye Black Spots

Wow I am liking it! My black spots from pregnancy are now slowly disappearing.The black line in my belly is getting thinner each day,armpits and neck are clearing as well.And yes,I got no stretch marks at all but sad to know that I have 5 big reddish marks in hips because I kept scratching them when I was still pregnant,I thought it wouldn't leave a mark but here they are very visible to me.Making the skin look worse.Also belly is still big.So disappointing when I try wearing those old small clothes and jeans because belly moburot ug daku atot oi...

Pregnancy has brought so many good things to me and I say that for certain.I am liking with my body now,not skinny,not bony at all.Also,I used to complain of my falling hair before and when I got pregnant it just disappear instead,giving me a healthy looking hair grain.

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