Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to Work

My husband is back to work again today.I felt like he only had 2 days off because on Saturday he went to court to testify on something related to his job that took him 7 hours over time.It is considered overtime 'coz he's working on his day off,good in our side 'coz he's got 7 hours overtime pay..hehe yum yum..

Not good on my husband's side for he lost one day of his rest.Oh my life of a cop! It will be 9 more years before he can retire so antos lang usa babylove kow!


Ivy Sterling said...

Hmmm ana gyud intawn ang lyf sa tate indayon, wa lang sa akong bana nga mas idaran pa sa u anab, pero antos lang gyud aron ta ma santos, saonz...maayo nalang kay naa man gihapon 2 days day off ba. ug at least naa may pay siya ang kuyaw ug wla gi ty lang lol.

Carrie Smith said...

Great new look! It has been awhile since I stopped by I have been spending a lot of my extra time running on the treadmill but here I am to say hi!

hope you had a great weekend
take care

idealpinkrose said...

ang sarap ng day off...9 years? madala lang yon sis...ang bilis ng panahon kaya don't worry at darating din ang araw na yong ng di namamalayan...

btw, i linked your two blogs here, i hope you'll do the same...thanks a lot!


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