Tuesday, March 25, 2008

getting an online degree

I came from a poor family with 6 siblings.My father is the only one raising the whole family because my mother has always been an at home mom to take care of the kids as well as taking care of the house.My father is only a driver.He used to drive a tricycle as we call it in our country,Philippines.I just admire him because of his hardwork he was able to send me to college. I chose to only get an associate's degree though because I wanted to finish the soonest and help him if I can get a job.

I took Business and Information Management and unfortunately I did not even get a job related to my course.Probably because I was too incompetent or companies would doubt to hire me as I was so skinny looking that they will not believe if I can do good to them when I work in their company.Or perhaps my destiny was not to be rotten in the Philippines?

Getting a degree have always been in my mind even until now.But since I have a baby,it is impossible for me to do. Good thing though that I am now in America and everything you wish for seems so possible for you to get as long as you have the determination to do it.I was looking for online colleges, online degrees to different schools already and none seem so convincing that interest me. I may have to try searching for it one more time and see if I can find the only school that I like. Oh,how about joining to college schools that offers scholarships? That is a wise idea.

America can make things to happen.Yes,we all know that we can now earn online colleges, online degrees, in a distance education program, a weekend program, or by other nontraditional means.

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