Monday, March 10, 2008

Feeling my Youngself Back Again

After almost 2 months from giving birth,I now say that I am back to my youngself again.Though I am still feeling bit tired from lack of sleep but I am feeling alright now. I used to look at myself in the mirror and say "look at you,you look very ugly now ",that was because I couldn't get enough rest I needed. As if I felt like having a baby around makes me very ugly for not being able to take care of myself,can't do my nails anymore.Can't stay longer in the shower etc.etc.

I am thankful that my life is back to normal,goodness gracious Lord! One thing I want to do for sure this Spring is to ride my bike in the trail so I will lose this sagging belly I have.So shameful to look at having a not so kinda big belly while my tentacles are skinny.

My baby allows me to sleep longer,4 hours is long for me.She would wake up at 12 midnight or 1 a.m then sleep and wake up again at 4 in the morning.That is good because she's giving me time to go to my dreamland.Hopefully,she will sleep throughout the evening and so do I so we'll both be happy.

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Carrie Smith said...

It takes awhile after having a baby to get your self back to normal...if possible lol.
the saggy belly thing...let me know how you make out getting rid of it. I am still struggling with that after having four kids, you can just imagine.

just wanted to say hi
take care


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