Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mother Of Two

Ok there is a little jealousy in this house right now.I guess you guys are aware of that.A jealousy between a dog and my baby. Well,this little chichai of ours felt that she's human too.She came 2 months ahead of our human baby,Jadyn last year and that she used to be our center of attention.When our baby was born,it's kinda like our attention to her is only a quarter to what we give to our baby of course,Jadyn will be most loved and cared for 'coz she's human hehehe..

Anyways, Chichai has nothing to be jealous about because we treat her like one of us too,we play with her,give her love,food and take her out sometimes.Whenever we are seated,she's always there with us,beside me or in my arms that is when baby Jadyn is is asleep. When we watch a movie each night,it's either she's in her dad's lap,shoulders or wherever she likes to sit.

I consider myself a mother of two because chichai is our first baby and that...mas atimanonon pa noon kaayo siya kaysa taw nga baby! Baby Jadyn is just so easy to care for! Absolutely gorgeous and truly an angel sent from up above!


coolingstar9 said...

You are great, you treat the two equally.
I wish more people follow your footstep, have a nice day.
A BLOG about handphone, I wish you can spend few minutes to drop your thought, thanks.

rojoy said...

This is cute picture, looks like you got a handful in there, a baby and a dog,lol.

Annie said...

goodness starring kaayo chichai eheheh... tan aw ra Jadyn oh heheh


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