Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funny is Our Dog

Lalabs just created a hole--a small transparent dog door I mean... in our back door for Chichai can just go in and out whenever she wants to pee or go outside.I laugh to death because she only knows how to use it when going outside.But if it's time for her to go back in the house,she would just sit there,scratching the little plastic doog dor and cry.Hehehehe if you can see her,you would be amazed by her innocence.

Even if she is shivering there,she continue on scratching,if she only knows how easy it is for her to sneak herself in that little door..I forgive her for that because it's new to her and she's just a puppy.

The reason we put it because it is part of her training.Once she realize that pooping and peeing outside can be fun,then she will get used to it and just go out by herself not needing any of us to open the door.

1 comment:

Parker said...

I bet that your dog will learn to love going outside whenever it wants to!


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