Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Eating Her Foot

Online Psychics

No one knows what our future would be or what our future holds except one person, our God. He is our creator and He knows exactly what we think, do or feel. He also knows when our day is going to end. That is why we need to trust God everything we do in this world.

As for fortune tellers or psychic readers, they only predict information about a person's life. Well, some people might believe what these fortune tellers and psychic readers are telling them because sometimes there are information they convey that fit to their life.

I myself can't help but believe them only if I think what they say is true or is happening in my life. Another friend of mine does too. In fact she goes to this fortune teller in their area for some hint or cue about her relationship or if she ever finds that man to be with. I don't know though if she ever tried the online version of fortune telling or chat live with psychics.

This friend of mine has been single for 29 years and has had few serious relationships. She is a Filipina and wishes to marry a white guy. She registered and made profiles to almost all of the dating sites you can imagine on the internet yet she hasn't found the right guy for her. There were men who wrote her but then when she replied, they all vanished or not returning her e-mail at all. Her last relationship was with someone from the U.S but then later on just called their relationship quit for a sudden change of feelings on the opposite sex. Therefore, she want to find a real answer to her question, why men would suddenly disappear even before they get involved with her? She needs to turn to the internet for psychic chat and get real honest answer to her question. I will definitely tell her to try it, maybe she'll find the answer she wanted to hear for so long.

Psychic chat can help a person shape his or her destiny by giving them truthful, profound and accurate information in answers to their lingering questions they have in mind pertaining to their relationship, family, love and career. I truly believe an online psychic helps bridge the gap/distance between the person and only offers honest and insightful answers that helps you get back on the track toward a person's future.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Filipino Favorite


Odong is a kind of noodles best cooked in oil and sardines in a can. It is one of Filipino's favorite dish to go with rice. In the Philippines, it is not very special dish but for us here abroad who seldom eats this kind of noodles, it would make our day if we can ever taste or cook it here. 

When I had my short trip to my home country last October of this year, I made it sure that I can bring a pack of odong because I crave for it sometimes and it sucks if I won't be able to cook odong simply because it is not available in Asian stores in my area. How about you? Do you like odong if you're a Pinoy/Pinay?

Time Of Giving

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. For sure a lot of people are already starting their Holiday shopping to avoid the crowd when the time is here. Parties here and there within the family or within the community. When there are parties, foods are flooding then follows the gift giving. For big companies, they usually have a company Christmas party which means everybody and that should join so to not miss out the free promotional products the company is giving away to its employees.

It is just right to take advantage of the Holidays to spread their products and services through promotional products like these beautiful promotional tote bags I have seen online. Starting from $2.48 each, the company should be able to buy bulk batches of these tote bags for all the women in their company. Or they can very well look for bargain promotional products if they want something memorable to give away. T-shirts, pens, travel mugs, letter opener, key ring, flash light, cooler bag, tape measure, open calculator, shoe bag and a whole lot more can be used to promote a company's name, services or products. All for inexpensive value that can make a great gift and would surely bring smiles to the employees who have been working hard for their companies for years!

This is just so simple to do in order to recognize the employees that they are important to you and also to recognize how much you appreciate their hardwork that contributed to the success of your business throughout the years of service.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Introduction To Solid Food

My little Pearl has reached another milestone today. She had her first solid food especially made by mommy. I gave her my homemade puree carrots with a sprinkle of love in it. Unlike my first born before, I bought her jar food at the grocery store which at that time I did not know was a bad idea. Jar baby foods aren't as healthy as the ones made at home because it is full of preservatives. Cheers to my sikong for liking her first taste to solid food!

Web Designers Chicago

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Whether you want to have a food, online store, blog, or technology website, these folks will be able to build a website that you wish to have. This company actually composed of longtime industry vets, and the former interactive division of a full-service agency, now extending their reach to their clients in the hope of bringing a powerful mix of fresh ideas and hard-won experience to each new challenge. A bit more information about the company is written below.

MA Interactive Group an internet marketing firm that is based in Chicago with a knack for multifamily housing and apartment marketing continues their work in the Real Estate sector with the launch of a new website design for Andco Management, Inc. Andco, also located in Chicago, is a full service property-management company that does everything from renting apartments and lease renewals to collecting bills and arranging cleaning services for their some 45 buildings and 700 units all throughout 15 different Chicago neighborhoods.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Big Disaster

What a big mess my 4-month old baby did this morning. Such a big disaster she created for a small baby like her, I trusted her pooping on my lap with diaper on but when I unbutton her sleeper she was just full of poop which I did not expect. I even asked Jadyn to help me hold her hands down because she moves a lot and squirmy, I had a hard time controlling both her arms and feet not to touch on the soiled part of her clothes. She was so messy that I had to bathed her afterwards, the smell was just awful! But, it was good for her. It was equivalent of two days not pooping, she must have felt relieved after that big disaster she had done.

.......the naughty baby after she bathed...looking happier and clean!

Enclosed Bulletin Boards

Often church, schools, cafeteria/restaurants, public and private offices and other establishments always have announcements to make and post them in enclosed bulletin boards or enclosed cork bulletin boards to inform the public or their members.

At you will find a huge selection of enclosed bulletin boards including enclosed fabric bulletin boards. All are on sale and shipped free. is your ultimate source for Enclosed Bulletin Boards of every size, finish, style and material. Here are a few of the reasons why you should shop with them. Firstly, they do have huge selection of different styles which means you have plenty to choose from. Guaranteed you will have a low price protection, they only sell exclusive products in their store and lastly, great and expert customer service always ready to be of service to you. What else can you ask for when it comes to buying an enclosed bulletin board?

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Normal Conversation With My Father

I must have been missing my father so much that even if I'm half asleep I still dream of him. I dreamed of my father this morning at 8:45. Before that, I have gotten up a few times already to attend my baby yet when I chose to go back to bed, I dreamed of him having just a normal conversation. We talked as if he wasn't dead or deep inside I knew he passed away but in my dream he was so alive.

I told him everything I wasn't able to tell him when he was still with us and if you guessed, we were happy just to be together in our normal self. I even told him, "Pa ayaw lang intawn pagmulto Pa ha kay mahadlok jud baya ko pa!". And he nodded smiling.

The last part of my dream was we shared a meal together with the whole family and some of my aunties (his sisters) and my grandmother. I told to my father, "kabalo ka Pa, naa pa baya jud ang tabliya didto sa Amerika nga imong gi himo sauna para naku nya wala pa naku jud hutda ug inom kay hadlok ko mahurot." Hohohoho!

I thank him for visiting me in my dreams. Because it eases my longing for him. That is one of the things I asked during his funeral that he would return the favor to me now that he's gone. That only favor is for him to appear in my dreams sometimes so that I can still see him and he did it! Three times already he visited me since his passing. When he was alive I would call him/family once a month and every time I do that, that would definitely brought joy to his heart I am certain of that because of his big laughter and he told me he was happy for I called. Calling him on the phone was his favor he asked from me.

Student Grants

Everything in America is expensive. Even hiring a professional to do the plumbing or do the concrete work in your home cost you a fortune. Lucky are those who can afford to pay for other people to do the job for them. There might be things that are easy to afford but most of it are just choking high in price that others would put off things they have in mind.

But when it comes to education, college tuition especially, we all expect that it is expensive but for growing children who have dreams within them, they would pursue whatever it is they want to do in the future not minding the cost/expense it needs in order to fulfill that dream. Education and knowledge is something other people won't or cannot take it from you. If you gain knowledge, it is all for you and nobody can take it away from you. Yes, you can share it to others but they can never take it from you.

So to those who want to build bridges and count numbers, try to get an information on grants for engineers or if you prefer to be physical therapist someday, there is also an offer or physical therapy student grants. Visit for more information on other grants and financial aid information. Thank you and good luck in your endeavor!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cheap Eyeglasses by Zennie Optical

At one point of my life I really thought I needed to wear eyeglasses real bad because of the throbbing pain in my right eye. It was so painful that I had to lay down in bed because if I don't, I would throw up. Those common symptoms I hear from people who have defective eyes and the pain I felt at that time was because my eye needed eyeglasses.

That was the case which probably most of you out there won't believe the story behind the pain in my right eye. I suffered it for one full day. The next morning I opened my Facebook, there I received the bad news about my father's passing. Somehow he made me feel during his stroke attack, I felt the pain that caused his death.

Anyway, if I had to wear an eyeglasses, there is nothing I could do to correct my vision except go to an eye doctor and have him prescribe me the glasses I needed. I should not worry about the price though because nowadays we can shop for cheap eyeglasses that is made with the latest modern materials, manufacturing and marketing systems that Zenni optical bring their product direct from their factories to the people. The reason why their eyeglasses are low on prices is that they have no middlemen, no retail overhead and practically no advertising budget. Zenni Opticalstrive to provide a fashionable and stylish product to their clients.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Filipino Drama Marathon

How happy I am to have discovered Netflix also carries foreign movies on DVD. It was someone I know on Facebook who spread the news about her discovery on Filipino movies on Netflix. Since we are members of this movie rental company, I tried searching for movie titles randomly and there it showed me several titles that I like.

Although I cannot watch Tagalog movies as often as I want to but knowing I can have it anytime makes me feel alright. Watching Filipino movies makes me feel like I am not far from home like the one captured here. It is from the movie "Forevermore" by Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales last 2002. 

Which Is Cuter Baby Or Puppy?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am one big puppy lover myself. I am a mother of two cute little girls so when somebody ask me which is cuter puppy or baby? I honestly say, it would take me some time to pause and  really think which one is cuter.  Oh well, there is no doubt about my baby being the cutest among all puppies out there. Sorry but I love my own flesh and blood. If you could see my little Pearl's recent photos, you know you would agree with me.

It is my first time to hear such Puppies vs. Babies online contest but anyway, by participating the contest you will have nothing to lose. Might as well cast your vote on Puppies vs. Babies.  I have seen some videos of puppies and babies' cuteness on the site above, I can say they are equally cute. Babies however are more realistically cute that is just my personal opinion, okay.  There are things that puppies do that are so cute. And babies on the other hand could tickle your bones of their sweet smiles, adorable faces and most of all their lovable giggle that is so contagious. Puppies don't giggle, do they? 

Before I go, you dear readers out there if you have time please visit the link above and cast your vote as to the cute creature whether it's a baby or a puppy. Write your comment on the comment section below the photo of your choice. Thank you!


Attached is a photo of a cute baby of the contest which I believe will win. She is just amazingly cute!



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Beautiful Cloud Formation

I took this picture when we went to Dallas two weeks ago. I forgot I have this shot so I just now posted it here. It may be kind of late but the beauty I saw that day was indescribable. It was like a bed of clouds spread all over the sky so birds and small flying creatures can rest. Pretty, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Converters for Mac

With fast pace technology, doing almost anything in your computer seems possible. Much more to say watching a video to your own computer is as easy as converting and ripping it through the use of video converter for mac or ipad video converter if you have an Apple computer or ipad. This software is the ideal video converting tool for Mac users to convert a vast array of standard-definition (SD) video formats (including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV) and high-definition (HD) formats (like MPEG2-TS, AVCHD, MKV, etc) into 3D format, it also supports conversion the above mentioned video formats.

If you also love listening to your preferred music, you can do so by buying
dvd ripper for mac software. Choose editions; ultimate, platinum or standard for different prices. For more features of these mentioned software above, you may visit the links or websites provided here yourself so you can explore more.

Hopefully I can do this to my gadget too once I can change my computer into a new MAC computer. I am just waiting for the perfect timing because right now, I can't do anything with my music in my itunes unless the computer is new. I guess it's because what I'm using right now is at least almost four years old and might not be compatible to anything MAC related programs or software.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Picking out a stylish dog bed

Guest post written by Ariele Smith

One of the things that I've been meaning to change around my home for a while now is my dog's bed. We bought him a bed a few months back and he's just destroyed it! Now there's stuffing from it all over our home and we decided that it's about time to get him a new bed.

When I bought the first one, I didn't think so much about it. Now I'm going to get a much better one that won't be torn apart so easily. When I was looking online doing some shopping, I ran across the site and after I looked through it a little bit I decided to change over our home internet service to one of those packages on there.

I picked out a stylish dog bed that was a little higher quality and also looked a whole lot better than the original one that I bought for our dog. I know it sounds silly to buy something really high quality for your dog that isnÕt food, but a high quality dog bed also means that thereÕs a whole lot less stuffing all over the house.

Indoor Water Parks in Texas

I have been to places I never thought I could see in my entire life. I have been to a few places in Texas as well that require little to no money in order to get in. However, there are still historical and or quite interesting places I haven't gone. One for example is the famous Indoor Water Parks in Texas which they call the Greatwolf Lodge in Grapevine Texas and the Gaylord Texan which is famous in Christmas for their ice sculpture. Greatwolf Lodge is such a perfect fun-filled excitement getaway for the whole family because of their indoor rides and water parks.

I guess I just have to do a little convincing to the husband so that next year we all can go there for our two Princesses to enjoy. Besides, it is a family-friendly lodge so everybody I believe would have the best time of their lives. It is great to be there when it is very hot outside during the peak of Summer and to just have a night or two getaway not so far from home in order to experience a different ambiance during hot summer nights. Gotta save some money for that and looking forward to making this dream a reality hopefully next year!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday:Seoul International Airport Play Area


I love how Seoul International Airport maintained their vicinity. Aside from the fact that it is huge, it is also very clean and entertaining for travelers who have long waits for their next flight. I always loved it whenever I travel going to the Philippines and have a stopover in South Korea for you will never be bored at the airport. 

They have several stores inside which for me is pretty much like a mall, a free wifi connection for those who have their laptops or if they don't, travelers can just go to their wifi zone and have a free use of their computers. And as for the kids? Wow they got the best play area they can ever be. Photos below are proof how clean and nice the area is. You cannot even tell it's in the airport. 

Unlike the Philippines, they collect a freaking and choking travel tax every time you leave their airport yet you won't see any progress there. The airport is small and kind of dirty. They don't even have a toilet paper in some toilets ewwwwww! It's sad to know I am not praising my own country but IT'S THE FACT!

Walking Billboards

One of the most effective way to promote one's business is to create promotional products to their targeted audience or to ordinary people who are willing to use their products. Anybody can do the job of advertising. It is up to the company what strategy are they going to make in order for their products or services to be known to the public. One of the best ways to promote your company logo is to give out
promotional bags for grocery or for daily usage or the most common way is through an apparel. Since everybody needs clothing, you can take advantage of that needs by spreading your company's name through it.

Most of you may not know that we are all walking billboards. You see most of those designer brands have their names or logo imprinted large enough on different products like shirts, jeans, caps, shoes and etc . so that people can see it. If the customer buys the product then he or she is helping the company to gain profit. Why? Of course you are wearing an expensive designer jeans, somebody got envy with it so then he should buy a pair of jeans himself of the same brand. So easy! That is of course for those big empires that have been on the business for decades.

But what about those who just started theirs? That is the use of hiring a branding agency to help you get started and create a beautiful logo that represents your company.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Manny Pacquiao VS Manuel Marquez

Some of the great photos during the fight of Manny Pacquiao and Manuel Marquez last night, November 12,2011 that I like! You see the action is intense and the punches are jaw-dropping, eye popping scenes.


He Must Have Been Bored

What my husband have been doing for the whole two weeks I was gone to the Philippines that occupied him besides taking care of the baby was watching a movie at broad daylight! That is not something he normally does but with wife and first child being away, what else could he do? I was kind of laughing at him when I learned that.

When I arrived here a week ago, I saw there was a thick ugly cloth hanging in our window by the t.v room and I asked him what was that cloth doing there? He said that sometimes he needed to watch a movie during the day! I was like, what? He couldn't look for a decent thicker or darker cloth in the linen cabinet instead he just grabbed that old ugly cloth that we use to cover the unused chairs.

Him doing that, I am thinking of shopping for draperies, a dark-colored one to replace the one we hang in our window near the t.v because when we watch t.v, the glare of the sun gets through the window and reflects to the t.v which makes it very bright for us. No wonder the husband hanged this ugly cloth because that is the only way he can prevent the glare from getting through.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretty Girls

I'm a proud mom to two pretty girls, J and M. These photos just taken a while ago, November 11,2011. These are for those who want to know how my girls are doing, they're doing pretty good and growing up fast especially the little one! Happy Friday to you all!

Junks To Get Rid Of

We have at least 3 big spaces occupied by stuff that haven't gotten around. I want to have a room for my bow making, a place I can relax at the same time do my most favorite thing. The dining area, back room and garage are the three places we need to clean soon so we can begin fixing what needs to be fixed there as well as paint the walls then I can organize the two rooms for them to be cozy.

Stuff that are in those rooms are mostly sofa set, old appliances and computers, a few containers of other stuff that need to be sorted out. As for old appliances and computers, I have been wanting to get rid of them but I didn't know where to put or throw them. Gladly one of my friends told me to call Fort Worth Junk Removal so that they can take away hazardous junks that we no longer need or use.

What this company does is that they provide full service junk removal for homes or businesses that include offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more. Yes, this company is right for junk removal that handles the tough stuff – and ensure that your junk gets recycled, donated or disposed of responsibly.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Still Tired

Been sleeping like a baby especially during the night although I wake up occasionally to attend the baby yet I am still very tired. I wished I could stay longer than 12 hours in bed to make up the lost sleep I have had while in the Philippines.

We will have a group of people coming over tomorrow morning and I am wondering how am I going to wake up as early as 8 or 9? I don't want them knocking on our door that early but they need to come here and do our kitchen. Today I am hoping to get a short nap at least so I won't be too late getting up tomorrow. Geezzz that seems so impossible, I mean taking a nap today because I still have so many things need to finish today. One example is emptying all our kitchen cabinets getting them ready for tomorrow's activity. Soon we will have our new remodeled kitchen and I tell you IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!

Bizzclick Is The Place To Be

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Medical Insurance A Big Help

One of the many things I am thankful about being married to a husband who works for the government is that he's got good medical insurance coverage. We have been through a lot when it comes to medical emergencies and hospitalization. Without a good medical insurance policy, we would be choking with debt right now.

The fact is, having a medical insurance is such a big help to everybody. One person without insurance is putting his life at risk, why? Although he or she can get proper treatment, how is he going to be able to pay all the bills after the treatment? I understand not all people can afford to buy themselves a medical insurance but they can seek for insurance companies that best suited for their needs like the one I found at I do suggest to visit the website itself and find out what benefits you qualify for and get free quotes or at least find out their Medigap policies. Agents are standing by 24/7 to assist you. Just enter your zip code to compare free quotes.

Back To Reality

As you may not know it, we just came back from our two-week stay from the Philippines for my father's funeral. We are now back to reality where nobody here that my Jadyn to play with. No one's around I can ask help with when I need something because there are just 4 of us in this house.

By the way, this picture is of my big Princess with her friends in Cebu. This was taken when we just arrived from our long trip from Texas to Cebu last October 20th. They are our neighbor's kids and I am glad Jadyn gets along with them even though two of these kids aren't speaking in English.

Stand Up For Family

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Family is the basic unit of the society. It is in our family that we find love, comfort, affection, respect and most of all we all need family in order to feel secure and to feel that sense of belongingness. If we don't have a family then we are worthless. 

I like the the video I just seen called Stand Up For Family. It is actually a family comedy show that teaches  the great values of family having parents around teaching their kids to be respectful, being passionate and  others. Of course this great show is brought to us by American Family Insurance or what they call AmFam to be short. 

Growing up with my complete set of parents with us made our life so much easier even though we were poor. Our father worked hard to provide for the family and I so appreciate that. My mother was a full-time homemaker. She took care all her seven children and that is the most wonderful thing she ever did to us. 

I just lost a great father. In fact, I just got back from a two-week stay from the Philippines in order to attend my father's funeral. It hurts losing such a person whom I loved dearly. I cannot imagine life without a father but what can I do? The fact is, I can never see him again but can talk to him in my dreams. I miss him already!

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