Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 Days

2 days more. I can't help but count the days I will be back to where I belong. I am getting tired of this wet weather condition here. Everyday it rains, many appointments to meeting friends have been canceled, I am stuck in the house and have nowhere to go. Aside from that, I wake up in the morning with loud mouths and so much noise that is unbearable. I miss the quiet and the stillness of the morning I used to have. So if I leave in this country, I wouldn't be sad nor disappointed my vacation is over because to be honest? I am really tired of being here. Quiet and privacy are something I cannot have here. If only...if only they can give me a full day of peace of mind...

High Blood Pressure

There are many high blood pressure causes, many of the causes are obesity, lack of activities, stress and foods high in fat and salt. Once a person has a high blood pressure or hypertension, he will always have it and it will never disappear although it is manageable if one would do proper diet, try to exercise or take the right medication and also try to avoid those foods that could trigger high blood pressure.

Both of my parents have this disease and I hope I will not get it for I know it can be troubling to the family. They know they have high blood pressure but they keep eating foods that aren't good for them just like mother, she is so hard headed and always tempted eating dried fish and continue using MSG. If ony she could read the medical information about high blood pressure then maybe she'll believe what I have been saying to her. High blood pressure has been around our family for generations. My grandfather, my father's father died a long time ago due to high blood pressure also. Some relatives I know have died for the same reason and how many relatives who have rested in peace because of this disease, that I don't know.

So for me, while I don't have it yet, it is better to take care of my health and as much as possible I would avoid doing things or eating foods that could trigger high blood pressure because once you have it, it will always be there and it will never disappear.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fil-Am and Fil-Swedish Delights

These are our babies, Jadyn a Filipino-American and Laikka Filipino-Swedish delights. They are pretty and no one should argue with that, it's obvious in the pictures lol. Proud to have one mixed baby. Laikka is Janeth and LarsGoran's first born. They both look stunning, aren't they? Of course I should be proud because they are more beautiful than pure white babies.

Yes, Janeth from Sweden and I met in person last January 10, 2011. We first knew each other thru blogging world and we gave justice to our friendship by eyeballing in SM Cebu. It was nice meeting her and her whole family. I had a blast for the very short time we spent chit chatting while looking after our girls.

Walk In Tubs

When I was pregnant with my first born, I remember I slipped in the tub. I didn't know it was very slippery there and I just got in not thinking something could happen to me so I fell down and bump my bottom in the tub. I was too careless, I could have lost my baby if I had a miscarriage. Fortunately, that did not happen. Next time I will be cautious enough to ensure tubs safety. It would have been great too if we were using a walk-in tub. I guess walk in bath tubs are not only for elderly but for everyone to use at home, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes especially with pregnant or eldery men and women. How I wish to have one though because I know it would cost us a fortune to have it.

A Holiday Travel Lesson Learned

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

The holiday season is when I do all my traveling. My parents moved to Florida ten years ago and my sister moved out west after college for work. I still live in New England, near my brother. Last year it was my mother's turn to host the family for Thanksgiving. I made my usual list of things I had to do before I left for the week. You know, empty the fridge, have a friend collect the mail, set the security alarm (check it out), important things. Though I remembered all that I ended up forgetting the most important thing; I forgot to put my purse in my carry-on! I'm at the airport, my taxi has already left, I'm in a sea of people with my luggage, no identification, and no plane tickets! The plane was surely going to leave without me if I had to catch another cab, go all the way home, and come back. I was in a panic. I know I had tears in my eyes. Luckily, I had my cell phone on me. I called my neighbor, the one who I had given an emergency key to my house while I was away. She was home and able to bring me my purse. Just in time, too. I had to run to the gate, like in the movies. I'll never do that again!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

She Turned 3

Mommy and daddy's little Princess turned three today. We didn't give her a grand birthday party but that was enough for her to enjoy it with a smile. I invited few people to be here, prepared only a few kind of foods but it was how we celebrate that made my Jadyn's birthday a memorable one. I ordered her "A Night With Princess" theme Goldilocks cake that put a big smile in her heart. She loved the cake, it was truly pretty and she deserves it. My aunt also gave her a cake which is also pretty and delicious. After the dinner, adult people had a karaoke for more than five hours. All in all my girl's birthday was indeed one of the most unforgettable event ever happened in her life so far.
... first photo was taken at the Virgin Dela Regla dagkutanan
... baby girl with her first cake and some foods
....... with her cake that mommy and daddy bought for her
....... kiddos and the balloons and the pretty Princess cake
......... very pretty cake for our 3 year-old Princess...

Friday, January 14, 2011

My DVR and Me

Guest post, Vito Rivers

My DVR and I have a love hate relationship most of the time. That relationship is actually caused by the fact that we always seem to be on the wrong page with each other. I want it to set up to record one show and it decides that it wants to record a totally different show or none at all. However, I know that using my DVR to record my programs on direct tv is the only way that I can watch shows anymore.

You may be asking why this is the only way that I can watch shows and that answer is fairly easy to find. That is because these shows are often too violent for my children to watch, and unlike some other parents I will watch them at a later time when my kids are not around. However, they do have a tendency to like quite a few of the Discovery channel shows and I know that these shows are good for them to see and full of educational value. So, I decided that letting my children watch those shows would prove to be very beneficial for their education. Thankfully I was proven right when my daughter, who is a first grader, is already head and shoulders above her class because of the shows that she watches off of the DVR that we have.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I know I shouldn't feel bored at all. I have all my freedom here, I can go just anywhere I want to go anytime since I don't need somebody to send me out. But heck, the weather is nasty. Who would want to go out on a weather like this? Cloudy, drizzling and muddy. I miss the sun, really! It has been five days since we've had Mr. Sun shining on us. I promised to myself that once in the Philippines, I will not lock myself inside the house but then look at me now, what happen? I am stuck!

I don't mind wandering around with just baby and me but tell me, who would want to be out in a rainy day like this? I even have a plan of washing my own blanket but I don't think I can do that just yet. Oh Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun come out soon! Make your Visayan people happy!

Local Yellowpages

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Places To Travel

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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Feast

This is the feast we had at the beach, the continuation of my previous personal entry. Times like this rarely happens so I savor every minute spent with family and friends. This is something I cannot have in the US. Although there are rare occasions there where friends gathered together but it is so different if the gathering is with family, relatives and local friends you haven't seen for a while. 

If I Were Home...

If I were home in Texas where sales and big discounts are flooding in the mall or in online stores, I could have done so much shopping already. I am drooling over real great discounts on stuff that a woman like me would love. It is such an adventure to shop online and wait for your order to arrive in the mail. What's the use of having a mailbox outside if there's no useful stuff arrives there? Anyways, speaking about mailboxes, we have a plan of changing our old fashion mailbox because we have this worries that we might not be able to get our important mail one day because it has been stolen. What worse could go wrong to our mails, right?

I hope my husband, when he chooses to change our mailbox, he will choose to consider buying locking mailboxes or lockable mailboxes so when we are not home and our package or mails arrive, we don't worry too much about them being stolen. Well, I know my husband very well. If he buys things, guaranteed it is of great quality and can be trusted, that he will buy us a locking mailbox .

Gloomy And Rainy Day At The Beach

Despite of the terrible weather last Sunday that didn't stop us from going to the beach. It was already planned a week before January 2 so the plan was being pursued no matter what the weather was.

It was raining all day, very cloudy and dark plus a little bit windy. Yet too many people went to the beach and spent the post New Year in sea. That was fun though although the weather wasn't cooperating.

Rain Barrels

Rain is farmers friend. Without rain, their plants or crops won't survive so it is such a blessing for them when it rains at least once or twice a week. That is how farmers survive especially in secluded provinces where the source of water is limited or if there are flowing water from the mountain the problem is their farm is located far away from where the water is.

I can tell how difficult it is without abundant rain. Just like in my grandmother's place, they use rain water in the toilet, to wash off dirty tools or other stuff that don't need clean water. They got a few
rain barrels and or rain water barrels in order collect rain water that drips from their roof. When I left their place last week, I could see how worrying that was because their rain water is getting low and there was no sign yet as to when it was going to rain again.

On a side note, I would like to look at rain barrels for sale elsewhere so I can bring some to my other grandma's house when we visit her this weekend so then they can also do the same way. Although their water isn't that far from their house but they'll have to pay every pail of water they get from the neighbor's faucet so collecting rain water in a rain barrel is a good idea.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Her Two Favorite Uncles

Jadyn has her two favorite uncles. Uncles Elan and Anderson. I don't know how they tame Jadyn's heart why she comes to them. Unlike her grandfather and grandmother, Jadyn seems to be so aloof of them. Occasionally though Jadyn would play with her grandpa but not too often she would get near him. For some reason, nobody knows. Here are pictures of my little girl with her uncles in the beach today. I am glad she likes them because I can take a break for a short while when they are around and available to take care of her.
......above photo is of Jadyn and her uncle Anderson or she calls him uncle Daot. Daot means skinny.
.....the second picture is of her and her uncle Elan or she calls him Iyod!
....a shot of them three together for remembrance! What a sweet photo of them indeed.


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