Sunday, January 2, 2011

Her Two Favorite Uncles

Jadyn has her two favorite uncles. Uncles Elan and Anderson. I don't know how they tame Jadyn's heart why she comes to them. Unlike her grandfather and grandmother, Jadyn seems to be so aloof of them. Occasionally though Jadyn would play with her grandpa but not too often she would get near him. For some reason, nobody knows. Here are pictures of my little girl with her uncles in the beach today. I am glad she likes them because I can take a break for a short while when they are around and available to take care of her.
......above photo is of Jadyn and her uncle Anderson or she calls him uncle Daot. Daot means skinny.
.....the second picture is of her and her uncle Elan or she calls him Iyod!
....a shot of them three together for remembrance! What a sweet photo of them indeed.

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