Friday, January 14, 2011

My DVR and Me

Guest post, Vito Rivers

My DVR and I have a love hate relationship most of the time. That relationship is actually caused by the fact that we always seem to be on the wrong page with each other. I want it to set up to record one show and it decides that it wants to record a totally different show or none at all. However, I know that using my DVR to record my programs on direct tv is the only way that I can watch shows anymore.

You may be asking why this is the only way that I can watch shows and that answer is fairly easy to find. That is because these shows are often too violent for my children to watch, and unlike some other parents I will watch them at a later time when my kids are not around. However, they do have a tendency to like quite a few of the Discovery channel shows and I know that these shows are good for them to see and full of educational value. So, I decided that letting my children watch those shows would prove to be very beneficial for their education. Thankfully I was proven right when my daughter, who is a first grader, is already head and shoulders above her class because of the shows that she watches off of the DVR that we have.

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