Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hair And Nails Done

So nice of the lady who is now the owner of my favorite salon I have been going for years now for trimming my baby girl's hair for free. She also allowed us to borrow a nail color so that she can have her nails painted. My baby girl does everything what her momma does. Back home in Texas, we cannot go to the salon because it is a lot expensive there so while we can afford to have it here, better savor each moment spent at the salon. The service is better and the price is affordable.

Rich Jerk

Two of my friends were asking me if they could help me set up a blog because they want to know how to do it and eventually make money from blogging. I told them I will surely help them only if they show interest to what I am going to teach them. Admittedly, starting a blog is quite complicated especially to the person who is not a computer savvy or doesn't have a computer background at all. I myself was struggling during the first few months but later on, as I became more familiarized with the blog it turned to be fun and interesting to me.

I have been blogging for four years now and I feel I am very tired of it. If not because of the "green" I am getting from it, I would have quit a long time ago. I still got 3 new blogs that are struggling to get some traffic and exposure to the blogging world. Gladly though there are sites that help sites and blog owners gain traffic called the rich jerk. What they do is they search engine marketing advice and affiliate marketing advice via our membership area, where we have dozens of step by step videos that teach users how to set up their first website or blog, how to get it ranked highly for competitive keywords, and how to monetize it through affiliate offers. We have 10 years of experience and thousands of members. There is also this other site called www.therichjerk.com owned by Kelly Felix who is known for being one of the top affiliate marketing courses of all time, with over 100,000 members. I shall see what they can do to help bloggers that are new and are looking for affiliation on the internet.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Up In The Clouds

By the time you folks will read this entry we will probably be up in the clouds or higher (30,000 feet) going for a very long and exhausting journey with Korean Airlines bound to South Korea. So I ask you all to help us pray for a smooth and safe trip for the three of us. I couldn't be more excited than seeing my Filipino family, relatives and friends again....

Mind you, I haven't slept all night... I was just lying awake in the bed all night long waiting for 5 o'clock to come and get up. For some reason, my spirit and mind refused to forget the world temporarily and give my tired body some rest at least for a few hours. I must be just excited, you bet?  

Jadyn woke up early too with a happy face and full of anticipation to get on the plane and see her Uncle Adong and Auntie Alex...all in all she is doing good this morning and is already dressed up hugging her sacred pillow with her waiting on Dada to finish his shower so we can go  pick up Mike at his house then to the airport. 

So see you all Oponians in Thursday!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

For the Future

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of 2tor. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been asked by my friends several times over if I have a job now or when am I going to find a job. I simply told them when my Jadyn goes to school because I don't want her to be left in a babysitter or at a daycare where I don't know anybody. I just can't trust other people to look after my baby. Who knows if she is going to be treated well while I am not looking at her? 

While that being said, furthering my education is in my mind too only I don't have enough strength to do it right now. I probably am too focused on raising my kid or having a second baby that is why I am not bothered getting a degree or getting a job. Anyway, my husband is still able to support us, when he retires that is perhaps the right time for me to get my ass up and keep moving. 
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yooohoooooo Fresh And Light Layout

How happy I am to have installed a new layout for this blog. Thank you very much Madam Carlota for spending your time creating this lovely layout for me. My kudos for you! A light-colored cake inspired dashing layout courtesy by MyWeb-Blog.com. Do visit her page if you want a total makeover for a reasonable price.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blogging In The Morning

I am glad I am done with my online tasks that's been sitting on my dashboard since yesterday. I couldn't finish all of them in the morning because I had an early appointment. And at night time, I went back online again but for some reason I don't feel like doing the paid blogging when the sun is gone. It's just me, I am most productive during the early hours of the day.

Whenever I get online at dusk 'till late night, all I want to do is just chat with friends online or do the FB interaction. Blogging is out of my mind for it takes so much of my energy and I usually don't have enough energy  left after a full day of chulala. Since I am finished, I guess I can do my FB thing straight without thinking of blogging for the rest of the day.

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Can't Go To School

I feel pity for my child for she was coughing so hard at dawn. She was attacked by hard cough that made her uneasy and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour. Her dada was bothered too and so do I. We were all awake due to the fact that our baby isn't well. She seldom gets cough and it panicked me whenever she has it.

Since she is not feeling very well, we decided not to send her to school today. I am sure she will miss playing at the gym but I don't want her to strain herself you know? Jadyn has got two Saturdays left in school and after that she'll be off to fly in an airplane to see her uncles/auntie and grandparents. I can tell she is as excited as me for keeps saying about playing with her Auntie Alex and Uncle Adong. Hehehe ka kyot bataa!

Enroll At Walden University

Education is the only greatest gift a person can ever acquired, possess and it is something that will be forever yours that holds the key to the success of your future. Once you have it, it can never be taken away by someone from you. The knowledge you learned will be shared but cannot be totally be given to other people, not even to your spouse or children but you can impart some to them, agree? That is what my father kept telling me when I was growing up and I still remember his words vividly.

Okay granted you have finished your elementary and high school education, what is next? For most of you guys would choose to pursue college education. Choosing a career of path is quite easy. Just know what you want to do and what makes you happy and then learn to choose the degrees that could lift you in achieving the career you want to work someday. Now here is the hard part, what school or university are you going to? Have you thought  if you can afford to pay for the tuition or if the school grant student loans to those who are qualified?

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


For some reason my baby girl caught some colds three days ago. It left me wondering as how she got it because I don't remember taking her out in a cold or in very bad weather. It can't be an allergy either for she has always been staying inside the house. If ever we take her out that would only be in her school or at the grocery store for at least an hour and a half. 

Poor girl, she slept with clogged and stuffy nose  at night and during the day she sneezes a lot. I hate seeing her not well. If I could get her illness and freed my baby from the colds, I would have done that. It's the third day she got colds and I hope that she would be totally healed at the end of the day. She can't be sick. She has a long trip to do in the next couple of days.

Buying A Web Hosting

Despite of the fact that one of my mentors in AMA before doesn't recognize me anymore, he is trying to sell or promote his service to me, providing the best web hosting, that is. When I looked at the website, it doesn't look familiar to me nor do I hear it before so I just told him some lame excuses why I can't buy a web hosting from him right now.

I just don't like the idea of buying it from someone whose memory is declining so fast. I would rather purchase a web hosting in other companies who can provide me good hosting reviews and reliable service rather than from someone I know by name but the product itself cannot be trusted. Aside from that, he was also trying to convince me to at least also try his or their web hosting hub. No matter how he tried hard selling the service to me, I cannot just do what he wants from me.

I was just being upset by the way he asked me when I sent him a private message on Facebook asking who am I? The heck with this man. He is only a couple years older than me yet he doesn't remember I was one of his students in BUSDEV and other subject before. Well, I feel that I made it even with him by simply refusing what he was dealing with me. I'd stick to my current provider as I have been on it for three years and so far I got no problem with the service at all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

You Should Be Afraid

If you are one of those people in the world that likes to download songs illegally, think again! Once you get caught, you have no one to be blame but yourself. You have no idea what the punishment will be or how much the fine would be until it happens to you. Read this article about a Minnesota Mom Hit With $1.5 Million Fine for Downloading 24 Songs.

The Minnesota mother of four is being penalized for illegally downloading and sharing 24 songs on the peer-to-peer file-sharing network Kazaa in 2006, but how much she owes the record labels has been in question.

CLICK HERE for more story of the article.

Family Guy

Guestpost written by Ramiro Mueller

Whenever I sit down on my potato chip flecked couch and rub my greasy belly, the dopamine sensors in my brain react accordingly as it is conditioned by the smells and sound permeating through the house that I am about to watch Free on Demand. The show that I usually watch is Family Guy, as it is the one show that gets me. As a high school dropout who constantly has trouble pronouncing the word "comfortable," I am mostly that whenever I see the likes of Peter Griffin, kindred spirit, as he rails on that pretentious know it all dog. The show is really about celebrating the power of the middle class intellectual, as Peter's wisdom rings true and succinct.

Sometimes when I am watching the show on Free on Demand I feel as if I am becoming the character. I can feel my laugh turn into a high pitched giggle, the trademark one demonstrated by Peter on the show. I do not know if this happening consciously or if I am just going insane. I wish my brain would talk to me and tell me what it's thinking but really I worry I am too stupid to understand it. At least I am not like the dog Brian who just pretends to understand it, which is ironic because in real life it's the other way around. I watch Free on Demand on my cable TV DVR.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rice For Sale

This is a common scenario you see at the market in the Philippines when you buy some rice, sugar or any types of commodities that are in a mass counting. You buy them per kilo. There are also some of it in packaging sold in department store but they cost quite a lot than in a public market. Majority of the people will go to the public market and buy rice depending on how much they can afford. Strange as it may look but it is how it's done there.

Unlike here in America everything is neatly packed displayed in every shelf of the aisle section of the store. Even at the Asian Market, their rice there already in a clean white rice sack sold for 20 USD per 25 pounds.

Online Entertainment

Just like any other source of entertainment, online casinos are popular way to do during idle times of a gambler's life. There are types of online casinos both Canada and USA players to choose from. Examples for this are e-check casinos, microgaming casinos, no deposit casino.

As with e-check, it is the electronic version of the regular paper check and it is especially suitable to the American and Canadian online gambler. This payment option is easy and fast and more and more online casinos and poker rooms are accepting it.
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The e-check is really just like a paper check, it even looks like it. First of all a regular checking account is needed. This is pretty common in the US where this service is readily available. Through an online form you fill out your banking account details and then you send it off electronically to the casino which will have it within seconds. The technology used for this process is the ACH technology that banks worldwide use to transfer money. The player just fills in the check and the rest happens automatically and instantly. When a withdrawal is made it will be sent through the same system straight into the player's bank account.

There are more information in which you should read before deciding to play with e-check type online casino. It's advantages and the final conclusion should give you a peace of mind while gambling.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Live Eel

This is a picture of a bucket of live eel I snagged on Facebook. Eel is known to be an aphrodisiac, they say. It is one of my favorite sea creatures that would taste so good when you cook it in "adobo" style. I so look forward for the day I get to my home country. One of my friends promised me that she'd cook me her own recipe for eel. That makes me so excited visiting her in their house so then we can  eat bakasi or eel paired with "bahaw" and "suka" or vinegar in english!

It looks gross in the picture, ain't it? But I tell you its taste makes you wanna go oh oh oh ah ah ahh..You got to taste it to believe it! 

I Hate Math

During my school days from elementary until college, Math wasn't my thing. I have always been slow on this subject. Although I don't like Math but I never had failing grades with it. I would say I got a little above average with Math each grading period.

For some reason I just don't find Algebra 2 fun to do. It always brought me chills all over my body when our Math teacher entered the room. Much more Adding fractions was I hated most. It made my brain twisted the whole session throughout the year. Graphing linear equations however, wasn't as bad as the latter. I could pretty much compare it to connect the dots game although there would number solving first before you can connect the graph. Oh well, I am just glad I am done with school now. If ever I go back to school, I would take a course that wouldn't do so much of problem/number solving because I know how I hate it.


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