Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Guy

Guestpost written by Ramiro Mueller

Whenever I sit down on my potato chip flecked couch and rub my greasy belly, the dopamine sensors in my brain react accordingly as it is conditioned by the smells and sound permeating through the house that I am about to watch Free on Demand. The show that I usually watch is Family Guy, as it is the one show that gets me. As a high school dropout who constantly has trouble pronouncing the word "comfortable," I am mostly that whenever I see the likes of Peter Griffin, kindred spirit, as he rails on that pretentious know it all dog. The show is really about celebrating the power of the middle class intellectual, as Peter's wisdom rings true and succinct.

Sometimes when I am watching the show on Free on Demand I feel as if I am becoming the character. I can feel my laugh turn into a high pitched giggle, the trademark one demonstrated by Peter on the show. I do not know if this happening consciously or if I am just going insane. I wish my brain would talk to me and tell me what it's thinking but really I worry I am too stupid to understand it. At least I am not like the dog Brian who just pretends to understand it, which is ironic because in real life it's the other way around. I watch Free on Demand on my cable TV DVR.

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