Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Up In The Clouds

By the time you folks will read this entry we will probably be up in the clouds or higher (30,000 feet) going for a very long and exhausting journey with Korean Airlines bound to South Korea. So I ask you all to help us pray for a smooth and safe trip for the three of us. I couldn't be more excited than seeing my Filipino family, relatives and friends again....

Mind you, I haven't slept all night... I was just lying awake in the bed all night long waiting for 5 o'clock to come and get up. For some reason, my spirit and mind refused to forget the world temporarily and give my tired body some rest at least for a few hours. I must be just excited, you bet?  

Jadyn woke up early too with a happy face and full of anticipation to get on the plane and see her Uncle Adong and Auntie Alex...all in all she is doing good this morning and is already dressed up hugging her sacred pillow with her waiting on Dada to finish his shower so we can go  pick up Mike at his house then to the airport. 

So see you all Oponians in Thursday!!!

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