Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Only 7 PM And I'm Ready For Bed

Shocks! The sun is still up and it' just past seven pm as of writing this entry yet I feel like I can no longer stay up. I woke up at five this morning and hadn't taken any nap the entire day. As you may all know, it is my first born's first day of class in Pre-K. I am one first time mommy that sends her kid to school everyday driving back and  forth four times a day, seven days a week.

I am telling myself that I can do it with an open heart. It's for my own kid. There is no one else to wake up so early in the morning to prepare her to school, cook breakfast and lunch but me. I just pray that everyday is a good day for me to be driving. 

First day of school today was quite nerve-wracking for me. It was my first time driving in the rain, I couldn't see anything in both sides of my mirror plus had to drive in the freeway. Shocks was my drama but thank God, I was able to handle the new learning experience for me as a driver. Take note, I have only been driving for four months as a licensed driver so you can only understand I am not quite confident driving in such a harsh weather.

Applying For A Job Through Employment Agency

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Simple And Important Health Tips We Should Remember

I got this on Facebook shared on one of my friend's wall. I thought of sharing it here too so my fellow bloggers who are not in my list can read it too. These are just simple tips yet we often neglect to do. My husband loves going to bed  at night right after eating his late big dinner. I told him that let his intestines digest  the foods he ate for a while and he won't listen. I guess I will send it to him so he can read it too.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Advanced Brushless DC Motors

Are you looking for the most advanced Brushless DC motors in the industry that offers excellent performance and the advantage of reduce maintenance? Then you should look for these products on the link above. From the name itself, these motors do not use brushes for commutation and are types of motors thatare electronically commutated. 

These motors designed by ARC systems are made and designed for longevity and efficiency in high power applications and also offer continuous torque and horsepower capabilities where others fall short. The company aims to only provide high performance, cost-effective solutions for all industrial needs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

She Turned 13 months Old

My baby turned 13 months two days ago and she has been walking like a pro. She may stumble and fall but she'd stand right up and walk again. These photos were taken yesterday at the dentist's office and waited at the waiting area of an hour and half on her dada to be done. She had ample time to really exercise her legs and she got the entire waiting room for herself. 

I just thought she looked so cute and working so hard walking back and forth several times. I got tired looking at her while doing her exercise, lol. 

Insulated Concrete Forms

We all know high energy bill we are paying are during those hot summer months for it is when temperatures can go over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. It is such a pain every time we are billed with choking amount and there is very little we can do about it unless of course we decide to have our attic and walls insulated. If ever we decide to have these things done, rest assured we will notice the difference and the amount of energy we used up within just a month or two after the insulation. 

For companies like Durisol Build, they manufacture insulated concrete forms since 1945. They have been manufacturing this product or the only reinforced insulated concrete forms that do not use foam or polystyrene.They instead use Durisol – a proprietary wood concrete material (cement bonded wood fiber) which is ideal for both below- and above-grade building construction.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Juggling Like A Clown

These past days I have been so busy and still is. I am like a clown juggling four balls at a time. Imagine how that is if you were to do that. I am involved in a small business on Facebook that I think is so fun and addictive to do. It is a group where Filipinas sell and buy stuff to/from other Filipinas at a low price. Not only I am busy with that but I also have household chores to mind, two girls to look after and care for plus blogging opportunities. 

 How did I get myself get into this? I promise after I sell all my stuff, I will take a break for a while because I feel so stressed while it is still going on. I get little or no nap anymore, lol. Selling clothes that I no longer want is fun but I also lost some money on it because of the shipping. I don't have a weighing scale so all I do is charge the buyers for less than it actually cost me at the post office. But that is alright, I love my buyers and I am having fun with it at the same time stressed, lol! 

I haven't been able to do my EC dropping, sorry my frequent Entrecarders... I am going to make it to you when I am no longer busy. Just keep dropping you all...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Benefits Of Using Boost Mobile

This post brought to you by Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

It has been three weeks since I have had this HTC Evo Design 4G by Boost Mobile and so far so good. I was so surprised to receive it in the mail and already had service in it so that I could use it right away. Amazing offer Boost Mobile, thank you!

Let me say, Boost Mobile offers customers one of the best values out there in the pre-paid wireless industry including but not limited to talk, text and internet without contracts and with a loyalty program. 4G technology is now on Boost Mobile which provides customers with faster data speeds and has the ability to do different things at once without having to sacrifice network, speed and quality since I know a lot of people love to do multitasking for sure.

As for me, I have been using their phone for three weeks now. I love how I can take picture easy through it and post directly to my Facebook account without having the chip to remove. It loads fast, really I have nothing to complain about it. There are reasons why I should quit ATT&T now. With Boost Mobile, I will be able to reduce my payments for as low as $40 a month.

They do offer what they call, "Shrinking Payments". It is actually a loyalty offered by Boost in the pre-paid wireless category. Another benefit you can get from a loyalty program is that they appreciate and give you rewards by being loyal to them by reducing your payments by $5 increments each month after six months on-time payments for a max of $15 off your monthly recurring charge. Simply make six on-time payments and they will reduce your payments and voila!


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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fabulous Fairy Hobmother Visited Me

I was shocked when Fairy Hobmother actually visited me in one of my blogs by simply leaving my comments on one of the blogs I commented  the other day! Wow how lucky I am and feel so blessed for he sprinkled his fairy dust on me too!

This fairy hobmother is the one behind these Top Five Washing Machines and if he sees you commenting in this entry below, you might be the next one being visited by him with a surprise gift! Come on now people, tell him that you want him in your blogs too! Oh don't forget to follow him on twitter, please find him #FAIRYHOBMOTHER.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Loves To Eat Dirt

Babies are stubborn, you feed them with good food and they wouldn't like it. They'd spit it out and choose to eat dirt or dog food instead. That is what my Megan loves doing. Every time I feed her rice and soup she would only eat a bit of it. If I don't have my eyes on her, there she goes to the indoor plant by the front door and mess up with the soil, eat it and play with it. 

Not only she eats dirt but also dog food. We hide our dog's dish to the back room but she could still go there! I don't know what to do with this baby. I wish she'd stop being silly and learn to love eating human food instead of those stuff.
........ it's her small hand just played with my soil... when I got her she had already eaten some soil.... gross!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Death In The Family

I called my family in Cebu last night and was given the news about my aunt, my mother's older sister passed away two days ago. It is another death in our family and I can only imagine the terrible loss that her family especially her children is going through for we or I have lost our dear father too ten months ago. May tiya Jassy rest in peace and may the Lord open the doors of heaven for her.

She died of kidney stone complication. Well before her death she suffered a stroke and have been feeling sick for she had  high blood pressure for a long time. 

A Fun And Brief History Of Weddings

A Brief History of Weddings |
Presented By visit
I am not much of a history person but as I came across this fun website that tackles about a brief history of weddings that shows bright images or graphics about the history just makes the readers to stay on the website and read the article for it is not boring. It is nice to know about this because it also features some of the most expensive wedding gifts of all time dated back 1908. Here is what this site is all about, it is called Moissanite they sell over-the-top gifts of all time and also examines how wedding traditions began and what they signify.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Visit To Grandma Jean

I got busy with things around here and these photos we took last weekend supposed to be posted right after we arrived home from a 4-hour drive from San Antonio but anyway here they are now. These are fun photos of our family with grandma Jean. I think the happiest person on earth being visited by us was Jean. 

Jean has two sons in California and based on her story, they have not visited her for a long time although they keep in touch by phone regularly but I guess it is different when you see your children personally, hug and talk to them physically once in a while, right?

She is not related to my kids by blood but they learn to love her as their grandma. She is my late father-in-law's girlfriend before he passed away. Their real grandma who lives in Florida haven't seen/met me and my kids since I arrived here over six years ago. Sad huh? Oh well, we can live without her. above is of us upon arrival from Fort Worth... this is our first dinner together...she served us pizzas in one of AFV's cafeteria
 ....... after dinner... looking at the old woman's face, you can tell how happy she is to see Jadyn again after six months of not seeing her... family at Jean's apartment on the 5th floor ...
.......... second day of our stay right after lunch at Sky Lounge...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Shop BOGO + 15% Off Famous Footwear Coupon

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.

Famous Footwear has a sweet offer for all their customers especially those parents who have kids going to school pretty soon. This is the time of year when parents are busy buying school stuff in preparation of the upcoming opening of Fall semister. 

Buy your kids' shoes at Famous Footwear and avail their BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon. Just print in-store between 8/2-8/18 only. It is a 15% off + BOGO (buy one, get one half off) offered by Famous Footwear to shoppers in order to save a bit of money. Well, shopping at this store would be easy for their store is not overwhelming. Customers can just get in and pick shoes for their kids and get out fast. Not forgetting, they have hundreds of brand name shoes and thousands of styles. By using this coupon  really saves you money plus if you join their free rewards program, shopping at Famous Footwear is even better because of these great benefits you can get. You will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store and online, accumulate points to earn cerftificates of up to $100 a year, discount offer for just signing up. So hurry sign up now.

It is such a victory for every parent when they find the coolest pair of shoes they want for their kids! Plus if you sign up 15% off (20% off if you are a Reward member of if you sign up to become a Reward member). This is what I like about this shoe store for they give customers some ways to save money on shoes.



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