Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Only 7 PM And I'm Ready For Bed

Shocks! The sun is still up and it' just past seven pm as of writing this entry yet I feel like I can no longer stay up. I woke up at five this morning and hadn't taken any nap the entire day. As you may all know, it is my first born's first day of class in Pre-K. I am one first time mommy that sends her kid to school everyday driving back and  forth four times a day, seven days a week.

I am telling myself that I can do it with an open heart. It's for my own kid. There is no one else to wake up so early in the morning to prepare her to school, cook breakfast and lunch but me. I just pray that everyday is a good day for me to be driving. 

First day of school today was quite nerve-wracking for me. It was my first time driving in the rain, I couldn't see anything in both sides of my mirror plus had to drive in the freeway. Shocks was my drama but thank God, I was able to handle the new learning experience for me as a driver. Take note, I have only been driving for four months as a licensed driver so you can only understand I am not quite confident driving in such a harsh weather.

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