Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Tabliya

Looking good,ain't it? I have it for 2 months now.I kept forgetting my tabliya in the refrigerator.Too busy to be doing champorado or sikwate in the morning.

I just quickly grab fresh milk and bread for a snack each morning.Really I have no time for cooking now.

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Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino

Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino

Smooth and sweet, you fit in to almost any crowd. No one would suspect you of being a coffee tweaker!

I can fit in to almot any crows as long as they're not gonna harm me,that's fine with me and no problem at all.Coffee tweaker? I don't think so.But hmm mind you I'm sweet..ask to people who are close to me.

tv wall mount

Churches,hotel lobby,office or any public areas that never run out of people waiting in line need to have tv mounted on the wall so that their clients could have something to watch while waiting for their turn or names to be called. A tv wall mount is needed inorder for tv or speakers to be lifted up high on the wall to support the heavy weight.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can't Force My Baby

Ok,I give up.My baby knows what she wants now and what she likes is eating her baby food and drinking milk from the bottle. I can't force her to suck milk from my breasts.She just suddenly stopped to be fed from me since I gave her the solid food.

Sometimes I can't help it but to tease her.I know how she hates being forced to be fed from my milk and she cries so loud.As if I am giving her a big poop for she really is resisting.

Father's Day Gift Basket

When there is a special occasion that has something to do with my husband,birthday,Father's day,Christmas I always find it difficult getting something for him because when I ask him what he wants,he would just say he doesn't need anything,he has everything he needs.What? Aside from that reason he is also picky with things.I am a cheap one.I always go for cheap priced stuff as long as they look nice and in good quality. That will not work for my husband.He wants the best of the best.Father's Day is coming up.2 weeks from now I believe but I still can't think of a special gift that I can give him.

How about a Fathers day gift basket would it be a good idea to give him? if ever you happen to read this guys,you tell me your suggestions so I will know while it is still early to look for other stuff.Or you can just visit the website for your father,husband who is the father to your kids or your dad inlaw.I am sure they are all going to like it.

Falling Hair

My pregnancy had brought a lot of advantages in me.First,I gained weight,my face even more smoother,hair is thicker and less falling also I have now thicker and stronger nails because of hormonal changes.

It has been 4 months passed since I gave birth to my baby,the black spots and linea negra in my belly is almost gone which I am thankful.My concern is that my hair is now back to normal.I thought there will be no more falling hair.I just noticed it lately,each time I take a shower there is always long hair strands in the tub,in our bed or everywhere..on the floor though they're not that visible on the floor but I can tell they are everywhere.

Need A Tummy Tuck In

I must be dreaming for having a tummy tuck in.It's just upsetting how my belly grew into like I'm 5 months preggy. It's been 4 months since I gave birth to my baby and yet the belly is still here.I am always thinking of doing abs exercise but blogging is stopping me,laziness is a great hindrance too.

Should I just give it time to get back to it's normal size or should I do my first move? Either way can be good.I like my weight now not too fat not too skinny only the very thing that I am so conscious about is my bulging and sagging belly.Wish I could have a tummy tuck in..

Makes me Wanna Miss the Winter

Argsss there's no hope for Texas to experience a little coolness nowadays.Summertime is approaching soon and I can't stop the temp from rising. So hot really hot here now. Everyday above 90s in temperature that scorching hot.

I don't like going out of the house for it really gives me headache.When I feel like walking I would just try to walk in the morning because temp is not that heat and is tolerable.Also I have to consider my baby when going outside for I know it's good for her sensitive skin to be exposed to harmful UV rays.

Fried Milkfish

Another tasty recipe of the famous place we go to is a whole piece of big milkfish fried in boiling oil until golden brown and a little bit crispy in its side. Our meal wouldn't be complete without ordering this one.Big burp and full stomach can be achieved only when we are able to dine in at Filipiniana Bakeshop and Cafe

plastic surgery

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Disgusting

Ewwwww so disgusting.She really ruined my appetite.I lay down for 30 minutes because I have a slight headache.I only got up to get something to eat but before I could go to the kitchen I went to the living room first to close the blinds and turn on the light so it won't be too dark there when my husband arrives home.

I walk through where the window is and I smelled something ewwwwww so yucky.Mind you guys ako jud gisingo ug maayo asa ratong baho then I turned around and saw our sofa..yucks!! Daghan kaayo sinuka sa iro.Worse is that,it's all naked.I took out the cover because I washed it.So naa jud tanan sa lingkuranan ang sinuka pinisti tabaghak nga iro kaloud!!!!

I am very hungry and thinking of the vomit on the chair makes me wanna throw up too.Gosh,I know my headache won't be gone unless I will eat my dinner! And how do you think I can eat dinner if I already smell and seen the yucky vomit aber? Ewwwwwwwww kung mamalasin nga naman oh! I looked at the dog and she give me that "guilty" look,she knows what she just did is wrong and yet she throw up in our naked chair!!

I am not gonna clean it though,I will wait for my husband to arrive home who is an hour late for overtime.Poor lalabs!

Me and My Kid!

Hmmm First time I am tagged by Juliana RW with this one,however it is not my first time doing this kind of tag so it is just easy for me to do. Here you guys,sharing the latest photos of me and my baby.

Rules :1. Start Copy from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy".2. Choose the photo(s) of you and your child(ren) that you would like to share in your blog, with a small story/explanation about when and where the photo(s) was/were taken.3. Add your blog name and url blog, then leave your url post in here. And I'll add you to the Master List.4. Please help spread this tag by tagging your friends as much as you can.5. Please come back again to copy the update of the master list, often. This process will help new participants to get the same gains as the first participants.
Master List :1. Juliana's Site 2.My Virtual Diary
~ End Copy ~

I am taggin the following mothers too;Joy Pinay mama,Juliet,Em2x,Twerlyn,Emzkie and to all the mothers out there

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not much of an update here hehehe..I know..if there's no update! Why? I am saving my words for the next time I'll be able to grab opps.I spent most of my time today reading on different FIL-AM relationship issues in WOF.If you are a member there you know what I'm talking about. It is just so entertaining reading other people's problems also it makes me to be thankful and feel blessed for having such a good life in my husband's hands now.Not talking about material things and money here but all the goodness my white man ever give to me as his wife.

Wewww no opps so I better sign off now so I can still have energy for tomorrow.Yadag na...always waking up early getting my fishnet ready and throw it in the ocean hoping to catch a lot of fish hehehe..Gnyt everyone! Gnt bloggy! MUAAHHH all!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Help Me Find

Please please I am begging you to help me find a mirror like this.I am getting fat now and I want to atleast be beautiful once again by staring myself in a mirror like this.

Anyone knows where I can purchase this mirror?Somebody help!

Lady Bug Steam Cleaners

Allergins are in the air or anywhere.People who have allergies cannot try to avoid it but take precautions so to avoid to not get sick or make their allergy become worse.They have to be careful in everything to choose including the type of soap when washing their clothes. One of the many ways to clean dirty clothes is by dry or steam cleaners.If you prefer steam cleaning,choose to buy Ladybug steam cleaners to help you with allergy or to make your work easier and faster.

I Love These Chicken Legs

One of my baby's entertainment is putting all her 4 fingers together in one time in her mouth,sometimes I find her trying to put 2 fists in her small mouth.What duh! I just so amazed of her because like any other normal babies,she is growing up so fast and such a healthy baby.Attach are photos of her same same chicken legs hands.


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Friday, May 23, 2008


Mouth watering Pinakbet can be bought at a local Filipino Restaurant in Bedford,Texas.The name of the store is Filipiniana Bakeshop and Cafe owned by filipinos.
The said resto is our favorite pinoy hangout place.And why? Because as you enter their door,you could smell the pinoy recipes and for that you feel like you are never away from home.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clean Little Hands

I have two hands,the left and the right...hold them up high so clean and bright.Clap them softly one two three,clean little hands are good to see.My baby is fond of playing with her hands lift up high.I as a mother feel glad seeing my baby doing it because I know her motor skill is developing so well.She also now starting to lift her feet by holding them with her hands.Soon enough she'll be licking her own feet when she is able to bring them to her mouth.

Boston Red Sox Tickets

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Beautiful Layout

As you have noticed guys! This place of mine used to be pink.Now it has changed to a more friendly and welcoming layout made by of course no other than Bianca! I so appreciate her taking the time making this blog a nice play to stay for my readers and visitors.

I don't know how I can pay you back Bian but rest assured I am so grateful that you always beautify all my blogs especially this one.Your hands are like magic with a capability of turning an old house into a new one.Muah muah Thanks so much!

Big Achievement

Yes,it's good and it feels good to be able to finish my task before the sun sets down. I am done cleaning the house partially so then I don't have to think about it this week.I was planning of vacuuming the rugs for it's very dusty and lots of dog hair now and finally done doing it.

There'll be no worry about cleaning the house and just concentrate with my baby and on my blogging.Such a big achievement I've done today.I don't know why it feels awkward doing the house chores when my husband is around.I can only totally do my work when he is not around,working that is.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Forgotten Sheets

look what internet can do to you.It makes you insane by thinking what to blog each day even in your dreams.Or chasing opps after opps.I sometimes hear the buzz from my friends in my dreams.If there's a buzz means there are opps coming out.

I washed our bed sheets last Thursday and it is now Tuesday and I just remember that I actually still not dried them up.The bed cover is still wrinkled in the washing machine and the pillow cases and sheet are in the drier,still damp and smelling little bit stinky.Poor sheets,they have been waiting on me and yet I couldn't even remember that I actually washed them.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't Have To Choose 25 Men To Marry

Tonight is the season premier of Bachelorette,DeAnna the bachelorette who was turned down by Brad from last season's Bachelor for she was not picked by him.Tonight,its her turn to break hearts. I didn't want to miss the show because I really like it among other reality shows on t.v.

I felt so kilig tonight seeing all 25 men with different careers and different faces.There are those very handsome(handsome for me is in good shape,dark hair and ah basta lakas sex appeal),boring blond,ugly faces and just average looking guys trying to compete with each other only to get the Bachelorette's attention. It was overwhelming for her for she had to choose carefully who to send home.

After the show,I was mesmerized for the thought..hmm good thing I am married now.Because I don't have to keep searching over and over again trying to look for my match.I got my hunk already and I am lucky to have him.My competition has long been expired almost 4 years ago.Thanks God for such a fortunate destiny I have.


You Are 50% Left Brained, 50% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.

Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.

Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.

If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.

Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Wow this is nice.I am a left handed myself and they say my brain that is more functional is the right side but since this quiz is giving me 50-50 I would gladly agree with it though I am not good in solving mathematical problems or logic but I am not poor either.I would say I am just an average kind of student when I was still in school.Never

Funny Thought..

I was cooking pansit behon the other night and it was so yum yum for I got the taste perfectly.My husband ate almost half of the pan of my pansit.I am so lazy and just left it on the stove top after 24 hours and then again my husband is asking if I am getting tired eating my pansit.I said,no,you can eat the leftover if you can stand the fact that it's been left on the stove top for 24 hours.

Then he goes ewww I know how hated me for leaving foods in just room temp.The problem is he is going to work and he doesn't want to be sick by eating "spoiled" foods kuno.Ehhh my pansit is still good ok? It's just that Pinays are used to eating food outside the fridge after hours of leaving it there...

My House Look house look,just plain nothing but house dress and that's all...I had fun one night posing in webcamera for I was so bored and couldn't do anything.Long time I have not played my webcam so I just thought about it and here it is. You can criticise me all you want,I don't care.Just leave silently if you don't like looking at my face.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Saturday Folks

Yayy it's Saturday again.It's the last day of my husband being off from work.We plan of going to the trail today for a walk bringing along with us our human baby Jadyn and Chichai as well.It is our family time today and we should enjoy the hot sunny Saturday.I am excited to do my walking because I just normally sit on the computer the entire week.

What do you guys up to today? Any plans to do yet? I hope you all have a nice Saturday.

in style swim wear

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Putting Her In The Trash can

I was playing with our dog earlier and suddenly it came to my mind to put her in the trash can for fun.It is just a small trash can that she can jump out from it and be free. When I put her there she just stayed there,shivering for she just had her shower waiting for me to pick her up.

It took a while before I came back to the computer room for I was washing the dishes adn there she was,still in the trash can waiting on me.Poor dog.I did not punish her,it was just pure fun..and lalabs making me feel guilty about it.

swing sets

It is time for kids to be kids and enjoy their childhood with other playmates in the neighborhood.Yes,I know in every community there is a public park where you can bring your children to play with other kids but if you prefer to be at home and your kids want to play,you can just buy them swing sets at are several swing sets there to choose from depending on the amount or the space in your backyard.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Filipina Scammer

I was just browsing on you tube today since it was so quiet in blogging world.Ivy sent me a link of filipina scammers on youtube and here's one I found,she is pretty but she could be more prettier than that if she was not a scammer.

2 days no bowel movement

I was a bit worried because my baby has not been pooping for I think 2 days. I am not sure though I may just forget it that she pooped yesterday or I don't know...all I can remember is I put a dirty diaper slowly on to the floor so the dirt won't spell all over the floor because it's my habit to just throw it on the floor after changing her and pick it up later when I am completely done with her.

I hope thoug that she will poop any moment soon or tomorrow.I am getting worried here really.I know if she is not feeling well for she is gonna be fussy but hey she is far from having fussiness for she always smile here.


One of many pinoys favorites is the dinuguan.Pork blood made into soup and savored with spices like chili and onions or other ingredients to make it so yummylicious.I always think about it even in dreams for it is just so irresistible dish we can get here in Texas.We're just lucky to have a pinoy resto nearby and when we crave for our own food,we just drive there to fill our craving.

Good Morning

:D happy mothers day Hi guys! How is your morning so far? Let's be thankful to the Lord above for having another wonderful day to live.Let's be joyous today for we're still breathing and healthy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

strong relationship with my guy

Your Relationship is Strong

You've built the foundation of a great relationship, and it would take a lot to shake it.

Through good communication and respect, you have a true love that can last a lifetime.

I trust our relationship pure,real and geniune.No one could break us apart! We do get along well with each other as well as understand each other.Sometimes I just so naughty that I make decisions by myself not considering my husband's side,ain't it naughty?

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If you know any of your friends looking for capital to get started with his or her business,then let them visit the website a custom quote by specialist by filling up the form they have on their website and also get some information why unsecured loans best suit for you.

Chicken Anyone?

Wherever I go always hunger for food,filipino foods to be specific.I would not replace it with those fatty burgers from food chains ever. When me and my friends have the chance to gather we always go to our favorite pinoy resto in Bedford.It's quite a drive there but it's all worth it because the food being served there is just so mouth watering.

Last Sunday,we all went there after church for a little lunch.We ordered batchoy,dinugugan,fried chicken wings,pork bbq,pinakbet,a whole fish fried crispy milk fish and of course rice,our meal wouldn't be complete without it. Here,sharing you a shot of the chicken wings.

Behind My Back

Unscripted or unedited photos are cool I think But I hate being photographed behind my back 'coz it shows my ugly back.The reason why I am sharing these photos here it's because I like the way my friend did it.I love the result,I am the one in a blue dress.First time I am loving the back view of myself.
us in the mall,me pushing my baby in a stroller.. me trying to put the baby in her carseat with Annie helping me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Showing Her Elephant Face

I just love the little kid in this photo,she is not only adorable but a joyful one littye blue-eyed girl.Last Sunday for lunch together and while we're eating she kept showing us her elephant face.

She would ask us what does elephant say? And she would do the action "mag singok singok ba?" with matching sound.

She is just so funny and everyone was laughing at her and was entertained by her.


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Monday, May 12, 2008

I Screwed Up My Computer

Due to curiosity of making a pass code to our internet for security reason I screwed up my computer this morning that made me missed all the big paying opps.I did not get anything as I was having trouble with my computer. I clicked on something I should not supposed to click that made my computer unable to connect to any network.

It was the stupidest thing to do.I was fighting with my computer for 4 hours trying to remember what did I do wrong inorder to fix the problem.I was getting pissed when finally I figured out what the problem was. I only clicked the network discovery and it worked. Finally back to internet now but unfortunately no more opps coming out.

marketing company

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You should check this Marketing Company for your business branding and for you to be able to be known to the world of merchandising.Hurry take a tour.

New Species

These are newly added species in Fort Worth Zoo.It was my first time to see penguins in reality.I always thought they are adorable and they are one of my favorite animals.

I have seen the movie Happy Feet,it's all about a boy penguin that has terrible voice and couldn't sing but he is good in tapping his feet.

Way Behind in My Mails

If money is raining in my personal e-mail then I would be too poor for not catching a penny.I am tired and lazy of checking my mails daily.It could take me 2 days before I could check it to think that my face is on the computer always.

I don't know I just don't feel like checking my mails anymore.In one day I could get over 50 junks and when I open my inbox I could not clean my inbox totally for I often get distracted from other things or site that I open until I forget it.

I am way too behind of my mails now.I hope I can get it straighten before the day ends.And oh I need some scanning of my computer too..argsss I am so lazy doing it.

selling endowments

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Visit them now to get a free quotation with no obligation at all and good thing is that they scan more buyers so that you can get big payout of what you have.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Happy Mothers Day
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS OUT THERE! I am proud to say I am now a mother and it's amazing being one.This is my first year celebrating this occasion and I felt that I have something big this year!!

quick candles

Candles not only serve as decoration but also widely used on special occasions like birthday,wedding,pillar candles and jar candles that you can see at home.There are variety of candles to choose from are scented as well as pillar light candles.If you are to buy for candles make sure you can make a discount or in low prices.Quality products and low shipping at

Knock Down

My Baby must be very worn out from yesterday's laag because when she got home,I only fed her for few minutes and she closed her eyes.When I put her down,she did not complain and did not cry either.She must have been so exhausted for she was not getting ample sleep.How could she if filipinas roam around the zoo,being together,can't stop talking,laugh out loud and have very boisterous mouth?

We're just like this,as if it's been decades we've not seen each other for the talk is all ours and nothing can stop us even the white husbands..Oh we're so happy yesterday.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Zoo Later

I am excited for another laag today.Later baby and I are going to the zoo and meet Mau and Rose there.I will have my husband take me there and we're gonna stroll inside the zoo just the 5 of us.Too bad though that Annie can't go with us for she has some unexpected visitor at 1 pm.

Yeheyyy I always love it if I'll be able to go out of the house for I am tired of being in prison.My companions are baby,the dog and the computer and that's all it.I get to face my computer each for there's nothing else I wanna do except chatting and blogging.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Movie Time With My Palalabs

Ok,my day went fine and I had so much fine with my kalog friends here.I was happy too to see American-Filipina child of Mau who has blue eyes and red hair.Such an amazing girl to have fairly blue eyes knowing that she has filipina blood in her veins.

I am tired here and want to get rid of the computer.I can hear my husband's big yawn from here.Movie time now,it's getting late and I should get up now.He's so nice today for he drove us to my friends house to have big pakal so I must spend time with him alone tonight since baby is fast asleep.See you all tomorrow guys and thanks for all the visit today! Ciao

diet pills

Do you feel like you have the need to loss weight? Have you tried any alternatives to get slimmer and you couldn't? or nothing works for you? Have you ever thought of taking diet pills and try if this will be effective to you? I know it is not easy to lose weight at all.Even me who used to be thin now struggling with this extra fat I am carrying now from my pregnancy.I am positive though that it is going to be gone in few months but for now i want to get rid all these.

cooling fan

If I did not visit my friend Rose's today I would have not known it that there is actually a cooling fan for the laptop to avoid over heating. My computer can really get hot sometimes that it worries me too much.

Thanks goodness I bought one now that would be of great help to help cooling the bottom of my pc a bit.It doesn't cost much though.I am happy to have it now.

travel nurse

Nursing used to be my dream career when I was smaller.If only my parents could afford sending me to a nursing school then I would have studied Nursing course but no,we were just poor and so I took a different course instead. Nursing or any medical field related jobs are in demand wherever you are.Here in the US alone,hospitals never stop hiring for nurses to work with them.I know it because I often see the hiring sign wherever we drive around here.

If you are a certified nurse and is willing to give yourself an adventure that you wish for then you could be a travel nurse. This way you can practice your major and the chance to see the other side of the world for your job. I know a website where you can apply as a travel nurse. Visit to see for open jobs in the medical field.They are offering the following jobs and or permanent placement to qualified nurses; traveling nurses, allied healthcare professionals, therapists and radiological technologists in leading U.S. hospitals in all fifty states by American Traveler Staffing Professionals.

This company has been on the business with expertise for over 25 years,helping thousands of travel nurse experience in the placement of thousands of healthcare professionals.If this interest you the most,visit them now and search for the chance to travel.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sad To Know

Yes,I was happy I found my long lost friend in college on friendster last night.I wrote about it in my blog in the previous entry. But sadly,she doesn't know me or intend not to know me anymore.I sent her an invitation in that website,she accepted me but never responded my comment on her pics.So sad.

She did not even respect peeking my photos in my profile.That only means that she is not interested in having communication with me.I just feel disappointed because of the fact that my used to be good friend classmate is no longer the friend I used to have.

bad credit not a problem

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Elimination Night..

I'm not gonna watch American Idol tonight for I know already who's going to pack his things and go home. From the last night's show,I can tell that it's gonna be Jason Castro.On the contrary,David Cook is now my bet for becoming an American Idol for this year.I am beginning to like his voice too and so are the judges even Simon the terror would always give a nice criticism to him.

Good luck all 4 contestants.I know you choose the right career that you deserve and hopefully to hear your new albums release next year.

wedding dresses

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

gonna be teething soon baby's only almost 4 months and yet she salivate alot now.Her onesie could get wet if I don't put her bib on.Guess this is just normal for babies her age? I also have a friend whose baby is only a month old from my Deden and she told me one time that hers started salivating when he was 3 months.

Babies could grow so fast nowadays and the intelligence is highly developed which is good.Lucky are the parents who have healthy babies,I am just one of them and I am thankful for that.

Out Of His Zone?

Miracle for Jason Castro to be on top 5 in American Idol.He is not improving that is my own opinion.It seemed like all three judges do not like her 2 perfomances tonight.I don't know even me is a big fan of him but oh I thought he was boring.Same old style from the beginning of the competition.

Tomorrow is the elimination night and am not gonna watch it.It is expected he's gonna be the one to pack his bag and go home.Poor Jason.Oh well he's not actually poor.A good singing career is waiting for him ahead.Wish him luck nalang!

Good Girlfriend

You are a Great Girlfriend

When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful

But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself

You're the perfect blend of independent and caring

You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!

Surely,any guy that involves in my life will be so lucky.I am not only vocal for my feelings to him but I also show my love and care towards him in action.When I love someone,I make sure the he's the only one for me and also he's got my whole heart.

Lost And Found

...I was browsing friendster last night when suddenly I thought of searching for a friend of mine,my classmate in AMA before.Long time I have not heard about her and I am so curious to see her or know a bit about this girl.It just came to my mind to type her name on the search box on friendster.

Fortunately,I did get several profiles of Sarah as a name and one of them were hers.I am so glad that I have seen her and be able to be connected with her once again.I hope though that she will not ignore my beauty though she already added me to her list.

drug rehab

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Monday, May 5, 2008


She is blessed to have good working eyes.She could see me if I wave my hands from the bedroom door.She probably can see atleast 10 feet now,not sure of that though.She loves playing her eyes too,look around for moving things and if she likes what she see,baby would giggle at it.Attach is a webcam shot last night showing her asset,round eyes that is.

blog design

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Also if you want to learn how to protect your computer from spyware,you can read it here spyware community and join for either free membership or advanced membership.These are just some of the things you can do on If you need anything that has something to do with scripts,codes and programs for your website,reach out to them and they are willing to give you a helping hand.

One More more opp for this blog and I am done.Thanks goodness I am close to completing my posts for this blog of mine today.This is gonna be my first to miraculously fill all 3 opps taken in this one.

It has been such a long time now I only got 1 or 2 opps in triple P because opps are so aloof and many people are trying to catch every opp they release.God heard me today.One more..and I am done..


Feels like I am so weak now.I am hungry again,I just had my breakfast but then here my worms in my stomach asking me to feed them again.On the other hand,eyes are sleepy also.Don't know what to do first,eat or sleep?

But what about my blogging? The site is awake now so there is no way I can take a nap.Weewww..God bless the bloggers today!

Sounds of A Typepad

It is so quiet in this house right now.Sounds of me typing can be heard and aside from that my baby's snore.I like it when she is deep asleep so I can do my blogging and concentrate what I am doing. Wish she will sleep for atleast 3 hours today because I am falling asleep too and wanting to take some nap before blogging world wake up.

You guys have a blessed Monday! We're all doing good here as usual.Thanks to the Lord above.I'll be blog hopping later this day for additional traffic hehe..

My Handwriting

What Your Handwriting Says About You

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You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times.

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So you should now have an idea of what kind of person I am as all my characteristics are clearly written above.I am what I am and happy about it.I would not let anybody change me as this is how I was born.As to giving me some privacy,it is such a must for each of us.We do need some private moments alone by ourselves so when I give you that, expect to return what I give to you.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Look Younger Than My Age

You Probably Look Younger Than Your Age

You live a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of yourself.

You'll probably have a youthful glow for many years.

Luckily I probably look younger than my age or let other people say how I look. There are those who are same age as me and they look like they're in their mid 30s nyaaa hahaha.The only secret is smile even if the world is in pain.Smile a never ending smile for it takes too many muscles to work if you always frown that drags you into looking so old.

New Californai Driver's License

To all California residents and drivers,announcing the new format or style of your driver license there.This is now the correct format.If yours gonna expire soon expect it to be expired:NEVER period of years.

boss fragrances

I am a perfume gal myself.I can't walk out from the house if I don't wear my perfumes on.I feel naked without it,I do not know why? Probably I am just used to wearing perfumes all the time before when I was still in the Philippines. I am thinking of buying a new one for me though.My birthday is coming next month and I cannot think of anything else to buy for myself except my happiness,perfumes is one of them. I could find BOSS Soul on the internet,the exclusive store that sells all Boss fragrances is the exact site of the perfume,

If you are a big fanatic of this perfum then this is your place to be buying your fragrance.Plenty of different scents you can choose from.Each of course has each own scent so you just have to know which one you should buy.Want to find them out now or thinking of shopping right away? Visit their online store above or simply click on the links here so that it will give you the direct page of the fragrance called BOSS.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gurgling Sounds

I know if my baby is having a good time by herself.She would love making gurgling sounds,playing with her saliva and mimic alot.She is such a healthy and good baby that she is not giving her mom a hard time taking care of her.

That is exactly what she's doing right now.Few minutes ago she was in her swing facing at me while chasing opps,I was kinda pissed at how the opps easily turned gray and when I looked at her,she was smiling tell me,that is ok mom you can grab some more later.Hehehee good baby!

Watch How Foul Nick Carter's Words Are

I used to idolized him alot when I was in highschool as if he was the world's most handsome man ever existed.I thought he was so perfect,blond hair,blue eyes,angelic face,talented,amerkano perting guapohaaa makabuang Nick Carter.

I can't believe that once angelic face Nick would turn out to be a trash.He's got his big tattoo on his arm,got fat and most of all very rude when they he was fighting with his brother,Aaron.Watch this very discouraging video guys.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gaining 2 pounds in just 28 days

What happen to me now? I used to be 86 lbs.before pregnancy,way too skinny.After giving birth I weighed only 106 if full and if not only 102. My doctor gave just low dosage of birth control pill since I am breastfeeding.The first stab was quite good. Then I finished the second one which is a different pill bought from a different pharmacy but the same in generic name.

I watch my weight everyday and I am not happy what I have been seeing lately.I am now 2 pounds heavier than I 2 months ago. 108 atimana! I feel conscious now.Feeling so fat.Lots of unwanted fat in my belly and around my waist.I know I can lose it by doing abs everyday but naks I am too lazy for now to do that.

picture frames

I am taking lots of photos while my baby is still a baby because I don't want to miss this rare chance where I can see her as a baby.I know she will grow so fast and I may not know it when I wake up one day she's already a full grown baby.Speaking of that,I would like to put those captured photos on picture frames to make it safe and also I can put them where I can see her babyish photos everyday. On top of the t.v.,in the bedroom,computer room or anywhere else.I would buy a lot of picture frames online pretty soon because I can't wait to see them framed.

Ice Cream Day

Our weekend is here already.I was bored yesterday for blogging was half awake half asleep so I asked my husband if we can go out.We did go out,he brought me to pizza and pasta restaurant owned by his friend to show off our beauty as well to the people working in there.After that he treat me to have ice cream. Rest for a while and took some photos of our date.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Signing Off Now

Goodnight everyone.I am signing off now.Time for bed,it is almost midnight and am still awake.Baby is sleeping,I should be sleeping too so I can get enough rest.Argsss life of a blogger always late going to bed waiting for something nice.Ok,bye bye bloggy! See you again tomorrow.

Windy Night

Windows and blinds are open right now to let the fresh wind get inside the house for I feel so hot tonight.Feels like summer already.My nose is sweating,it only means that I am really hot.Seldom I got my nose sweats for I don't drink much fluid.

Despite of the wind outside the whole house is still warm for me.It makes me miss the Winter again.I cannot wait to be freezing cold again for I am really really feeling yucky with sweat.

I Know What I want

Bravo! Bravo! I agree with what is written below! It all says about me.I used to be very picky when I was still in search of a partner.Every little defect that I see in a man will be counted.If he is fat,then go away I don't need you.If he has dirty finger and toe nails,no thanks,I can find another man. I know what I wanted for in a man and I just don't settle for anything less.I want him to be perfect in my eyes and YES MY HUSBAND IS PERFECT FOR ME!

You Follow Your Head

You're rational, collected, and logical.

Generally, it takes you quite a while to fall in love.

In fact, you've even been accused of being very picky.

While you're cool, you're not ice cold.

You just know what you want, and don't mind waiting to get it.

Smooth and Silky

The best time when I love my hair the most is 3 hours after I wash it.It feels so clean,so smooth and silky. I am not being conceited here I was born to have naturally fine and smooth hair.In fact,my friends used to admire my hair because of its smoothness.

I am planning of letting it grow long because I missed my used to be long hair.When I went to the Philippines last year I had it cut few inches below my ears.Now,it is a year old and it's kinda long again.Promise not gonna cut it for a while.

custom t-shirts

How do you like receiving personalized items on special occasions like birthday or Christmas? I do have special friends whose birthdays are coming up soon and I cannot think of anything to give them on their birthday as a present.Good thing that I found this websites where I can design the t-shirt I want for is the site I am talking about that specializing in Custom T Shirts it is where you will be able to make a sketch,create your own design of your t-shirt in any color of any gender,men,women kids or infant and give it to someone for remembrance.

Since Mother's Day is coming,you will have a choice too to print that has something to do with your mother,it could be your thoughtful words,funny drawings and a whole lot more.It is really up to you actually to design your own t-shirt.I would love you guys to try peeking at this site and if you like their products,go ahead and start shopping now.Hope you enjoy touring at
I am saving the website to my favorites now so that I can still have it when I need it,my husband's birthday is coming too soon and I would love to get him something that is hilarious. You think it's a good idea huh?

Brooke Is Out?

Poor Brooke! She got the voice and she got booted from AI.I did not watch it because I don't like seeing contestants saying goodbye to the show.I only heard it from a friend online who watched it.I thought it was Jason Castro for he received most bad criticisms from the judges the other night.

We will see who's going to go home next week then.My bet for American Idol winner this year would be David Cook.Looks like the judges like him alot.I truly say,I didn't like him at first but now I'm beginning to love his voice.

Just Bare

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There is just no other online store where you can have a huge choice of different style and color lingerie to seduce your partner or just to please them.I would encourage women to buy sexy stuff on can compare prices as well.They have the best deals that no other store can offer you plus their products are made of high quality materials so you can be rest assured that you are going wear their lingerie for life.So do not wait for tomorrow,shop now and tell this to your sexy friends as well to bring back intimate moments to life.


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